Crazy Ex Girlfriend is a weird show...
Crazy Ex Girlfriend Animation Reaction
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iZombie was a weird show...
Jane the Virgin is pretty great...
Insatiable is the weirdest show I've ever seen...
Twilight doesn't make any sense...
YOU is a weird show...
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    hey everybody hope you liked the video :) new official merch store is live here:

    • double 07
      double 07

      The show is adding a dark undertone of " you should really be concerned about a person who acts this way" if you pay attention! Please watch the 2nd episode, at least!

    • eliza mackey
      eliza mackey

      HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • eliza mackey
      eliza mackey

      HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    • eliza mackey
      eliza mackey


    • Miral Khalid
      Miral Khalid

      Please do anime reviews...

  • Rodrigo Gil
    Rodrigo Gil

    Literally the whole point of crazy ex-girlfriend is that "being creppy isnt ok even tho you are the main character", the show is actually pretty good, give it a chance man

  • Tanu

    Crazy ex-girlfriend isn't a romcom first of all. The main premise is mental illness. It's not everybody's cup of tea. The writing is brilliant and some of the musical numbers are just amazing and a really funny show.

  • immabot

    Do Young and Hungry

  • Bithiah Ogazi
    Bithiah Ogazi


  • The purpleBat
    The purpleBat

    Ok, I LOVE this show. It's about dealing with health issues & all this stuff .. Srsly, this show is absolutely great & worth watching!

  • phanfinger

    I love this show. Season 4 is fantastic. I love that at the end, she doesn't end up with any of the guys she dates in the show.

  • Dakota Grace
    Dakota Grace

    6:16 Let's Generalize About Men

  • Daisy Cabbell
    Daisy Cabbell

    When you leave a hi status promotion leading to wealth and fame for a man who barley liked you to begin with:

  • Blessing Danduri
    Blessing Danduri

    When i saw that it was a musical i stopped watching

  • humayun kabir
    humayun kabir

    please do harry potter

  • NarlieQuinzel Slytherin
    NarlieQuinzel Slytherin

    Technically from myself ended up watching it because of the musical itself, what really annoys the most was the main character itself, Rebecca really annoys me the most af.. I really want to stop watching it because of that character. Apparently, some songs are enjoyable while rest of them.. are just something that I would’ve skip instead. Since the ranking of the show itself has been involve, I honestly have to go with unlikable critical rating cause it doesn’t age that well at all to me. Then again as well all know, musical shows aren’t made for everyone and that’s fine from that.

  • Rio Gyenes
    Rio Gyenes

    the whole show is educating people with borderline personality disorder. In the end of the show they digosed Rebecca with borderline personality disorder and if u go back to the show it's so obvious that she was sufffering with borderline personality disorder that caused the disorder from her daddy issues. mostly all of her "crazy" that's that she did was due to borderline personality disorder. which causes her to Sing musical stuff, to easily breakdown, has a dear to abbontment, and etc because others a lot others. I love your videos tho!!

  • Naveera Rizwan
    Naveera Rizwan

    Can you do miraculous some of the new seasons

  • Directioner 99
    Directioner 99

    Harry's pic thou😂

  • Ariasu

    I thought it was a stupid rom com at first, but then I kept watching it and it was totally worth it, I love it.I love all greg's songs ,"I go to de zoo" and "fit hot guys have problems too" lol

  • Brie

    One of the best shows , actually very relatable for people with mental issues, specially bpd! Love it personally !

  • Kypoof

    I'm confused.... You referenced stuff from the third and fourth season of the show but you talk like you watched 2 episodes, what

  • Eduarda Grillo
    Eduarda Grillo

    I love this show

  • Ramiro Garcia
    Ramiro Garcia

    By far and wide one of the smartest shows I have eve seen. The character arcs that they all go through is life as it's best. It's a very good show.

  • Paws Not Claws
    Paws Not Claws

    I love this show so much it really surprised me how good it was❤️

  • emma_claire

    Alex’s songs are just GOLD Like........ I need these

  • Luna Oak
    Luna Oak

    *me again thinking this was a movie not a show


    Wait... Your list said Harry Potter...

  • Vicky

    I mean I don't want to be rude but how can you watch the show and not get what their intention is. It's build on the concept of deconstructing rom com tropes and sometimes it's even pretty on the nose

  • Cotton candy girl :3
    Cotton candy girl :3

    *did i see harry potter?!?* Edit: on the list i mean

  • Trey Basel
    Trey Basel

    I think that you should do the wrong Missy.

  • Julia H
    Julia H

    Do Chicago pd please please please

  • Mya Grace
    Mya Grace

    "Do I look that desperate....... Nevermind don't answer that" Me talking to my friends about my crush

  • Gina Canonico
    Gina Canonico

    Please please please do feel the beat.

  • Drucilla DeVille
    Drucilla DeVille

    If a dedicated fan base had power why is was there never a second season of freaks and geeks

  • Some of Something
    Some of Something

    Living in California it’s so weird watching people be excited about it... And also, who is named Beans?

    • Stephanie Netherland
      Stephanie Netherland

      @Some of Something Oh?

    • Some of Something
      Some of Something

      @Stephanie Netherland I meant it as a rhetorical question.

    • Stephanie Netherland
      Stephanie Netherland

      Josh's (the love interest) Hispanic friend. He only appears in one episode although he is mentioned in a few of them

  • Amber

    The show has a strong fan base because it’s one of the few shows that represents BPD in a accurate way. The show is emotional support for people with a BPD

  • SuperSwordman1

    4:35 - 4:39 Best part of the review. And annoyingly fitting. Seriously Rom Coms, stop making it SO easy to put in the creepy music!

  • Steph Hart
    Steph Hart

    DO 16 WISHES!!!!!

  • Ruby Hobbit
    Ruby Hobbit

    realization hits that she's crazy "no no no dont talk about that about my new best friend!" me: HUH??????????? What the f*** just happened????? WHAT?

  • I play Games
    I play Games

    Do harry potter plss

  • ruthie

    You did like 3 videos on PLL but couldn’t watch past the pilot of the masterpiece that is Crazy Ex Girlfriend?! One of the best shows i have ever watched, from beginning to end! Every single season brings character development and growth to Rebecca and all of the characters, really... just brilliant! Also you’re insane if you don’t love the Sexy Getting Ready Song

  • paige

    5:30 here’s your replay button, yw

  • Jenny Smith
    Jenny Smith ඒ වැටීමෙන් පසුව තවත් හවුල් වැටීම් දෙකක් සිදු වියඅප කඩා වැටී නිදා සිටියදී

  • Caden Holtz
    Caden Holtz

    I like the way he is genuinely hurt by who girls go after 😂😂

  • Zahra A.
    Zahra A.

    sorry but dont u dare lmao. crazy ex girlfriend is the best show EVER. PERIOD.

    • Micxie 2.0
      Micxie 2.0


  • [Insert name here]
    [Insert name here]

    Where is HP aka Harry Potter and harrys love of blue shirts

  • Name Channel
    Name Channel

    I think Alex should watch at minimum season 1 and then tell us his favourite song

  • Alisha

    You clearly didn’t watch the whole show. lol That’s all I’m going to say on that. As a person with mental illness, it’s an important show. I loved it.

  • Noa

    Crazy ex girlfriend is a weird show, and that’s why I love it.

  • Karina Isabella Ardhanareswari
    Karina Isabella Ardhanareswari

    Btw just like my ex bf

  • Beth

    I feel like a lot of people really miss the point of this's all about deconstructing romcoms and making you question what you've been taught to believe, especially about romance. & I love the theme of recovery for pretty much everyone by the end, especially recovery not based around romantic relationships. I sort of liked izombie and JTV, but let's be real they weren't even half as well written. Their main similarity was that they were all CW shows with female protagonists.

  • Katja Macabre
    Katja Macabre


  • Piper Turner
    Piper Turner

    I have dated both a Post Malone and an Idris Elba in terms of preparedness. Post Malone tends to be more loving, Idris Elba was high strung

  • animalsandiphones

    BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER is a mental illness. I suffer from this

  • Orange Avocadoʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Orange Avocadoʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Beetle juice plzzzz🤪

  • Kendal Hands
    Kendal Hands

    Rebecca looks a lot like that lady from Over The Hedge

  • Otto Bug
    Otto Bug

    "never underestimate the power of a dedicated fanbase" u say as hannibal fans cry

  • Still Here
    Still Here

    When will you do HARRY POTTERRRRRR

  • Ollie K
    Ollie K

    This show is soooo worth it! It's really not just another cheesy rom-com, it's very clever and funny, especially the songs!

  • Lilly Samulski
    Lilly Samulski

    I made it through the first season, but I couldn't make it any further because Greg deserved better and I just couldn't stand to watch anymore

  • eddy ruffini
    eddy ruffini

    Netflix project power

  • Stella

    PLEASE tell me you watched more of the show.

  • Kiera Burgess
    Kiera Burgess

    Please do awkward

  • BriannasPlanet

    I thought this was a movie, let alone 4 seasons

  • TriantafelidesFox

    Excuse me, my name is Rebecca, and I actually DO collect mustard.

  • Sammie Leigh Styer
    Sammie Leigh Styer

    7:00 - "and you cut a whole in it and ----" HA I guess its cheaper then buying a sex doll......"share spagettios with it" ......oh i wasn't expecting the joke to go that way lol

  • Lps AJammer
    Lps AJammer

    Heyo kids guess what The dude who plays the bartender/Josh's friend is Hans' voice actor from frozen

  • lis

    rebecca's haircut and outfit in the beginning reminds me of judie foster in silence of the lambs lol

  • Aeryn K Designs
    Aeryn K Designs

    I'm just saying, this is the *perfect* level of West Covina crazy. She fits right in.

  • Riddhima Chaudhary
    Riddhima Chaudhary

    Work it please

  • The Aria Woods Experience
    The Aria Woods Experience

    And nowwww I’m gunna watch the whole show again

  • Eric 9371
    Eric 9371

    Really? Some guys take a while to get dressed (me)

  • Antahvasin

    The only thing I really didn't like about the show was Paula. She irritates me to no end.

  • Roselia Leon
    Roselia Leon

    Crazy ex-girlfriend was all of the things. If you understand what I just said then you don't understand the show.

  • Natalia

    could you do tbbt

  • Shaghig P
    Shaghig P

    this is so weird. the 1st time I saw this video I thought it was a movie...a long time afterwards I discovered crazy ex girlfriend and I thought it was just a random sketch thing and I find it I came back to this video to see what the fuck is going on 😹 their songs are so damn funny and TRUE! I think Alex hadnt gotten a clear picture of it when he did this

  • Zabi_aka

    Wow she really is crazy

  • Yasmine Calhoun
    Yasmine Calhoun

    hi can you do super mosters

  • Caroline Page
    Caroline Page

    to be fair Alex, most guys are the 0.01% of germs hand sanitizer dosn't kill

    • Alexis D
      Alexis D

      Everyone is bacteria. It's just going through the trouble of finding which ones are the good, healthy kind and which are the dangerous, viral ones.


    That soap joke is really original

  • Shilloh Ruth
    Shilloh Ruth

    i think the woman of today is not stupid enough to reject a promotion. not even for a man. i really hate it when characters are written to do this. i mean,really? and yes im referring to female characters. i dont know this show. and i will not look for it or watch it. so thankyou alex.

  • Kayla Esther
    Kayla Esther

    Dude, i remember watching this show when i was 7 with my mom.

  • WandA

    [Spoilers for season 4] . . . . . . . When i first told my friend to watch it, after few episodes she said "I feel like Becky gonna end up in jail". WELP, SHE WASN'T WRONG.

  • smallone 035
    smallone 035

    0:06 yessss do HARRY POTTER PLEASE

  • AlFa 113
    AlFa 113

    "Lowest ratings in a CW show", eh? Have you not seen the decline of SUPERGIRL, to say nothing about STAR GIRL and the dumpster fire that is BATWOMAN?

  • Cosmic Crazy
    Cosmic Crazy

    5:33 Damn Alex..

  • Julianne Marie Bejar
    Julianne Marie Bejar

    I love this show so much, too bad my parents don't like it 😞

  • SUsIE joking Adamss
    SUsIE joking Adamss

    Sad he doesn't heart comments

  • Lexa Welch
    Lexa Welch

    So happy you are Gucci!!!! I'm glad you were okay after what happened when you were 19, still living in Japan?

  • ConnieP

    It's the Broadway community, we support our people 😹

  • Flower Power
    Flower Power

    I dropped it as soon as they started to sing 😥 no thx

  • Rejected

    Yay, Some merch. Thanks Alex. I'll for sure be buying something. :)

  • Abigailjoy

    I would definitely move to a place that has 3 wetzel pretzel in the same mall, idk about you

  • Ebony Nunez
    Ebony Nunez

    Can you do Sabrina the teenage which

  • Morenike Adekoya
    Morenike Adekoya

    Do the witcher!!@

  • The Blazey
    The Blazey

    Could you mabe check out house of Anubis it was on nik for quiet a while and I really enjoyed it although I’m sure it hasn’t aged well lol i think it would be a great video 🦋

  • Son of Sun
    Son of Sun

    Crazy ex girlfriend is an underrated show, and it’s a refreshing one .

  • Tickety Blue
    Tickety Blue

    Dude I grew up in West Covina, CA. It was like living in Brady Bunch town. When did it all crazy?

  • David Galán
    David Galán

    Crazy ex-girlfriend is genuinely a great show and has very intelligent ideas. It really bugs me to see it on your channel with all those shitty teenager shows.

  • Lucy Nichols
    Lucy Nichols


  • Noah Animation
    Noah Animation

    This is a moive that makes me want to jump off a cliff

  • Ella Vähäniitty
    Ella Vähäniitty

    there’s a reason why they sing. You just need to stick with it to know it.

  • ziljin

    This show is funny, but Rebecca takes a dark turn in season 3 with the revenge plots.