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  • Cee Davis
    Cee Davis

    I can't believe it either but he was just rude you can just save a nobody when you clearly don't even know them like seriously

  • the_virgo_fangirl

    hold up so sabrina gets to go to grand old duke of York college or whatever but then her bsf who quit her dance team that guaranteed her a scholarship into her dream dance school does what ???

  • Magic Axolotl
    Magic Axolotl

    As an 18 year old I can say the only things I’m passionate about are Minecraft LV-homers and the Dream SMP lore.

  • Lost Angel Wings
    Lost Angel Wings

    i only remember Liza Koshy from vine ;-;

  • Gon Freecss
    Gon Freecss


  • Jayanthi Reddy
    Jayanthi Reddy

    Did you just say Jas was played by some nobody no ones ever heard of?? I know this movie exists just because of Liza!

  • monica kadiri
    monica kadiri

    that girl nobody has ever heard of is liza koshy

  • Jessica Barrett
    Jessica Barrett

    lets take a walk is pretty much your catch frase now

  • Lyssie G
    Lyssie G

    U sould do fell the beat

  • Jacob does YouTube
    Jacob does YouTube

    The Power of Friendship tm *gags*

  • 34ten

    Some nobody with many more subs than you lmfao

  • Demiyah Johnson
    Demiyah Johnson

    So we’re not gonna talk about how he just said Liza is a nobody she’s the best character in this movie

    • WilliamNator

      He’s being sarcastic😂😂😂

  • Crypto Genius
    Crypto Genius

    um Alex I've heard of Liza

  • Marcy Rex
    Marcy Rex

    Whats the technicality

  • Hydro Drex
    Hydro Drex

    😰😅😞😒 feel good a nurse is boring

  • Eric Lim
    Eric Lim

    subtract this number with the future comment 8,629 Comments

  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren

    Damn. What happened to Wally West??

  • Jacey Robbins
    Jacey Robbins

    You are so right that this movie makes no sense but man I love Liza!

  • Annie745

    That cello scene probs took them forever to get cuz she’s playing one note. Wow 🙄

  • GP x
    GP x

    He really said Liza koshy was a nobody likeeeee

  • R.Sudhira

    Twas that oooooooooo for me

  • Resha Nicole
    Resha Nicole

    Jas is Played by a youtuber named Liza koshy

  • Prapti

    "I have a bio test to fail" That's the most relatable thing in the world.

  • Raze Devin
    Raze Devin

    isaia is the kid flash

  • khayim 11
    khayim 11

    Hmm thats liza koshy she has over 13 million subscribers

  • • MiloManhie •
    • MiloManhie •

    WORK IT BABY WORK IT. T- Okay, I think I'm done lol.

  • Rebecca Ana-Lucia Croes
    Rebecca Ana-Lucia Croes

    I watch work it... idk why it’s cool though..

  • StringsTBS

    i like pineapples Edit: There’s no edit

  • Isabella Griggs
    Isabella Griggs

    follow liza at rewind

  • • Peachy •
    • Peachy •

    7:57 QUINN *ACKERMAN?*

  • Bianca Yumul
    Bianca Yumul

    Btw you said jas is played by a person that was never heard of but SHE LITERALLY HAS 17 MIL SUBS

  • DefenderzMC


  • Hannah R
    Hannah R

    Wtf as a person who ACTUALLY plays an instrument, I have some things to say First off, you will def now how to four count (duh!?) bc u have to do all the theory that has heaps of different counting, including 4/4 Second off cello is not a super common instrument that ‘everyone plays’ we were legit short on celloists in our school orchestra These a lot of other things but I thought I should just point these things out for non-instrument players and also bc ughhhh

  • Anayis Jolly
    Anayis Jolly

    Alex: Played by some nobody noones ever herd of me: YOU DON"T KNOW LIZZA KOSHY

  • Ginger Pawlowski
    Ginger Pawlowski

    I now couples that are farther apart in age. For example, my parents are 8 years apart

  • Wespond

    Give me shout out

  • Siniah Joseph
    Siniah Joseph


  • Sara Khan
    Sara Khan

    I'm sorry did she say her name was Quinn....Ackerman? This. Changes. Everything

  • Lydia Reddy
    Lydia Reddy

    this is literally the WORST movie i've seen

  • Lydia Reddy
    Lydia Reddy

    sabrina's charcter is so selfish. i mean, she got Jake FIRED from his job, AND put her best friend's on the line. All so she could get into her dream college?! i mean, REALLY?!

  • Random stuff
    Random stuff

    there was this show called the "thundermans" and the dude who plays jake was on that show as guest appearance!

  • Claire Snelson
    Claire Snelson

    Thanks Alex for the review 😂 but just a heads up jake graduated last yr! So he is 19! Dating quinn an 18 yr old! So perfectly legal!

  • Melissa Lopez
    Melissa Lopez

    Jas is Liza koshy☺💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • Kinkajou_ Playz
    Kinkajou_ Playz

    Is she related to Levi Ackerman?-

  • Mykel Nyghet
    Mykel Nyghet

    It's like a terrible hybrid of Gilmore girls and Just Dance starring a knock-off American Emilia Clarke.

  • Khushpreet Singh
    Khushpreet Singh

    Bro, 🤣 i come to your channel when i want to watch any movie and guess what now i knew its all story.

  • Rebecca Hayes
    Rebecca Hayes

    The person who plays Jaz is Liza Koshy

  • Antwan Fisher
    Antwan Fisher

    Alex why you got to insult Liza

  • Anaiah May
    Anaiah May

    I haven’t seen the show so when she said her last name was Ackerman I flipped out LIKE STOP TAKING ANIME NAMES 👊🏻🔪

  • Greta Jo
    Greta Jo

    quick unpopular opinion: the relationship between jake and quinn was actually super refreshing. here’s why- it was healthy. i thought this movie was pretty good and yeah each character has their flaws but humans can’t be perfect and we can’t expect that same perfectionism in movies that portray people living in a much more dramatic and exaggerated sense of life. now back to jake and quinn. why was it healthy you may ask? because there was no dumb excuse for one or the other to be mad like a miscommunication in those cheesy rom coms you see. yes, she accidentally got him fired but he also put himself on the line for that, it wasn’t entirely her fault. they took a break instead of just ending it all. and then, they both made up like civilized adults. they BOTH apologized for being wrong and made up. that, my friends, is a healthy example of how relationships work. there was a need for a break, some space, and once they cleared their heads, they both apologized and moved on from the matter because their care and affection for one another is much more important then their pride. that is one of the main reasons why i liked this movie

  • chaerrybebe

    Look I loveeeeee Sabrina but her character Quinn...... yeah let’s just say she makes me want to pull all of my hair out of my head 🙃

  • Saanvi Srivastava
    Saanvi Srivastava

    SMH, Sabrina Carpenter was so much better on Disney as Princess Vivian

  • Dumb Donut
    Dumb Donut

    Did he just say Liza koshy was a NOBODY!?!?!?!

    • hinnmanfamily

      I the end he says that the best actor was Liza koshy

    • Niki khojand
      Niki khojand

      I think he was saying that sarcasticly(I'm not sure😂)

  • Akshara R Samala
    Akshara R Samala

    omg....this is the only movie where i wanted to beat the shit out of the protagonist... so freakin selfish

  • Roxy Heart
    Roxy Heart

    u should do feel the beat on Netflix

  • CraftyPixel☁︎

    Isn’t Quinn Jody from Tall Girl’s sister?

  • Saviss Mahmoudi
    Saviss Mahmoudi

    Alex played by some nobody no one cares about Me do you know who that is that’s Liza koshy

  • Yadira Tapia
    Yadira Tapia

    Hey 👋🏼 I’m going to like this video

  • Lily Stedman
    Lily Stedman

    No one: Alex: ooooooooo

  • Dean Emanuel
    Dean Emanuel

    holy shit kid flash is that you

  • InLoveWithThat Panda
    InLoveWithThat Panda

    2:10 He is named Julliard cause his dream school is Julliard

  • InLoveWithThat Panda
    InLoveWithThat Panda

    0:44 Are we not gonna talk about this?

  • InLoveWithThat Panda
    InLoveWithThat Panda

    0:44 I'm gonna break you

  • Talene Rivera
    Talene Rivera

    In real life, they stop you to say, “Yeah, but how much did your parents donate? Ohhh...”

  • ````COOkIe``` ```Weirdo```
    ````COOkIe``` ```Weirdo```

    Meh:this is two funny

  • Jayna Ruecker
    Jayna Ruecker

    “No ones even heard of” Dude everyone knows Liza Koshy, you’re just old😂

  • Spookly

    LIZA KOSHY IS JAS SHE IS NOT A NOBODY....just saying ;-;

  • Giahn Santos Agramonte
    Giahn Santos Agramonte

    the guy who kiked her out is the guy from the flash the guy who kiked her of the dance team


    0:42 well thats liza koshy and u saying someone nobody has heard of kinda hurt:/

  • ramaa kale
    ramaa kale

    Alex: played by some nobody that no one has ever heard of Me: bro that's freakin... Liza koshi

  • Wilma Flintstone
    Wilma Flintstone

    This is like the plot of that "You've Been Served" episode of South Park, LOL

  • Maria Muzaffar
    Maria Muzaffar

    0:43 SOME NOBODY THAT NO ONES EVER HEARD OF? Girls.... This is where we riot.

  • maddie_ makeup
    maddie_ makeup


  • majasteinchen

    Her doing the light show is so much cooler than being another dance. What do kids learn from this shows? Don't do what your passion is or what your good at, rather do what everyone else does?

  • Owen Kobel
    Owen Kobel

    3:29: “I’m gonna stop you right there” Double unskippable ad: allow me to introduce myself

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger

    "My Gynecologist is a Dukey" is one of the best lines I have ever heard. 🤣 Also, this is so very "Bring it on", or "Stomp", or "Pitch Perfect".

  • Kiyoko Shimizu
    Kiyoko Shimizu

    Is it just me or are all the Netflix protagonists exactly the same. Like all you need is to be: -nerdy -quirky -clumsy -‘beautiful’ I’m begging that one day it will change lmao

  • Rabeez Squirrel
    Rabeez Squirrel

    Look I get that Duke is hard to get in, but the fact they didn’t even care a little bit about her 4.0 GPA, AP classes, after school activities, and volunteer work is so bs. Like come on. Dance team alone isn’t going to get you into duke because it’s “emotional and gritty”. I hate that so much.

  • NoBigDealMedia


  • Darryl's Super Short Show
    Darryl's Super Short Show

    Jas's character is played by Liza Koshy. She is well known.

    • Chris DHA
      Chris DHA

      He was being sarcastic

  • Lucy’s Lazy Land
    Lucy’s Lazy Land

    Was I the only one who actually liked this movie?.....

  • Manya Singh
    Manya Singh

    Did u just say that u don't know who jas is......🙄.....ok. Or was that sarcasm

    • romario henry
      romario henry

      It's sarcasm

  • Danika Shah
    Danika Shah

    Did he just say that lizza koshi is a “nobody”

  • Maaruf Jamal
    Maaruf Jamal

    I am looking for an Alex Mayers video that has no use of the word "Devil's Tango". So far I haven't been successful.

  • Tobiah

    When are you gonna do feel the beat?

  • nicole elocin
    nicole elocin

    6:06 omfg the Kirbys epic yarn music :,)

  • unKnown_Goat

    1:28 don’t forget Only Fans

  • Alice Pineapalice
    Alice Pineapalice

    JULIrd gave me huge gay sterio type vibes

  • Cupcake Cathy Le
    Cupcake Cathy Le

    Quinn is Sabrina carpenter which is my fav singer

  • BeautifullyRed

    ngl I would also kick quinn out if I was "julliard"

  • chloecliff579

    This is my favorite movie ever

  • Akamatsu Gacha!
    Akamatsu Gacha!

    bruh why is everyone upset about that liza joke. it was literally sarcasm.


    Can you download your game on a tablet

  • Pookie and Milton
    Pookie and Milton

    Quins bff sounds and looks like lizza koshy

  • Betzaida


  • John Sarno
    John Sarno

    Can’t you get over a 4.0 gpa from honors learning? Don’t they get 4.5 for each A you get instead of 4.0?

  • EnteyLaser9000

    Is this what Wally did off the flash. And is this where Holden moved. ???

  • Siff Sørensen
    Siff Sørensen

    It that nobody anyone ever herd of Liza koshy? Plz tell mi if it is cuz i dunno

  • Alex John
    Alex John

    And that nobody is LIZA KOSHI who is practically better than you. Man don’t be so mean, she is so funny and kind.

    • Akamatsu Gacha!
      Akamatsu Gacha!

      @Alex John lmao bruh just stfu you’re the type of person to get mad at someone for hUrtInG yOuR fAv yOuTuBeR’s fEeLiNgS even though it’d probably not hurt the actual LV-homer. Get over it, and realize not everything is an attack on somebody.

    • Alex John
      Alex John

      @Akamatsu Gacha! IDC!!! HE STILL CALLED HER A NOBODY.

    • Akamatsu Gacha!
      Akamatsu Gacha!

      @Alex John it was SARCASTIC.

    • Alex John
      Alex John

      @Akamatsu Gacha! He DID CALL her a nobody

    • Akamatsu Gacha!
      Akamatsu Gacha!

      @Alex John bruh he didn’t. He joked. He didn’t even call her a nobody lmao

  • Ramz U
    Ramz U

    Me in the start : Did YOU just say Jas was played by “some nobody no one has ever heard of” cause that’s LIZA KOSHY !!!😲 Me in the end : ok I saw the full video that was sarcastic! ! Oof...

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