Sam and Cat was a weird show...
Alex Meyers
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Zoey 101 was such a weird show...
Drake and Josh was the weirdest show...
iCarly was a weird show...
Victorious was kinda dumb...
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  • Xavier Samuel
    Xavier Samuel

    The part when Sam said nice sack and then Alex laughed

  • 34ten

    What’s on second?

  • Collette Lake
    Collette Lake

    victories is a really good ...ya

  • sabu joseph
    sabu joseph

    What a stupid show????

  • Poké WishMaker
    Poké WishMaker

    I wish this show continued

  • Poké WishMaker
    Poké WishMaker

    Bro it was a great show me and my mom loved it

  • Axrozy

    Salmon cat

  • teddy_editz_ lool
    teddy_editz_ lool

    But it was litterally my childhood

  • I- don’t know!
    I- don’t know!

    I’m so mad they made Ariana dyed her hair red once I month I think and then they made it damaged witch made it go damaged-

  • Samuel Dula
    Samuel Dula

    :( I love Sam and Cat

  • Eleanor Esh
    Eleanor Esh

    Sam and me are two different people if my friend fell in to a trash can into a garbage truck I would laugh for 10 minutes straight then help her but I would finish my burrito first😅😂😜

  • Jazzie,s play House De La Cruz
    Jazzie,s play House De La Cruz

    Make sure you skip the add and the add ends at 1:24

  • Samman 126
    Samman 126

    Dude I love this show I have watched it ever since it came out

  • A Blend Fan of Rice
    A Blend Fan of Rice

    Check out game shakers

  • Rift Rang59
    Rift Rang59

    Sam and cat is my favorite show and you change my view of... YOU!!! this is good show and a lot of people love it i was subscribed then I unsubscribe because a just you made this VIDEO!!! I hate you now

  • Angilyica

    Let's just say, I really appreciate that this video was made 16 days after my 10th birthday-

  • Zaire Fortenberry
    Zaire Fortenberry

    Anyone realize that one of the kids who lost their cat was miles from the haunted hathaways?

  • Rogue Gamer
    Rogue Gamer

    I dont agree

  • followverse games
    followverse games



    No not again first this weird other youtuber named drew(Fun Fact: All the comment in his vid were hate comments because he hating on the show) was hating on We Can Be Heros NOW YOUR HATING ON SAM AND CAT AND I CARLY( Another fun fact is that ariana grande plays cat on sam and cat so i hope she comes see this vid and beats you up)

  • Broke gamer301
    Broke gamer301

    All im saying is i think you ment it but dont wanna get raided by Ariana stans

  • Mr_madman 12
    Mr_madman 12

    Every time my sister decides to watch sam and cat, I GET A HECKING MIGRAINE FROM CAT I DONT KNOW WHY, BUT IT'S ANNOYING AS HECK

  • Nitro

    So huh, however that works, pampers! Adds: ;-;

  • The Man
    The Man

    I can't believe I used to watch this show.

  • Otaku Tales
    Otaku Tales

    Why do you guys keep saying it's weird? It was a great show and I still rewatch it, again it's my opinion

  • April's channel
    April's channel

    Do a video about iCarly it's when Sam was a teenager :3

  • Unknown Square
    Unknown Square

    Do kickin it. It was 1 of my favorite show

  • Samuel’s Vlogs
    Samuel’s Vlogs

    I just finished watching Sam and cat on Netflix and honestly it was just so-so. Most episodes were bad or awful. But I really liked the chemistry between Ariana and Jeanette. I hated the finale though. But I would’ve wanted to see a second season tho

  • The Little Author
    The Little Author

    I want him to SOMEHOW find a way to roast Julie and the Phantoms. SOMEHOW

  • Lamiaa G
    Lamiaa G

    OMG now your going to far sam and kat is the best show so much better than your attitude

  • macie brown
    macie brown

    Do the sweet life of Zack and Cody And Sweet Life on Deck lol

  • Laura Phillips
    Laura Phillips

    Sam and Cat makes my ears bleed

  • Frog The Human
    Frog The Human

    dice be like... poggers

  • Carlos V
    Carlos V

    LA was fun in the 90's for a while

  • Deadpool2004 Ahhh
    Deadpool2004 Ahhh

    do legend of korra and avatar the last air bender

  • fatlane coy
    fatlane coy


  • Abdi Ali
    Abdi Ali

    This guy keep making fun of my childhood

  • Olandis Hill
    Olandis Hill

    Don’t you even I love Sam cat you are the worst I hate you Sam in cat is the best

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald

    Since when were apartments the size of a mansion?

  • Derpy Husky
    Derpy Husky

    Red clean up the imposter and the other one is that one over there

    • Derpy Husky
      Derpy Husky


  • Adel and JJ 1
    Adel and JJ 1

    This is a good show much better then a lot of shows

  • Adel and JJ 1
    Adel and JJ 1

    Sam and cat is a much older show then you did this they ain't have tik tok

  • Adel and JJ 1
    Adel and JJ 1

    You are a critic

  • Adel and JJ 1
    Adel and JJ 1

    I disagree

  • Sparkle cookie girl
    Sparkle cookie girl

    I love Sam and cat

  • Julianna Colbeck
    Julianna Colbeck

    idk if u have or haven't done this show yet, but maybe you could do lab rats.

  • Lunar & Eclipse :D
    Lunar & Eclipse :D

    I- I loved this show... TvT

  • Just Jacey
    Just Jacey

    I love watching this stuff because it’s so funny that ur making fun of movies!! 😂😂😂

  • Keerththan siva
    Keerththan siva

    you should do jessie

  • Koala Demon
    Koala Demon

    C A T C A T C A T C A T

  • Olly Edit
    Olly Edit

    How many times do you think he said cat? | | V

  • J

    I would have liked andre and freddie or something, maybe gibby and robbie

  • Akabearclaw

    Shows from that era ended so quickly no matter how popular they were

  • Micah Hardin
    Micah Hardin

    One of my favorite shows, posted on my b-day...

  • Yves-Mozart Fontin
    Yves-Mozart Fontin

    do henry danger

  • safa afghan
    safa afghan

    The line “your cool” Sam:”Yh” Lol

  • Cringe e noob gamer
    Cringe e noob gamer

    Pls pls do pokemon

  • Destiny Watson
    Destiny Watson

    You should cover Henry Danger next

  • Arike A
    Arike A

    Sam and cat was great but it was kinda weirdly funny

  • Arcader 813
    Arcader 813

    3:58 Am I the only one who thought that was Marijuana for a quick sec.

  • UToob people
    UToob people

    @Alex Meyers Plz review Naruto manga, plz

  • Muthamma Tandy
    Muthamma Tandy

    You should do henry danger

  • General Kenobi!
    General Kenobi!

    You should watch "every witch way" thats a weird show

    • Elalae La
      Elalae La

      Oh I completely forgot that was a thing. I only watched 2 episodes and thought what on earth is that the whole time and forgot about it afterwards. It really was weird

  • • NutellaKitsune •
    • NutellaKitsune •

    The jokes and some stuff still get me even tho ive seen it 100 times and ik its dumb-

  • LO

    Sam: nice sack Me: well that was a VERY hard left turn

  • Lundun Moon
    Lundun Moon

    They should have just made a Jade & Cat spin-off not Sam & Cat

  • Lava Gaming
    Lava Gaming

    I used to watch that I felt better back then

  • laura goncalves
    laura goncalves

    Talk to the hand

  • • MiloManhie •
    • MiloManhie •

    Find my cat? Cat: I AM A CAT me: which cat

  • Gabriel Calkins
    Gabriel Calkins

    Yes lol

  • Blainey Nicholas
    Blainey Nicholas

    Do you even like anything?!?

  • Ry the Rat
    Ry the Rat


  • Nisa Rojas
    Nisa Rojas

    Okay,I usually disagree with him when it comes to shows from our childhood, but this is agreeable

  • Eternal Bloom
    Eternal Bloom

    I actually really like victorious and Sam and cat

  • Kiddes123

    Add a public comment...

  • Sarah Chris
    Sarah Chris

    Ham burger made me want a hamburger

  • Jjloverbx

    This is my favorite show

  • Bl0xier

    Me and my sister watched this show and victorious when we where younger, I hated victorious

  • John Caques
    John Caques

    i love that shsow still waiting for ssn 2....

  • Leo Nyah
    Leo Nyah

    When I was 7 I watched this like everyday

  • Clare Wellborn
    Clare Wellborn

    The episode i remember most is where they sold the discontinued blue soda in their basement or something like that

  • Tobio Kageyama
    Tobio Kageyama

    HEY DONT TALK SHIT ABOUT MY CHILDHOOD ok icarly and Victorious and sam and cat where my entire childhood haha

  • Max Sam
    Max Sam

    5 Points for the who's on first reference

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    1:23 free skip

  • Pex Imbuwa
    Pex Imbuwa

    "private and organic web browser" Dead

  • Gracie.r

    When Ariana was on the show she was like Thank you next

  • TheOzoneLayer

    Alex myers you've done this for waaaayyy too long it's time to die for ur crimes

  • dark angel
    dark angel


  • Demon_kingss

    69k likes, nice

  • Ramped


  • Raynee Bruggeman
    Raynee Bruggeman

    Am I the only one who hated cat more than hitler hated Jews her voice is so freakin annoying she’s just incredibly annoying and punchable

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray

    you're wrong and take that back!!!!

  • Rick Rubella
    Rick Rubella

    Best description of these series ever!!

  • TheFortniteSpider -
    TheFortniteSpider -

    Imagine a 20 year old dude talking about a kids show for KIDS to watch and to have fun imagine

    • TheFortniteSpider -
      TheFortniteSpider -

      @Sophie Gail thank you

    • Sophie Gail
      Sophie Gail

      He's like 32 not 20 lol

  • RIP X, LLJ
    RIP X, LLJ

    Does anybody know where he watches all these shows? Like he has made videos on Icarly, Victorious, Drake and Josh etc, so where does he watch the episodes?

  • Haley Potesak
    Haley Potesak

    Only the people who understood this reference that Alex made @ 2:38 can like this

  • Mr Cake
    Mr Cake

    Boo Sam and cat is the show you Looser

  • Cathy Nguyen
    Cathy Nguyen

    Go Ariana girl (Kat)

  • togenix

    Sam is always fun

  • kai zeon
    kai zeon

    Are we all just ganna forget the cat has been in a garbage truck,handcuffed to a dwarf,and she got hit in the eye with a damn chicken puck?