365 Days is the worst movie I have ever seen...
365 Days Netflix Movie Animated Reaction
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Fifty Shades of Grey is hilariously dumb...
Fifty Shades Darker is the dumbest movie...
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Twilight doesn't make any sense...
Twilight New Moon doesn't make any sense...
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  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    My favourite part about this guy's video is the audacity of his to try testing the dialogues on real

  • Jasmine Kaur
    Jasmine Kaur

    Worst than wattpad stories.

  • Teal and Magenta
    Teal and Magenta

    its amazing how you actually understand it from a womans pov as well. you make movies look like stand ups

  • Rihannah Yaguro
    Rihannah Yaguro

    Not gonna lie or anything but the cinematics for the movie are kind of plain

  • Emma's Universe
    Emma's Universe

    OMG this is worst the 50 Shades. Why are they making more creepy and abusive so called “Romantic” movies. That not romantic it disturbing

  • Kasturi

    It is a glorified a stalking story....since characters are hot and sexy....most people will fall for this too..

  • nandana benoy
    nandana benoy

    This is one of the rare movies where "still a better love story than twilight" doesn't apply.

  • Daisy Garay
    Daisy Garay

    ✨𝑎𝑟𝑒 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑙𝑜𝑠𝑦 𝑏𝑎𝑏𝑦 𝑔𝑜𝑟𝑙✨

  • Dina Lorna Mlobeli
    Dina Lorna Mlobeli

    am i the only person who comes here when I'm too lazy to watch a movie so its actually the entire movie explained in less than 20 minutes

  • Chloe Shawcroft
    Chloe Shawcroft

    Is this not a horror film??

  • Rosie Scott
    Rosie Scott

    Me: why is he feeding her ice

  • Anthony Idiata
    Anthony Idiata

    Do the boys

  • fluffy_unicorn301

    especially for like 5 minutes after the are u lost baby girl scene

  • fluffy_unicorn301

    i love the movie but this video is funny to me it made me laugh

  • Charvante Ursin
    Charvante Ursin

    How the actual he double hockey sticks is this a romance

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay

    Istg I've never hated anything as much as I hate your channel

  • Kape na Malamig
    Kape na Malamig

    this movie is for Open Minded only-,- Alot of people complaining about 365 days, Then why are yall loving Watch Fifty Shades of Grey?

  • { Insert Funny Name } !!!
    { Insert Funny Name } !!!

    I feel like this is how every one feels about this movie, Finding it on Netflix: Huh this looks interesting let’s watch it. First 30 minutes: 😐 1 hour in: 😬🙄😖 Last 20 minutes of the movie: 😳😒😑 After the movie: WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST WATCH!!!!! GET THE EYE BLEACH NOW!!!! (I have never seen the movie but based off of what I have gathered from this video and other videos I think I did pretty well)

  • b u t t c r c o o x k i e
    b u t t c r c o o x k i e

    *"WOULD YOU FRICKIN STOP"* For once, Alex, don't make me laughs in 5 AM, or my mom thinks if i get posessed or something.

  • b u t t c r c o o x k i e
    b u t t c r c o o x k i e

    I guess if Alex opens Wattpad, he's going to basically destroy the CEO of Wattpad

  • XxMilkdromedaxX ꨄ
    XxMilkdromedaxX ꨄ

    Girl: *gets kidnapped, sexually assaulted/abused, etc.* Also her: I’m going to fall in love with him because he’s hot

  • K K
    K K

    I hate being Polish ;D

  • wisteria Akame
    wisteria Akame

    I hate this movie=_=

  • Disha Singh
    Disha Singh

    The actor is handsome his acting is great the actress is amazing as well beautiful but the whole story is pointless the fault is of the BLODDDDDDYYYYYY WRITERRRRRRRRRRR

  • Mis Juevos Grande
    Mis Juevos Grande

    Lets Start A Petition To Remake Thelma and Louise, replace them with men going around slappin whores and slamming cadillac doors. Tim and Louis 2021

  • 양고희Yang-Gohee

    These type of stories should ONLY be in wattpad and fanfics but noT iN moVieS...

  • Alma de Angel
    Alma de Angel

    It is also the worst movie that I’ve ever seen.

  • Ailany Castillo
    Ailany Castillo

    5:35 Has to be the best part of this whole video based on the fact that it's totally true....

  • Alicja Moszczyńska
    Alicja Moszczyńska

    After watching this, I fell so ashamed of being polish... why do they destroy our reputation like that?!!

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    It's funny for Indian audiences cuz the way he pronounces Laura in the final scene is pretty much same as an abuse we use which means "Dick"

  • simran T
    simran T

    Lol I love how the subtitles like :- Art you lost vinegar 🤣🤣

  • Everything but nothing
    Everything but nothing

    This is called a dom and sub relationship andnif you do not know what it is . Do not look it up if you want to say innocent

  • Esha khilochia
    Esha khilochia

    Are u lost bAByGIrl

  • Cyclone Sister
    Cyclone Sister

    I watched this hideous thing. It's worse than described.

  • komal lakshkar
    komal lakshkar

    It was a romantic movie because the guy is rich, if he's a middle class guy the movie would turned into episode of crime petrol 🤣🤣

  • Vimi Dariel Mikaelson
    Vimi Dariel Mikaelson

    TITLE : 365 days is the worst movie I've ever seen. ADVERTISEMENT : NETFLIX

  • Angel Sebonga
    Angel Sebonga

    I just don't know why my sister is soooo obsessed with this movie.. I'm happy that I did not try watching this and just watched other good shows.🙄🙄

  • daydreams

    when he say "Are You Lost baby gœrl?" I automatically burst of laugh LMAO

  • v

    I liked it a lot. Hoping for the DVDs for Christmas and for more movies like it. This movie is identical to all the dark Mafia romance books I read from Amazon. Do you even have any idea how many women read this kind of genre? I bet you do not. (Did you see Clockwork orange? was that ok?) I say thank you to the two European movie producers/directors for having the 'kahonas' to make this movie. Otherwise, I have two choices 1) continue to read my dark Mafia romance books or 2) do not watch any of Hollywood's boring movies with 'typical ugly old fat men with gorgeous younger women'. I'm pretty tired of that. Hollywood really doesn't get it or doesn't want to. Or maybe only 'some' Hollywood producers got the girl alright before she is a star. Finally, nice for us women to have eye candy for a change. Hollywood still doesn't get it. Guess we need more Women Directors and Producers and more movies from Europe. I'm for it. v

  • Catherine Chepkonga
    Catherine Chepkonga

    From Wattpad... We don't own this!

  • Heaven sapphire Jenkins
    Heaven sapphire Jenkins

    Wait so she dies in the end are you serious

    • Yoko Yakamori
      Yoko Yakamori

      She doesn't die because there are two more books written and the sequel is underway. And the sequel isn't much better.

  • Laynabug K
    Laynabug K

    I love the subtitles


    The only movie in history to make 50 shades of grey seem like a little kiss.

  • goood boy777
    goood boy777

    I didn't understand how the father got killed. They was in a building in the middle of nowhere just the sea and bunch of Rocks . so from where the sniper shoot them?. and what the heck the girl was doing there?

  • Itz Keadie_OwO
    Itz Keadie_OwO

    2:53 whos that on the poster

  • dapanda enthusiats
    dapanda enthusiats

    i dont know if this is true but alex i think theres a 365 days 2 coming out

    • Yoko Yakamori
      Yoko Yakamori

      Pretty sure it is true.

  • Bloomii

    The subtitles were kinda hard to read since I can understand a little bit of Polish and tell you what, they were funny

  • Karah Melton
    Karah Melton

    Netflix needs to freaking take it down

  • Dreamer 250
    Dreamer 250

    Like seriously this review just made me see everything wrong with this movie that I hadn’t noticed before 😂

  • Jessica B
    Jessica B

    I actually liked it 😂🙊

  • Smitty Stuff
    Smitty Stuff

    Best subtitles ever thank you for the cool runings Reference

  • Solar N
    Solar N

    I love your poster. Abs The musical xD

  • Saba Umme Salma
    Saba Umme Salma


  • Marla Romee
    Marla Romee

    Wow, one time german synchronisation made a movie better 😅

  • Miledith

    We polish people sincerily apologize to you for having to sit through this

  • Trevor

    I’m not going to front...I freaking loved this movie 😅

  • Nalah Hope
    Nalah Hope

    Lol i like the random undertale music

  • Jugal Kishore
    Jugal Kishore

    The movie seriously is famous for its scenes and nothing else..... It actually gross me out.... Just frustrated with the current situation of movie making business...... Take any erotic novel make movie and give people cheap thrills

  • Jugal Kishore
    Jugal Kishore

    As actors they need to be careful what kind of scenes are there.... Don't these actors read script or they are just after money..... This movie showed women in such bad way and then we talk about women empowerment equality of women....

  • Jugal Kishore
    Jugal Kishore

    I came across your channel.... I must say it's worst movie ever made.... No story line... No mafia action only sex.... It's very cheap way to make movie... And I am shocked the actors are getting publicity for some sex scenes ....no one knew the lead actors before just because they showed nudity people are going crazy after them...

  • Hannah

    I always watch your videos when I’m looking for a detailed synopsis of a hyped up film which I don’t plan to watch

  • Simona Tasevska
    Simona Tasevska

    I haven't seen the movie but the clips in this video are making me so uncomfortable that I genuinely don't understand how are people giving it 5-star reviews and saying it's hot and romantic.

  • Caiden Parisien
    Caiden Parisien

    this is the third video I watched where you said the melatonin dreaming thing. omg stoppppp.


    Guys its an erotic film! You possibly can't make any logic of an erotic film! just watch it and have fun lol

  • Vicky

    Have you never seen Room?? No but really, when you aren't sure if Room or this one is worse then you know it's bad

  • Linda Johnson
    Linda Johnson

    Don't watch it simple as that

  • Linda Johnson
    Linda Johnson

    If you don't like the movie don't watch it

    • Linda Johnson
      Linda Johnson

      @Alcachofilla Podrida they don't take the time to watch the movie all the way till the end

    • Alcachofilla Podrida
      Alcachofilla Podrida

      Excuse me, but how would someone know they don't like a movie without having watched it first?

  • Gre kko
    Gre kko

    Are you going to do the second After movie? I hated the first one so I’m excited to see what you do in After we Collided.

  • Natalia Ruelas
    Natalia Ruelas

    ArE yOu lOsT bAbYgIRl?

  • Bendis per Kotys
    Bendis per Kotys

    There was this low budget movie on youtube (I think it was made by students, it only has like 2 or 3 actors and most of the action takes place in a single room). I saw it like a year ago. A guy kidnaps a girl and tells her he is basically a genius and he did some calculations (using data he hacked from phone companies databases I believe, like recordings of phone conversations) and the result was that he and this girl were like almost 100% compatible. And his plan was to spend enough time with her in order for her to fall in love with him. She fights back at first but in the end she actually does fall in love with him and they sleep together. But the thing is... when he leaves the room (after they made love) he goes into another room where.... PAM PAM PAM!!! He has another girl tied up, freshly kidnapped. And he starts telling her the same story about him being a genius and them being a perfect match for eachother. It was a mindfuck. But I can't remember the name of it, uhh!

  • Agnes Popielarczyk
    Agnes Popielarczyk


  • samanta afrin
    samanta afrin

    I went to watch this movie after watching your review and God.! What a waste of time! I will never get back the pracious 30 minutes of my life! Yeah right! Could not watch the whole thing! Yuuuk! 😖😖. Just wanted to see if that movie is as bad as you are saying ! Dude,You are not saying enough !😪

  • vanshika pansari
    vanshika pansari

    This movie was meant to be in pornhub but they decided to add a story. (Not shaming the actors, shaming the writer.)

  • AnAn7s29

    Movies are exagerrated stories, fiction or non fiction. There is no Logic , expect in few movies. And this movie is also based on a novel next part is called "10 Dzien"

  • AnAn7s29

    there are 2 more parts of this movie. Spolier : in last part massimo has to choose between Laura and baby (not baby girl :P).

  • Aldrina lincy Albert
    Aldrina lincy Albert

    It's a great video... But I mean did you really have to allocate so much time for the movie scenes??!! coz basically I didn't even wanna get reminded that I watched this creepy movie... I am cringing every time a scene plays... 🤮🤮

  • Namjoon's used contact lens
    Namjoon's used contact lens

    *killing* *me* *softly* *flashbacks* *intensifies*

  • H C
    H C

    Its a narcissist game, its your loss if yiu didnt fall in love with me even if Im creepy

  • Ihaveno Soccs
    Ihaveno Soccs

    This could have been such a good psychological horror if Laura escaped and Massimo decided to stalk her some more and just break her mind to convince her that she needs his protection and after he gets her he just locks her in a room forever, idk that seems a bit more interesting than whatever Stockholm syndrome garbage this is

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo

    Him: ArE yOu LoSt BaByGiRl?!?! Girl: 👁️👄👁️ Me: she reacted HORTIBLY the first time and he decided that it would be a good idea to repeat the line the exact same way....

  • Devdog Devdog
    Devdog Devdog

    Lol how do you make a video about this movie without your video getting stricken down by LV-home

  • Gen-z Faith
    Gen-z Faith

    Hahaha nice

  • Gigi

    I don't wnna spread rumours or smt, but I heard that they are making a second part of this movie. Like a 365 days 2 idk tho

  • Mushu

    I stopped watching the movie in the middle, I was off put by the start, but the last straw was when he said that shit about her seeing what she's missing, but he's receiving? Like wtf? See what? That made zero sense, are there women who like doing that?

  • holy girl
    holy girl

    As a young polish woman I would like to apologize all of you, please don't give up on us. If you wanna regain your faith in Poland go watch The Witcher. Thank you Ps. The funny thing is subtitles you've put in this video doesn't mean what they really say in the movie haha, but I assume it was on purpose

    • King Amoeboid
      King Amoeboid

      I’m gonna watch Decalogue.

  • Brook Kidd
    Brook Kidd

    I decided to watch this after watching the video and i swear..... my mind 😭😭😭

  • Pokhraj Roy
    Pokhraj Roy

    If the movie had even a bit of Sarcasm and Savagery from Laura, it would be so much better. What it needed was to be slightly meta and more acerbic in its humour.

  • edidiong udoeyop
    edidiong udoeyop

    Are you lost baby girl 😂😂

  • Polina Ivanova
    Polina Ivanova

    I just want to ask the people scrolling through hundreds of comments.... *Are you lost, baby girl?*

  • Tracy-allen Ezechukwu
    Tracy-allen Ezechukwu

    I loveeeeeeee your humour. I love love it. 😂😂😂😂

  • Angel Mateo
    Angel Mateo

    R u lost bb gurl?

  • Roxana Fuentes
    Roxana Fuentes

    Well, we all have different opinions about it. It’s a movie that’s it move on.

  • Caembria Furtado
    Caembria Furtado

    What’s sad is that people hate this movie saying it promotes kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome. But none of y’all are hating beauty and the beast. He kept her captive for months and wouldn’t let her leave until she fell for him, by then he finally said she could go and she didn’t want to. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • love story drama
    love story drama

    This guy deserves a 100 million subscribers this is absolutely accurate 🤣

  • Sarah Saiful azwan
    Sarah Saiful azwan

    Is the subtitle at 0:53 true? Bcs it'd be funny if it was..

  • eyasmin akhter
    eyasmin akhter

    So y wasnt i aware of this channel's existence earlier???

  • Kate

    *Whenever I want my cousin to laugh while playing you laugh you lose, I legit say "are you laughing, babygirl?" Thanks to 365 Days* I loved this opinion cause it saved me a lot of time to explain to my friends why this movie was dumber than fifty shades lmao

  • Surbhi Sharma
    Surbhi Sharma

    2:08 I knew you gonna do it. I KNEW .

  • Natalia Arias
    Natalia Arias

    1:40 lmao same alex still can't get over it

  • Dae Marie23
    Dae Marie23

    has the guy ever heard of...idk....Therapy???