Marvel's Runaways is the weirdest show...
Marvel's Runaways animation
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Legacies is actually pretty good
Alex Meyers Funniest Moments
Twilight Eclipse doesn't make any sense...
YOU is the creepiest show I've ever seen...
Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...
Insatiable really is the dumbest show...
Twilight doesn't make any sense...
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  • Sarthak Rathi
    Sarthak Rathi

    Lesson learned: No one gets a perfect selfie on the first try😜😜

  • Bithiah Ogazi
    Bithiah Ogazi

    Being a church girl isn't a weakness, whoever made this movie is just trying to make people feel bad because they think that Jesus is boring.

    • Bithiah Ogazi
      Bithiah Ogazi

      Oh wait this is a cult! wELl THIS JUST CHANGES EVERTHING

  • Party Animalʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
    Party Animalʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    00:48 my mom still remembers you- Brincadeira 😂

  • Goran

    All offense but I hope the people from my hometown dies burning

  • Nienke Silver
    Nienke Silver

    Okay..... It gets even more weird!!

  • Olivia Hammond
    Olivia Hammond

    I go to summer camp at Harvard Westlake. That's it, that's all I wanted to say. You guys probably don't even know what part of the video that was from but I heard it and I had to put it out here.

  • lazylion games
    lazylion games

    You should watch spaceballs (yes that is the name, yes it is popular, yes i like it, and you should watch it)

  • Alex Summers
    Alex Summers

    wait! he is married?!

  • Typical Knoxx
    Typical Knoxx

    Me having watched every show Alex reacts to and somehow he makes them better

  • Olivia Maendel
    Olivia Maendel

    Well you're so heartless jerk no offense LOL

  • B-Dog


  • Sydney Le
    Sydney Le

    Literally Gert and Molly are the most useless characters.

    • Jennie Rivera
      Jennie Rivera

      nah that's chase and alex

  • abbas

    man this guy cracks me up.. i only subed for less than a week and his content is somehow surprisingly funny ... keep up the good work man..

  • WBBrigham3

    AND this is only the first episode

  • RusticBB8

    Now looking back i just realized Molly mutant powers activated

  • Jasmine

    The Runaways is a great show I would really recommend watching it :)

  • Adam._. Wadam
    Adam._. Wadam

    It’s one of those shows that are weird but at the same time you get hooked on it and when it ends you get all sad

  • RandomPeRsOn *_*
    RandomPeRsOn *_*

    Alex: Talking about Marvel Runaways Me: THIS WAS POSTED ON MY BIRTHDAY, HOLY SHI-

    • RandomPeRsOn *_*
      RandomPeRsOn *_*

      @Aa-aggron 25 yea I saw the show, at one point it was really exciting but it got so repetitive and boring i left it in the middle of season 2. Lol

    • Aa-aggron 25
      Aa-aggron 25

      Me hmmmm what the heck a Disney + film about 12 year olds oh it’s on Hulu fuuuuuuuu

  • Not_agamer254


  • mallory mallett
    mallory mallett

    Do cloak and dagger from marvel

  • Mermaidreviews469

    I love this show lol all 3 seasons and I loved hero’s lol oh and runaways gets much better and the gifted is a marvel x men show

  • SGS_Gurk Goat
    SGS_Gurk Goat

    she passes out and NO one reacts to this. You obviously have never been to jacksonville fl. aqua or pure. Shit happens. Only superhuman I saw was a person high on coke and PCP smashing through the glass door and clothes line himself with the bar on the door. Ripped open his back landing on the glass. Don't do drugs kids. Stay at home.

    • T O B
      T O B

      Your obviously a very strange individual who goes to very strange places and probably does drugs also..... take advantage of quarantining and re think your life!🙄

  • Ilyemily

    is it just me but i cant stand gert and semi dont really like how molly things shes so great

  • Adidas Uzamaki
    Adidas Uzamaki

    No wauuyyy u rember heroes that was a good show

  • Serpent 580
    Serpent 580

    Wait he is married. 😮😮😮😮

  • Devin Booker
    Devin Booker

    Devin Booker

  • Brodie Lamb
    Brodie Lamb

    Reel steel

  • taliyah cross
    taliyah cross

    marvel runaways is aWeSoMe

  • Ricky Ruch
    Ricky Ruch

    This show gets so much weirder with aliens and dark magic

  • Maoz Ohana
    Maoz Ohana

    Look this series is weird quarky it was REALLY good because you get some chemistry vibes of old friends who broke apart and it really sell s this story better it was sadly cancelled but i still love it if you can shut your brain in the weirder parts you can really enjoy it for example "the magistrate" basically blew up and disappeared to thin air only to be replaced by a not convincing lower grade vilen over all i like this show go watch it

  • CatQueenPlayz

    When I was like 10 I used to love this show, but now I’m 11 and now I just watch like Stranger Things all the time. So I stoped watching this around the middle of season 3. And now I see this and I be like: WORLDS COLLIDING YALL

  • ii linaxaldc ii
    ii linaxaldc ii

    Yea yea this show sucks we now that already but you have a wife?!! WTF Alex🤣🤣🤣

  • Plump Cat
    Plump Cat

    This show looks soooo stupid when out of context, but it’s actually not too bad if you invest yourself in the concept

  • Itz Aj
    Itz Aj

    Love the show but your explanation is kinda all over the place

  • Dylan O'Hara
    Dylan O'Hara

    Look into Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. & Agent Carter.

  • Dylan O'Hara
    Dylan O'Hara

    Man this lame. Glad I haven't wasted any time or money on this crap. I stopped collecting back in the 80's, wow Marvel has gone downhill.

    • Thanos Destroyer • 69,000 years ago
      Thanos Destroyer • 69,000 years ago

      Season 2 and 3 are amazing. S1 isn’t even that bad.

  • Mr gaming yt
    Mr gaming yt

    Dude we're getting the band back together

  • No ones Business
    No ones Business

    You should do daredevil.

  • Lautaro Forés
    Lautaro Forés

    3:28 antisocial is when you are against society. asocial, which I think was what you meant, is when you are not interested in being part of society. Sorry for my bad english

  • Khyati Awesome
    Khyati Awesome

    Wait we need to know the truth I thought u were 16 - 29 *U HAVE A FRIGGIN WIFE*

  • Avani Shetty
    Avani Shetty

    Can you do other marvel shows like agents of shield and luke cage and the upcoming ones like wandavision and loki

  • Jana D.
    Jana D.

    You are married? To an actual girl?

  • Sean Gilluly
    Sean Gilluly

    Every time when you use the OOOOoooooOoOOOOoooOOOOOO clip cracks me up without fail

  • geli garcia
    geli garcia

    BBRRooo I just found out abt this show and I'm freaking obsessed

  • Carolina Cardadeiro
    Carolina Cardadeiro

    Alex is married???😲😲

  • Frida Galindo
    Frida Galindo

    Can u do stranger things

  • Doctor Dubstep
    Doctor Dubstep

    if your a girl and you to a wild party there's only two ways you leave the party pregnant or drunk or both

  • Geralt of Rivia
    Geralt of Rivia

    omg we have the same kettel

  • Dank poster
    Dank poster

    "I hope I never see any of you again." Same here. Who can relate?

  • Natalie Johnson
    Natalie Johnson

    Is it just me or did anyone else watch the show and liked it

  • Bad Mother Fucker
    Bad Mother Fucker


  • Chanel #1
    Chanel #1

    DUMBEST MARVEL SHOW EVER and I Literally love every marvel show

  • For Hax
    For Hax

    Did you do one about agents of shield? That show is pretty decent

  • James Osborne
    James Osborne

    always see your vids in my feed. do you like anything? or do you just bitch and complain about everything all the time? lol

  • Fulcrum 05
    Fulcrum 05

    The comics were way better.

  • Jada Saidin
    Jada Saidin

    Season 2 is too cringy At least the teens look like teens

  • madmandan1000

    It’s weird watching older videos knowing that he’s divorced now

  • klb 505
    klb 505

    weird or not, this show is one of the very few wlw shows that we get and we're gonna watch it regardless

  • E Syone
    E Syone

    Show sounds mostly comic accurate so far except bruiser is a little too old.

  • Naduni Ekanayake
    Naduni Ekanayake

    gave me stray kids side effects vibes at one point

  • Mike Thomson
    Mike Thomson

    hold on, alex has a wife?

    • Jada Saidin
      Jada Saidin

      Not any more :/

  • Caylah West
    Caylah West

    HEROES WAS MY SHIT!!!!!! I miss it 😩

  • Yalikrjazz ?
    Yalikrjazz ?

    Dang dude you weren’t that forgettable remember you

  • Sahaar Tukhi
    Sahaar Tukhi

    You should do agents of shield

  • Chinedu Nwobi
    Chinedu Nwobi

    Euphoria next please

  • Metasebia Mekasha
    Metasebia Mekasha

    The girl just had to take a picture with a flash on, like why?!?!!!! They were getting away with talking loud but then she just......

  • Void • Phoenix
    Void • Phoenix

    WAS ANYONE ELSE that watches this thinking he left out a lot INBETWEEN the necklace off and on. Please describe it to him as he forgot. GO ON. tell him

  • I Draw
    I Draw

    hu is that girl over there siting next to you with your dog on the side i thought you were single or just living by your self

  • Erin Ann May
    Erin Ann May

    can you do little fires everywhere.?

  • Lala Mwango
    Lala Mwango

    whats with this boi, Alex's hairline. Looks like he tried to give himself a haircut, messed up, and gave up.

  • Selena Vielma
    Selena Vielma

    This show looks so boring and dumb af

  • Meghan Kemp
    Meghan Kemp

    Im just like WHAAAA

  • Kiisha okezie
    Kiisha okezie

    Wait, wait, wait, aren't those the same robes they used in CURSED?

  • Nealkids Neal
    Nealkids Neal

    Thanks for all the pizza and sadness

  • Ants FL
    Ants FL

    4:29 0_0

  • use code McDonald's
    use code McDonald's

    Yo it tasha

  • Redden Kleinknight
    Redden Kleinknight

    hey you mist a part

  • Ting Ting Wu
    Ting Ting Wu

    Second time watching this: realised the video came out on my birthday

  • Mr. Ghostly
    Mr. Ghostly

    It’s not

  • Tony Land
    Tony Land

    I love this show

  • JustSomeRandomAnimeDude !
    JustSomeRandomAnimeDude !

    Yeah yeah

  • Venus isn’t cis
    Venus isn’t cis


  • princess nkele
    princess nkele

    Wait Alex has a....wife ? Wait when was this

  • Plucky Pluckster
    Plucky Pluckster

    another vid title of the genius mentions Tru blood "is kinda dumb" but this show just got a "weird" title. I think it's the other way around son!

  • Plucky Pluckster
    Plucky Pluckster

    I always hate it when casting goes bad. The stars are the kids so you should get parents that look like the kids. What the hell is up with Gert's parents? Cause it appears she's adopted. but so far 6 episodes in they say nothing about her being adopted even though she doesn't look anything like her onscreen parents. I get that the only thing that connects them is that her father on the show in RL is jewish like the actress who plays Gert but she is Mexican Jewish in RL and neither of her actor parents are MEXICAN! WTF Plus in a an episode where they go back 10 years to when Gert's adopted sister " Molly Hernandez" was taken in by Gert's parents cause they died the kid who play Molly looked closer to Gert and Gert's younger self looked closer to Molly. Majorly bad casting guys!

  • Plucky Pluckster
    Plucky Pluckster

    WTF is this show. first 20mins in of ep1 WTF!!! get to the marvel shit asap, I could care less about this utterly annoying teen drama BS it's so stupid???WTF

    • violet panda
      violet panda

      Give the show time you will soon learn how she is so strong

    • Plucky Pluckster
      Plucky Pluckster

      and then as soon as i skip forward 5 mins the girl going thru cramps suddenly gets mad strong. Are they referencing somehow PMS rage here? If they are it just seems wrong. lol

  • Liber Polo
    Liber Polo


  • YouTube Account
    YouTube Account

    The only reason I’m still watching the show is because of the mystery of the parent’s pasts.

  • Lobos Acount
    Lobos Acount

    Wait, so all that talk from your other hundreds of videos about how your life is pointless and no girls ever talked to you was a lie. YOUR MARRIED!

  • Crazy Critters
    Crazy Critters

    Wait he has a wife

  • Smartie Walk throughs
    Smartie Walk throughs

    The cramps r called periods -_-

  • Luka Kamberović
    Luka Kamberović

    Hey Alex I know the show is weird or bad or something but I found a bad TV show in Marvels Netflix it’s called Iron Fist one of them the worst Marvels TV show ever when are you gonna do that

  • Kristalgic

    I really enjoyed the Runaways comic but for some reason I never watched the show. I was so excited when I heard they were making it but after it came out I was like "meh"

  • The LEGO dragon Master
    The LEGO dragon Master

    What do you know it’s Tasha Davenport

  • That badbleep
    That badbleep

    The fact that I requested this

  • Mr. Doozy
    Mr. Doozy

    Wait he has a WIFE I thought that was a mop next to him.

  • Debora Ersado
    Debora Ersado

    He’s married??

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer

    Hey I actually remwmber this marvel comic about a brown skinned girl who finds a devil dinosaur or something so this could be linked!

  • Frank 42
    Frank 42

    The diabolical parents in kids shows....nothing's changed. Funny how the dad says, "I heard you got a C in Spanish" sounding like a super villain plotting vengeance on the puny humans of Earth. Seriously, Hollywood has been trying to split kids against the previous generations from the start. It's how nations are controlled. Never allow any culture to last. Never let kids have any foundation other than what the media gives them. There is an old folk tale called the Pied Piper of Hamelin about a guy with a flute that captivates the kids away from their parents and as they listen they turn into rats and are lead to drown in a river. This was a warning. One day your kids will not listen to your advice and turn into useful idiots.

  • Dean Dimitrov
    Dean Dimitrov

    This show is like anohana but without superpowers