ZOMBIES 2 doesn't make any sense...
ZOMBIES 2 Disney Channel Animated Commentary
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ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...
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To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...
Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...
My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...
Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...

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    We have a theory: Addison is the great alpha, Wilma just gave her the wrong necklace. Her hair glows blue at the end because the werewolves said that the alpha would lead them to the moonstone and she didnt lead them to it because she has the moonstone power inside of her BOOM PLOT HOLE FILLED

  • Puppypurpple1 Playz
    Puppypurpple1 Playz

    Alex: so hear are da main werewolf characters, Willa and Wyatt. Willa: *Sad werewolf noises*

  • Baby joskue-chun
    Baby joskue-chun

    zombies 3: vampires come community:Ew end of the movie: we are best friends now

  • Em b
    Em b

    12:04 well ok then

  • hava lambert
    hava lambert

    ok sooo zed had actual problems and addison is literally every basic white girl who thinks they're special and QuiRkY

  • Em b
    Em b

    this is crap but i need a third movie they left it on a cliffhanger (d only gud part in d movie btw)

  • hava lambert
    hava lambert

    "no they're into you and you're into hi- them" *"ahWhATt"*

  • hava lambert
    hava lambert

    1:53 imma just put this here

  • Gordon Denny
    Gordon Denny

    Werewolves: Oh hi Mark The settlers: No

  • david kaiser
    david kaiser

    can you do harry potter

  • Meme Kings
    Meme Kings

    5:10 the one on the far left looks like a Karen

  • Official INV3RTY
    Official INV3RTY

    Imagine if they replaced the zombies with the zombies in the walking dead

  • Kevin Sekti
    Kevin Sekti

    Thank you for watching this again =) this is the most cringe movie that i have ever seen -_- but i still like the movie, respect disney -_-

  • Princess Sofya
    Princess Sofya


  • Katherine Kinnan
    Katherine Kinnan

    I think you should do 2 movies one: Overboard 1987 I think you would like that movie and Treasure Planet both great moviesT The 2 shows that I think you should do is one: Liv and Maddy and the Mandalorian I know I spelled that wrong. Plz think about it.

  • Isabel Fontes
    Isabel Fontes

    You don’t make sense

  • Funtime Candy
    Funtime Candy

    8:15 this made me burst out laughing


    i just noticed... THIS MOVIE IS RACIST!!!



  • Wassup Nun much
    Wassup Nun much

    Whis going to tell him that there coming out with a zombies 3

  • The MadMom
    The MadMom

    why do the zombies always have to dress like escaped convicts masquerading as garbage men?

  • Catermelon Eng.
    Catermelon Eng.

    5:10 this gives me vibes of this videospot : lv-home.info/the/Y3-Gr4fHf2CmqrE/video.html

  • saxdczxc3

    Yep we’ve got werewolves, now.

  • ninja roc
    ninja roc

    Yay furries

  • Kenneth W
    Kenneth W


  • Angelly Perez
    Angelly Perez


  • Fusion Chocoerosion
    Fusion Chocoerosion

    i genuinely facepalmed watching 11:13 - 11:20

  • It’s Deadpool bitches
    It’s Deadpool bitches

    OK so at like 13 minutes and 29 seconds into this video I saw one of the werewolves dancing and humping the air and a tree I feel so bad for the tree in the air and for my eyes the guy was like oh well I was gonna making the hump a tree

  • Isla Elisabeth
    Isla Elisabeth

    When Addison’s mom goes “hold my purse” and strides up to the podium.. Karen anybody?

  • Rebekah Curphey
    Rebekah Curphey


  • Zachary Loeb
    Zachary Loeb

    This movies is awsome and makes sense to me

  • jack says hi
    jack says hi

    *but in the last movie zed and bucky made up-*

  • Nicole Jayawardena
    Nicole Jayawardena

    Zombies? Werewolves? Next will be vampires! God it’s twilight all over again!

  • •Jayden Is Cool•
    •Jayden Is Cool•


  • •Jayden Is Cool•
    •Jayden Is Cool•

    srsly they work hard and you hate on the movie!?!? YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING!!! THEY WORKED HARD ON THE NIGHTTIME PART!!!! YOUR NOT EVEN FUNNY!! WHO AGREES Z-O-M-B-I-E-S FANS!?!?!! 😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • ABC D Minus
    ABC D Minus

    Me: *watches the first movie* I wonder what this is based on Me: *watches the second movie* Fuck, it all makes since now. Twilight ruins my life again.

  • Lizzie Limon-Viveros
    Lizzie Limon-Viveros

    the names have relation to their 'races' zombies' name's start with z, werewolves' names start with w, and Addison is teased to be an alien (sneak peek at the end of the movie) and every human is any other name

  • Isabella Soto
    Isabella Soto

    If they ever make a third movie It will probably be about vampires next🤣😂

  • Sara Bannana
    Sara Bannana

    "Stay out of our amazing hair." Also everyone deserves their own coloring book

  • num nuts
    num nuts

    I'm guessing you don't know what an albino is

  • Gamer T
    Gamer T

    I love this movie

  • Rosie Suttie
    Rosie Suttie


  • Deepa Kandpal
    Deepa Kandpal

    Hardin Scott VS Christian Grey😂

  • BlockGirly Gamer
    BlockGirly Gamer

    Zombies 2346: Addison decides her destiny is to be a half alien half spider half vanilla half zombie half cheerleader

  • VR Kid
    VR Kid

    Wach next there is going to be a vampire

  • The Grey Sun
    The Grey Sun

    Love how the first thing they say when they get to the town is ‘LETS GET EDUCATED

  • araz gamng
    araz gamng

    Yea you are right

  • Ashlynn Bowman
    Ashlynn Bowman

    Oh my GAWD🤣😂 your so funny. You make these movies seem so dumb. This is why fairy tales and Disney’s movies are not real😂🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  • Afia Zahra
    Afia Zahra

    Nope just kidding were dancing again oh now theres the cheerleader too "deep voice" and the zombies OKAYY

  • Real_drayplayzYt

    And not just weird kids doing whatever.. weird kids do Me: uhhhhh what do they do

  • Lily Sidiqyan
    Lily Sidiqyan

    “ that’s like if I wore my ex girlfriend as jacket” most people : wait wait you had a girl friend?!

  • Lily Sidiqyan
    Lily Sidiqyan

    “I’m way to tasty, i’m always looking like a snack” Alex : ಠ_ಠ

  • Violet Stark
    Violet Stark

    Guys.. it's a musical.. obviously there's going to be dancing and songs

  • moshi mayhie
    moshi mayhie

    i think what makes zombies fun is that its aware how dumb it is and its self aware and it has fun with it, bucky is CLEARLY proof of that

  • idk

    Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 4:Edward Cullen and his squad come in and like:hI CAn wE JOiN yoUr skOOl?. Like everyone for no reason:YEa suRE U WOnt biTE Uz

  • artwork

    Wolves:we have been here in the forest for five hundred years and we have poliosis can we join you school? :) Addison: I have no questions! Sooooo welcome to seabrook! :)))) Literally addison is so weird...

  • onno calvelo
    onno calvelo

    i also react like this when my sis chooses the movie :/

  • Ethan Bagshaw
    Ethan Bagshaw

    you make me very happy


    The moral of the story is ughhh... LIFE SUCKS.. Tell your friends Captions: Life... *SEX*

  • Sara Bjerke
    Sara Bjerke

    Addison had like glowing white hair in the first movie and now it’s actually light blonde- Also she is so mad that she “didn’t fit in” when she wore the wig so know one knew... and Zed is standing there thinking, “Just gonna ignore the fact that I couldn’t be near a single human for my whole life until like... this year-“

  • vibiinq ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    vibiinq ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    "your beautiful addi" UR NOT A WERWOLF ADDISON HAHAHAHAH

  • Jagger Staley
    Jagger Staley

    12:04 When you're cringing and you know it clap your hands

  • ///pyro _freak\\\
    ///pyro _freak\\\

    I have a theory My theory is that she's linked to the moon and the moonstone (that's why she led the wolves to their energy source and is apart of a freaking moon prophecy). It's probably why the creatures of the night seem drawn to her, and her to them. It's why her hair glows like moonlight. I think the small bite her grandpa received may have jumpstarted something in his genes, possibly skipping a generation and that's why Addison is going through all these changes, etc. REVISION HERE (this is a thought that occurred to me a bit ago, but resurged via a reply) The Zombies also originated due to the moonstone since the lime soda reacted with the energy of the moonstone and caused the outbreak. Making the zombies a creature of the moonstone. The outbreak clearly mutated some people's genes creating zombies, but there's a possibility that it mutated other people's genes (Addison's family's genes specifically) in more subtle ways, and she's the first express the mutation. Anyway, being that she's linked to the moon and creatures of the night, it's no wonder she's such a leader/beacon and would risk so much to protect/help them. the moon would be an ultimate alpha, wouldn't back down when being pushed around, and has a link to all the dark creatures; hence why she easily acclimates to their traits, gets along with them relatively easily, and speaks/understands a bit of zombie

  • Wyatt Baseball
    Wyatt Baseball

    The thing that is dumb is that the werewolf said if they take off their necklace they die and the girl threw her band

  • jodie !
    jodie !

    addison reminds me of a bad bleep from tiktok

  • Michael Hafford
    Michael Hafford

    Disney Channel movie they always make sense

  • Đëķů Břøccõlį
    Đëķů Břøccõlį

    Addison Had Blonde Hair Not White Hair-

  • Sasha :D
    Sasha :D

    “Hold my purse-“

  • Kimberly Shanks
    Kimberly Shanks

    Stay away from us and our Beautiful hair Me: WOOOOOOOOWW

  • Michael Hafford
    Michael Hafford

    Sayy whatttt

  • Rayllys & Jenllys
    Rayllys & Jenllys


  • XxCloudyDogoxX

    No one: Me: wait why doesn’t she just dye her hair...?

    • XxCloudyDogoxX

      Sarah Lamb lol I haven’t seen them

    • Sarah Lamb
      Sarah Lamb

      It’s explained in the first movie

  • Jayszs GAMING
    Jayszs GAMING

    have you realized one of the wolf is from descedants

    • Arts&Crafts Edits
      Arts&Crafts Edits

      Which one?

  • Amanda Knight
    Amanda Knight

    Haha! Zombies is my favorite movie! But the 2 one makes no sense! LOL

  • Egg OwO
    Egg OwO

    K sis

  • Carson Glass
    Carson Glass


  • Chicco Raseloma
    Chicco Raseloma

    8:29 It was at this moment he knew he messed up

  • justin joubert
    justin joubert


  • A Mysterious Cheezit With No Subs
    A Mysterious Cheezit With No Subs

    Who needs vanilla when you have THICC-nilla? i hate myself

  • E H
    E H

    The dog on top of his computer 😂🤣

  • Trxgic

    you know wat this is Cmon say it with me 3.2.1 "Facts"

  • איתמר שאול אידלברג
    איתמר שאול אידלברג

    What about Adison being an alien? (There's an after credits scene)

  • i am a Catt
    i am a Catt

    "the moonstone" *angry warrior cat fan noises

  • •Nøt Aesthëtic•
    •Nøt Aesthëtic•

    6:56 BA NUP BAP

  • Olivia Burns
    Olivia Burns

    Guys don’t listen to him ok guys he’s a hater CAUSE haters gotta hate so they gte people to think they’re amazing they’re not

    • Czedric Villarta
      Czedric Villarta

      who's the hater now huh

  • Olivia Burns
    Olivia Burns

    Maybe u Sould watch it a lot so. U can understand idiot

  • Kat Xiong
    Kat Xiong


  • Yesh Djemil
    Yesh Djemil

    Wyatt is Brayy Wyatts son LOL

  • Daniella Drozd
    Daniella Drozd

    I would love to see a decora kei kawaii werewolf or zombie. Or vk from Descendants.

  • Madi

    1. there are new monsters 2. town is scared 3. reinforce old prejudice rules 4. scary new monsters "just want to be friends" and join the school 5. they? don't? revoke? the? old? rules? no but seriously can someone explain this to me???

  • Isabella DiPaola
    Isabella DiPaola

    Elsa is that you?

  • BananaQuack

    ZOMBIES. Athlete Zombies. ZOMBIES 2. Emo Werewolves. ZOMBIES 3. Insecure Vampires. ZOMBIES 4. Shy Frankensteins. ZOMBIES 5. Edgy Ghosts. Disney: "Write that down, Write that down!"

  • Dorkasaurus 900
    Dorkasaurus 900

    Addison the tested the necklace and was not a werewolf your beautiful Addy

  • CrabCakes

    I dont know what disney was smoking but i know this movie had to of had come from someones unstable mind

  • Origami

    Definitely between that and the first film, Adisson should have been named Mary Sue.

  • Hannah Huynh
    Hannah Huynh

    1:52 oBvIouSlY

  • Black pink is the revolution
    Black pink is the revolution

    i mean................i think addison is just albino

  • SynBax

    ya have to take in the factor that this is a kids movie

  • Kailey O'Neill
    Kailey O'Neill

    i love this movie but, it was pretty funny when she stole the books and it was ''WHOA SHE DID A BIG CREMA THIS IS WHAT WE NEED FOR THAT''' DUN DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUUNNNNN

  • #Diamond

    it is willow not willa

  • .。*゚bløødiexskiies ʕ ـَ ᴥ ـَʔ
    .。*゚bløødiexskiies ʕ ـَ ᴥ ـَʔ

    me that hasn't seen the movie yet: 1:32 me: THEY HAD A KID?!