Descendants doesn't make any sense...
Descendants doesn't make any sense animation
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Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
High School Musical doesn't make any sense
High School Musical 2 doesn't make any sense...
High School Musical 3 doesn't make any sense...
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  • Weevil Underscore
    Weevil Underscore

    Guys i would fail fairy god mothers villain to good person class, I would always choose to carve out the crying babies heart

  • Elizabeth Wiggins
    Elizabeth Wiggins

    WUT DA FRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DISNEY IS DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • Alina Lazarean
    Alina Lazarean

    Your soooooooo funny hahah🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tammy zvolena
    Tammy zvolena

    i love descendants

  • Sans Undertale
    Sans Undertale

    Bruh disney is sooo cheesy

  • Samman 126
    Samman 126

    The worst thing about this channel is it is all fun and games till he disses the show or movie u like

  • Hol up
    Hol up

    Ah yes In 20 years they went from still using horse carriages To having smartphones Totally makes sense 👌👁👄👁

  • Mittens

    Sigh... Ever After High..

  • FaithEck16

    Actually Audrey’s smile reminds me of a chickfila worker on crack

  • Jason Xie
    Jason Xie

    This move is awful. The introduction/narration starts on an book where the pages are iPads. It doesn’t fit with Disney lore, animation quality is bullsh*t, and it isn’t accurate, how are they supposed to have a computer when it’s 20 year after the events of Beauty and the Beast which takes place in the 1700s. Plus the stuff the godmother teaches is literally as bad as those crappy clickbait “How to survive, pick which decision” videos. Also what about other non-central Disney themes likes Star Wars and Marvel. It would be cool if the entire Imperial Fleet came out of the island and blew up the entire planet and killed everything on it. Or maybe Darth Vader with a platoon of stormtroopers could slice everyone in half, choke the main characters to death blast the survivors.

  • fhknfdil

    I like it tho, because we did it in my theater school and I got to play maleficent and do the song soliloquy

  • Maxwell Annor
    Maxwell Annor

    nothing makes sense to you :/

  • lydiaisreallycool

    Is that chenoweth??

  • Chicken._.nugget UnU
    Chicken._.nugget UnU

    “I WaNnA bE gOoD” “YoU aRe gOoD”

  • Nicolas Gorkun
    Nicolas Gorkun

    all these shows you review are legit garbage like sharkboy & lavagirl is JUNK.

  • Ling Lu
    Ling Lu

    He’s girl friend: oh it’s ok it’s not your fault that your parents killed my parents Her:👁👄👁

  • Vivi A
    Vivi A

    6:15 Guess you could say they got it pretty RUFF on the island. HA

  • Solon Fischer
    Solon Fischer

    You know I just realized he takes all these movies and and says they don't make sense or is weird and so on

  • skreller gamer
    skreller gamer

    Rip carlos aka i dont know his name he died this year

  • These Are Words
    These Are Words

    *some who actually liked the high school musical and descendants joined the chat* Mk.makes sense

  • JB games
    JB games


  • Gaming Monster
    Gaming Monster


  • kalel collado gaming
    kalel collado gaming

    8:15 jay more loke gay

  • Phil Jarvis
    Phil Jarvis

    w.t.f=what the F-word

  • sarie andes
    sarie andes

    Wait wait what y are they inviting evil ppl to there school why would they do that? Wtf

  • Big Ballers
    Big Ballers

    What would’ve happened if Mel didn’t stop ben from eating the second cookie

  • Sromona Mukherjee
    Sromona Mukherjee

    I miss Carlos😢🌼

  • Rorri en racerbil
    Rorri en racerbil

    How was this one year ago, it felt like I haven't watched this in years

  • random dude on a chair
    random dude on a chair

    the opening looks like an ad for forge of empires 0:37

  • Khadijah Taylor
    Khadijah Taylor

    Don't you dare

  • Khadijah Taylor
    Khadijah Taylor

    Descendants is a masterpiece

  • EMTium

    Imagine this movie as a US presidential movie, "Hillary, i will build a wall, to keep out all the Belgians , wait no keep them in," said Trump. Secret service agent, "that's the Belgium wall."

  • chilling with the sky gods
    chilling with the sky gods


  • rose elegwa
    rose elegwa


  • Ror’s Recipes
    Ror’s Recipes

    “If someone hands you a crying baby...” Gets a Pampers diapers commercial

  • The Wizard Games
    The Wizard Games

    The fact that Descendants has more views that highschool musical hurts me to my core

  • Alpha the Wolf
    Alpha the Wolf

    Rip Cameron Boynce

    • Green LOL
      Green LOL


  • Audrey Sinner
    Audrey Sinner

    My name is audrey... Sinner ya sinner... DEAL WITH IT!!!

  • Cael Plourde
    Cael Plourde


  • Yvng Teo
    Yvng Teo

    It’s isle of the lost not island

  • Sean Lorhenz Java
    Sean Lorhenz Java

    4:45 “I know I probably don’t have to say this but the joke here is not, ‘eww kissing boys is gross’. The joke is that, because its their co-worker, it would be weird/awkward. Of course explaining jokes makes them 100 times funnier, but you know how some people are.”

  • Dev1ce

    Rip cameron boyce

  • Raquel Is Better Than Barbie
    Raquel Is Better Than Barbie

    I’ve always hated mal. Honestly i liked the Audrey character. She way way more interesting than mal.

  • Ryle Andrae A
    Ryle Andrae A

    Bruh My friend who is 18 litteraly plays jojo but a fan of a frigging kid show?

  • lol hi im fine
    lol hi im fine

    Me watching this after finding out Ben went to school with kim Seokjin

  • RedFire Plays
    RedFire Plays

    12:10 yeah like love never wins, the fbi does

  • RedFire Plays
    RedFire Plays

    5:00 (E) kill it Hey whoas man that baby had a family. *I know. T H E Y ' R E N E X T*

  • RedFire Plays
    RedFire Plays

    It would be funny if the uac suddenly found this...

  • Daniella Salazar quinteros
    Daniella Salazar quinteros

    ol ur funny but is there even one movie u like

  • Izabela Jankech
    Izabela Jankech

    Bro your not the only one.... *They start singing* OH *QUACK* 13:52

  • Ashton Duplessis
    Ashton Duplessis

    Pictures of kirby with human feet 4:02

  • The uni squad Willow
    The uni squad Willow

    I am watching video and CHAT

  • The uni squad Willow
    The uni squad Willow

    sOnG tImE👁👄👁 🔛🎵waTcH hAlLoWeEn tOwN-🎵 AnD mOrE hAlLoWeEn tOwN 🎶 TiLl YoU dIe🎶yE hAw🎵🔙yE hAw🔙yE hAw🎶 more song lol I try to copy bRo yeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyyeyyyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeye idc But fArt

    • The uni squad Willow
      The uni squad Willow


    • The uni squad Willow
      The uni squad Willow

      wAtCh HaLlWeEn tOwN oR I WiLl- ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • followverse games
    followverse games

    HEY DONT TALK TO THAT MOVIE LIKE THAT I LOVE THAT MOVIE..... even though I never like whatch the movie

  • Carwless ツ
    Carwless ツ

    Now he just been living in a rock with the worst parents who tought him to lose brain cells he does not have a child hood

  • Tiger Lily
    Tiger Lily

    Do you enjoy watching innocent people suffer Me: Who doesn't it is literally the best thing on the planet

  • Noodle Kid
    Noodle Kid

    9:09 Me making fun of my friends partners being all lovey dovey because I'm the only single one in the group

  • A_ U
    A_ U

    Is every movie bad for you? No hate.

  • Wassabii girl
    Wassabii girl

    Am I the only one that never ever has heard about descendants in my 15 years of life

  • TheGuy Bryan
    TheGuy Bryan

    I hate this set style and why is this in my recommended

  • Angilyica

    ngl, the fairy-god-mother's daughter is beautiful

  • Anastasia Siegmund
    Anastasia Siegmund

    omg, i had n friggin idea that Seth friggin Clearwater was in descendants. god, im so dumb.

  • Eric’s interesting things
    Eric’s interesting things

    It’s the fairy godmother has a kid name Jane ran in the jungle for a project she met Tarzan and we see the tea cups from Belle so that means is Tarzan and Belle cusions

  • Tihomir Nedelchev
    Tihomir Nedelchev

    5:07 You lock it in a basement

  • Kevin Stephens
    Kevin Stephens

    I love descendants though

  • The Bonking Beano :0
    The Bonking Beano :0

    Disney channel movies they don’t always make sense

  • 李宇潇

    You should team up with CinemaSins and talk about all the inadequacies about movies

  • Chiva 122
    Chiva 122

    the fact that when he does movies that i like (ex: this one) i dont even get offended and sometimes even agree with him goes to show that there IS a way to complain without being out right annoying and actualy really funny :)

  • Jayden Davis
    Jayden Davis

    evry vid of this guy is kinda the same but really funny

  • Al Die
    Al Die

    how you feelin...bro

  • Yeet Cow
    Yeet Cow

    When I saw the movie my first reaction was " What the heck"

  • Reinhart Jeep
    Reinhart Jeep


  • Reinhart Jeep
    Reinhart Jeep

    If someone hands youa crying A curse it❌ B lock it in a tower❌ C give it a bottle ✔️ D carbs its heart❌

  • CherriDivedsXx

    this movie was dope though-

  • Mariat 15
    Mariat 15

    Rest in paradise Cameron 😢

  • Christy L. Riley
    Christy L. Riley

    I love how corny and ridiculous the entire descendants world is. If you think to hard logically about the plot... It ruins the fun of the movie. Because the lack of common sense is the one common theme of Disney movies. It is magical how much all of us love disney movies and they are so hilarious with their lack of logic and direction.

  • awesomeabe

    This channel is bad he miscridissed this and all decendants

  • Frenties

    *pictures of kirby with human feet*

  • Frances Tamayo
    Frances Tamayo

    Stop acting like fucking bugs bunny and stop ranting on hard work damn it!

  • Retarded Nintendo
    Retarded Nintendo


  • Retarded Nintendo
    Retarded Nintendo

    This is the best

  • Jairrah Laguna
    Jairrah Laguna

    4:37 LMAOOO

  • John Plays
    John Plays


  • Peachest Ariana
    Peachest Ariana

    Divorce high school math teacher 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  • farris albassam
    farris albassam

    When you notice this movie was actually a nightmare you had one Sunday morning after eating drugs.

  • Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas

    But king tut

  • demico knight
    demico knight

    Is there not ONE hate video. People spend a long time making movies ya know

    • Marshadow Playz
      Marshadow Playz

      Do you say that about the horrid "The last airbender"

  • Mr weird
    Mr weird

    Hey why don’t you try wonder

  • Alaina s
    Alaina s

    I really want alex to watch ever after high

  • Nitro

    Your dog just flies off your head.

  • R4ndom Yt Ch4nnel
    R4ndom Yt Ch4nnel

    I hate descendants

  • Francisco Reis Pinheiro
    Francisco Reis Pinheiro

    rip Cameron boyce ( 1999 - 2019 )

  • Jared Lajud
    Jared Lajud

    Sadly I know a lot of people who is 16 and acts like 10 yrs old

  • al355andr0 jaja
    al355andr0 jaja

    Are we not gonna talk about the bad plastic crown

  • lovely chan
    lovely chan

    i love this mpovie but the 3 one i think is the last one becaudr calors died

  • Goulzz

    Mulan:Legit destroys a part of China! Her daughter:Rips her skirt and says NoW iM CoOl.

  • Jade Wilson
    Jade Wilson

    The weird thing is when mal tried to steal the wand an alarm went off but when Audrey had a whole Musical and stole two things NO ALARM went off she just left no one noticed till the next day no alarm for Audrey

  • mares me
    mares me

    omg i love the vid

  • brutalx xghost
    brutalx xghost

    😂 heart jokes

  • Carlie Hodge
    Carlie Hodge

    this guy is sooo stupid descendants makes sense I mean this is the best movie I have ever watched

    • Pug 2
      Pug 2

      Either this is some level of sarcasm or you're eight

    • suryansh paliath
      suryansh paliath

      U being sarcastic or what

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