iCarly was a weird show...
iCarly Nickelodeon Animated Reaction
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Victorious was kinda dumb...
House of Anubis was kinda dumb...
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ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...
To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...
ZOMBIES 2 doesn't make any sense...
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  • Sarthak Rathi
    Sarthak Rathi

    "Those are my comments." 🤣🤣 P.S. You rock Alex Meyers

  • Lukered


  • Kenma’s game controller
    Kenma’s game controller


  • The Fandom Queen
    The Fandom Queen

    You could tell that Disney tried to do what iCarly did when they made Bizaardvark. But it didnt work out, I blame Jake Paul.....it probably wasn’t all his fault but I’m still gonna blame Jake Paul.....

  • bunnylover460

    I honestly hate that show. And find it gross

  • Tymir Jalal
    Tymir Jalal

    the feet part hurts me

  • Atia Smith
    Atia Smith

    Can you do The office

  • Mai

    i always rewatch you videos lmao, it just never gets boring :p

  • Catermelon Eng.
    Catermelon Eng.

    I soooooooo love iCarly!!!!! Literally my childhood.

  • JKjessie

    born in 2007 and now 13 this year and this show is soo weird in my 2020 expectation of a show

  • Daniel Levin
    Daniel Levin

    Alex: *says that ICarly is Nick’s most popular show ever* Avatar: The Last Airbender: Amateurs

  • Willthegalaxydude

    I liked em all but I see your point.

  • Aura Lights allstar
    Aura Lights allstar

    what the hell icarly i was the BEST show

  • Peyton Robinson
    Peyton Robinson

    At least nobody did the devil's Tango I think cuz I haven't watched iCarly

  • Courtney Reese
    Courtney Reese

    shows from drake and josh to victorious to icarly to sam and cat

  • Courtney Reese
    Courtney Reese

    I dont know spencer why is anyone happy ive been trying to figure that out for the last fifteen years that moment scared me so so much it scared me because of his eyeballs also because the whole thing went black and when he said I dont know spencer why is anyone happy you could her his echo in the background that is why it scared me that onley part scared me

  • Yani

    Fun fact: one direction were in the show later in the seasons

  • Godzilla

    Was the I like eggs joke at the talent show an Amanda Show reference to Debbie in the Girls Room shorts?

  • Jojo Souffront
    Jojo Souffront

    Where can you even watch icarly

  • Supreme Leader Masked Marvel
    Supreme Leader Masked Marvel

    Alex: iCarly is so weird Us iCarly fans: *YOU DARE OPPOSE ME MORTAL?!*

  • Bobby Braun
    Bobby Braun

    They never said their names in the video, how do the Splash Face message board people know their names?

  • BluTheDog

    Why are your drawings so damn cute

  • Altynay Saidnassim
    Altynay Saidnassim

    i love your animation

  • zayana mohamed
    zayana mohamed

    At least here they looked like the age they were acting as😂

  • William Baxter
    William Baxter

    5:11 wow i did not know that Morgz was in this🤣

  • burningmarshmellow yt
    burningmarshmellow yt

    What *weird* it was *perfect*

  • Persondy - T
    Persondy - T

    Hmm *interesting*

  • Olivia Burns
    Olivia Burns

    Ur so ugky

  • SleepyToast

    6:49 Ladies and Gentlemen we have Been Rick Rolled

  • runrockwater

    Nickeledon always has inappropriate jokes love it 😂

  • Fhcndcvv Xbxbcbh
    Fhcndcvv Xbxbcbh


  • Slavica Chavdarsky
    Slavica Chavdarsky


  • Jonathon Wollet
    Jonathon Wollet

    im still stuck watching this in quarantine...

  • ibadipe

    Do big time rush

  • Anna Travis
    Anna Travis

    I'm a 2000's kids and was still Disney afternoons

  • Elise Grimes
    Elise Grimes

    Eddie shippers where you at?! :)

  • joshua tabuso
    joshua tabuso

    alex:saying that icarly was a weird show Me:*gets furious* Also me: unsubs Like if you agree with me 👇

  • S X N F L O W E R
    S X N F L O W E R

    This is true, but Sam will always be iconic and funny, don’t even try to deny it- so will Spencer

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford

    Oh no, no no no. The choice in the opening credits was deliberate because one of the producers is a nonce with a foot fetish.

  • Anthony Gontaruk
    Anthony Gontaruk

    Explain to me how they made a website at the age of 13

  • fymblade

    ok you think everything dumb or weired

    • sophia garcia
      sophia garcia

      weired 😼

  • Ethan Robbins
    Ethan Robbins

    Great Content

  • Immortal AMV
    Immortal AMV

    Hi I don't have anything to say



  • Lila Ashton
    Lila Ashton

    3:55 I genuinely laughed at this wtf is Gen Z humor 😭

  • Lawlie95

    watch the amanda show

  • ZakMilz

    I know this video was posted 5 months ago but I have to.... Live life breath air i dont know how I'm gonna get there and be so wonderful...

  • Among us YouTuber
    Among us YouTuber

    Ok by this time every show is dumb and weird lol

  • JTR1309

    Freddie was the original simp

  • Maya Rodriguez
    Maya Rodriguez

    when ur bffs fav show is iCarly:

  • Truman Widing's Main Account
    Truman Widing's Main Account

    i remember when i liked icarly

  • Shane Hawkins
    Shane Hawkins

    You hate Ever movie and tv show

    • Shane Hawkins
      Shane Hawkins


  • Random Games
    Random Games

    my littel pony has 9 sesons

  • Karina Mendieta
    Karina Mendieta

    Does anyone know want 6:44 cartoon is called or was that my imagination

  • shivam raval
    shivam raval


  • Aston the animator
    Aston the animator


  • Aston the animator
    Aston the animator


  • Aston the animator
    Aston the animator

    Pog poh

  • Aston the animator
    Aston the animator


  • Outside the Bubble
    Outside the Bubble


  • Lee Purdy
    Lee Purdy

    Am I the only kid who was a 2007 kid and grew up with rescue rangers and a goofy movie 😂

  • Thicc McChicken
    Thicc McChicken

    I feel like that mouth part of that picture would make a hole or dissolved but not by kissing..........

  • Sierra M.
    Sierra M.

    So iCarly was rich rich

  • ImNotLala

    If we think about a little bit... Sam would solve almost all of the other TV Shows and Movies problems... She would just get the Sock full of butter and hit every bad guy... Btw, I think she is way more powerfull then every caracter from Disney Lol - (Edit: I am exaggerating, i mean... not rlly lol XD)

  • Bacon King
    Bacon King

    *where do I watch this?*

  • João Henrique Silva Rafael
    João Henrique Silva Rafael

    Just for research, in which season carly and sam are old enough to be hot?

    • Pheebs !
      Pheebs !


    • Logan Smith
      Logan Smith


  • B K
    B K

    Ok den... Hey your channel is a WEIRD SHOW.

  • Ramsey McGraw
    Ramsey McGraw

    freedie:im totallycool living with that constant pain me:at least he is honest

  • BBB

    Watching this as a kid, I never thought anything going on was weird or adult. As an adult, when my boyfriends kids are listening to it, I constantly have to rewind and listen. Like did they really just make a gay joke? Does the creator have a foot fetish? Why is Freddie stalking Carly considered funny? My question is: why do you think these creators put these elements in the show? Are they trying to appeal to adults so they watch it to (which just doesn’t happen), or are they just creeps and trying to subconsciously mess with children’s innocence?

  • Uriah Johnson
    Uriah Johnson

    I thuot this was a kids shoe they said bress

  • No Way
    No Way

    I can't get over how ugly and dorky Sam and Freddy were at the start and then boom, they're extremely fit and attractive and Carly is just like, there, looking the exact same way she did at the start.

  • Stardust Edits
    Stardust Edits

    iCarly is super cringey, the jokes and characters are really cheesy and just annoying. There are much better shows like the office and Brooklyn 99

    • ImiNor

      @Pheebs ! The humour that The Office uses is intentionally "awkward". But I can see why someone could dislike the show because of this, it took me 4 replays of the first few episodes before genuinely finding it funny.

    • ImiNor

      I kinda disagree but respect your opinion nonetheless.

    • LadyVee

      @Pheebs ! Oh...That's understandable. I was never a huge fan of Zoey 101.

    • Pheebs !
      Pheebs !

      @LadyVee No lmao no. I'm fine with Brooklyn 99, icarly and Drake and Josh I guess. I just don't like the office and Zoey 101 for...Reasons. 🙃

    • LadyVee

      @Pheebs ! That's an unpopular opinion for sure! 😂 Maybe I'm inherently biased because I love Brooklyn-Nine-Nine and Schneider's shows, but I respect your opinion.

  • Coco

    im sorry but I Carly was the best.PERIODT

  • Jettett07

    Noone: Gibby: "GIBEHHH"

  • JonDee Stoner
    JonDee Stoner


  • JonDee Stoner
    JonDee Stoner


  • JonDee Stoner
    JonDee Stoner


  • JonDee Stoner
    JonDee Stoner


  • JonDee Stoner
    JonDee Stoner

    Me: *dies laughing* Him: i like d eggss

  • the speed of legos
    the speed of legos


  • Davis S.H.
    Davis S.H.

    6:15 bro Jajaja come on....

  • that one animator
    that one animator

    Everything ended and started when I was born

  • Chill Skater
    Chill Skater

    icalry wanst a weird show you we're just a normal kid

  • Daily Dose Of Cringe
    Daily Dose Of Cringe


  • Troy Serapio
    Troy Serapio

    Where do u get those episodes... I am such a fan

  • silvertonguer

    I watched like half of this show. Their webshow was actually was the worst part of icarly. It was super obnoxious. The best part of icarly was Spencer. He was the best. Holy crap I didn’t fully realize that the principal was Tim Russ. That’s awesome.

  • River william
    River william

    Omg I can't stop laughing at the rick Astleys in the background 😂😂6:50

  • GWB&M real
    GWB&M real

    i need more of these

  • Edgar Cabello
    Edgar Cabello

    Uhhh excuse me but icarly is not weird

  • Old Saved games
    Old Saved games

    like why tf are you calling every show weird, dumb, stupid, and disgusting..... just damn appreciate the damn shows and stop yapping about them this way..

    • Isaiah Mc Intosh
      Isaiah Mc Intosh

      The channel is in principal a comedy skits collection. Don't take it seriously.

  • TheGrandRevo

    6:48 it’s sad I thought of like 9 different LV-homers on that remark

  • Lawrence Manning 3A
    Lawrence Manning 3A


  • Charles Pease
    Charles Pease

    Oh god, Happy Tree Friends..

  • Party Animalʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
    Party Animalʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    I hate the ppl who Said "how dare you ruin my favourite show ima come hunt you down" and the ppl who comment "Your voice is annoying" y'all better know Ima hunt YOU down/Odio a las personas que dijeron "cómo te atreves a arruinar mi programa favorito, voy a buscarte" y las personas que comentan "Tu voz es molesta", es mejor que sepan que voy a buscarte.

  • Mckay Omar
    Mckay Omar

    The weird part is how Freddie was the punching bag. Most shows usually have that nice person that everyone bullies.

  • Peleg Alluf
    Peleg Alluf

    How was this posted in the future?

  • Music Money Sports Asvp
    Music Money Sports Asvp

    You pretty weird yo self b

  • sarah jensen
    sarah jensen

    Spencer is and always will be the best character in that show

  • niuxen

    please do big time rush :D

  • Queen Liana
    Queen Liana

    Please do Big time rush