ZOMBIES 2 doesn't make any sense...
ZOMBIES 2 Disney Channel Animated Commentary
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ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...
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To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...
Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...
My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...
Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...

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  • Jett Jemrish Cruz
    Jett Jemrish Cruz

    People who actually like this movie: *My dissapointment is immesureable, And my day is Ruined.* seriosly thought i find this movie 7/10, the logic is stupid but its stupidly entertaining and the lore isnt that bad but the people who actually LOVE this movie then i kinda feel bad, this video is all about how dumb this movie is but there is still people who loves this movie who get offended, like my little brother, he watched this movie zombies and zombies 2 in a row infront of our whole nuclear family.

  • Leonardo Rubiano
    Leonardo Rubiano

    bro you crack me up a lot my new fav youtuber and when you like ill be like uughhh I laugh amazing jobs on the viedo

  • Xavier A
    Xavier A

    0:33 Hmm if they are zombies why dont that zombie kid dont have that watch thing

  • Cullen Chocolate
    Cullen Chocolate

    "the most confusing and weird movie" Random MEN: this is suffering Random KID: ;) gud muvi

  • Cailin Gaeckle
    Cailin Gaeckle

    I tell you there gonna be a zombies 3 and 4 whats next unicorns and dragons

  • XxDiamondxX

    WAIT I JUST THOUGHT Z=Zed=Zombie W=Wyatt=Werewolf A=Addison=Alien????

  • ash and shadow wolf Squad
    ash and shadow wolf Squad

    your makeing change my childhood stop doing this vids

  • Kingo Beast
    Kingo Beast

    Dude you just ruined a movie for kids it is supposed to be fun not make sense

  • Benjamin Kabamba
    Benjamin Kabamba

    They're saying"demon beast" even though it just looks like a werewolf. With a dead guy, it'll just be Twilight Edited : Ha! I was right. God NOOOOOOOOO!

  • Val Lour
    Val Lour

    so who end up with the blond girl, the zombie or the werewolf?

  • Octavian PS
    Octavian PS

    So, the founders of that town came to that forest, kiked the werewolfs out of theyr home and now they are banned? Hmmm... I wonder where I have heard that before?

  • Chicken._.nugget UnU
    Chicken._.nugget UnU

    But serouisly how old is this dude

  • Dogey Dear 123
    Dogey Dear 123

    Addison being born G-d: putting on the final touches G-d spills his mug machine: gives hair of gold of malfunction parents: blind

  • Eleanor Esh
    Eleanor Esh

    Wait so there is humans zombies and now werwolf’s what nest 👽 aliens

  • Coreen Francis
    Coreen Francis

    you should watch Julie And The Phantoms

  • Francis Curran Curran
    Francis Curran Curran

    Is every move On this channel

  • Joshua No
    Joshua No

    There are werewolf’s Background characters: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Squidtastic OWO
    Squidtastic OWO

    Why do they need to break the 4th wall?

  • Jackson smith
    Jackson smith

    10:41 ... *sigh* why

  • raven Lunatics
    raven Lunatics


  • Cosmic impulse
    Cosmic impulse

    1:51 adison got destroyed

  • • cøøkie_møcha •
    • cøøkie_møcha •

    Zed: wut I like vanilla Meh: nobody asked-

  • Rett Roc
    Rett Roc

    On all levels but physical I am a wolf

  • AJ Alseon Javern
    AJ Alseon Javern

    this man takes every movie and complains about it go fuck your self

  • Sans La sansasional
    Sans La sansasional

    And the girl could be an alien (Addison)

  • Faris Ali
    Faris Ali

    learn better animation or something and at least put clothes on ur drawings

  • EGGY

    Me fix’s the wifi My mom 7:08

  • EGGY

    Addison:Who’s there Me: ur mom

  • 10th letter
    10th letter

    Literally has hair like an anime girl. Witch of Greed from Konosuba vibes

  • J M
    J M

    I love this movie

    • Chloe Naidoo
      Chloe Naidoo

      I dont

  • Nicole Ferguson
    Nicole Ferguson

    I love how in Disney movies like 39 year olds who work at a power plant can easily be persuaded by a little song and dance by teenagers.

  • Britney Mirihana
    Britney Mirihana

    Who else watches these because we can't afford to watch the original one Just me? 👁👄👁 Ok

  • Andy’s Place
    Andy’s Place

    nobody Literally NOBODY: Disney movies GO IN TO THE FOREST BECUSE ITS SAFE! 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌲🎄🌴🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳

  • Susan Splett
    Susan Splett

    Do home alone 4 or 3

    • Chloe Naidoo
      Chloe Naidoo

      Those are just to bad to even talk aboit

  • Moiz Canteenwala
    Moiz Canteenwala

    3:51 Nobody: Addison's cousin: I'm AlWayS lOoKinG LiKE a SnAcK Alex: :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/

  • Windigo

    Here I am at 0:00 being afraid and can not sleep watching about stupid dysney chanel film

  • Noodle Kid
    Noodle Kid

    9:05 Girl that is W A Y too many marshmallows for a hot coco

  • Jasmine The Gray Knight
    Jasmine The Gray Knight

    The ending is literally a copy of teen beach movie ...

  • MiguelDoesNotKnowToCraft

    My parents went through a divorce, by dancing and the power of love got them back together..

  • Demon Under Yer Bed
    Demon Under Yer Bed

    *turns around* ... "your beautiful addi" ಥ_ಥ

  • safa afghan
    safa afghan


  • safa afghan
    safa afghan

    Such a clever name zombies 2 totally nobody has ever named there second move something 2

  • Fun Kid
    Fun Kid

    he doing it to get more fame and attention

  • Antonia Kruppa
    Antonia Kruppa

    Just imagine the next movie is about vampires 💀💀💀

    • Chloe Naidoo
      Chloe Naidoo


  • Monster blood
    Monster blood

    The cringe of this movie is worse than a tik tok video

  • SmallFryJack

    oh yeah, its furry time.

  • Classy Latte
    Classy Latte

    I find it funny how those werewolves just randomly came in and asked to join their school as if they didn't need to apply or have an interview they just get to join like what??? Anyway this movie taught me that when I grow up and I wanna go to Harvard to study I can just walk in and say "Hi, I'd like to join your school without interviewing."

  • Mila

    12:47 i will

  • 《Dont start now》 ;}
    《Dont start now》 ;}

    Hes make me relize everyting that dosent makesense

  • Some Guy on the Internet
    Some Guy on the Internet

    5 Year old me watching Disney Channel movies: yeah this is good... 9 years later: *dying from cringe*

  • Purpaniac

    Moon stone is from pokèmon

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith

    It’s prown but shrimp baddap



    • Chloe Naidoo
      Chloe Naidoo

      How is he hating

  • Glitch_YT


  • Sateki Laui
    Sateki Laui


  • awesomeabe

    Actually the movie makes perfect sense

  • Sharon Murphy
    Sharon Murphy

    wait he has an ex girlfriend

  • Isabelle Duquesnay
    Isabelle Duquesnay

    I bet Zombies Three (If that ever comes out) will be about vampires.

  • Jacob does YouTube
    Jacob does YouTube

    Wait...how is this video posted on February 25 2020 when it's January 12 2020? Does Alex have the ability to time travel?

    • Jacob does YouTube
      Jacob does YouTube

      @Chloe Naidoo I had a stroke

    • Chloe Naidoo
      Chloe Naidoo

      Its 2021........

  • MrDoodPlays

    I did not know that dancing solves all our problems I guess just dance when you are sick

  • N S
    N S

    Plot twist this movie was a spin off of the bad movie called Zombies 2

  • Suka Lv
    Suka Lv

    Me -watches Zombie 1-I like this movie My baby sitter a vampire-it nice Descendent 1 best movie ever Tall girl-It good Descendent 2-it’s okay but pretty good Descendent 3- finally Audrey is here! Zombie 2-the songs are cool Alex-They make no sense and is dumb (cringe) Me- oh....well I guess that’s my cue for changing what movie I liked to not be liked :/.

  • Soviet Wehrmacht
    Soviet Wehrmacht

    everybody should have thier OWN COLORING BOOK

  • Drew .S
    Drew .S

    The Edward zombie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nitro

    I’m binge watching every single video of you reacting to a bunch of movies.

  • :Tiny:Gacha:Human:

    I need to meet your dog.

  • Victoria Royalh
    Victoria Royalh

    This is so true

  • Erik Radtke
    Erik Radtke

    You did a good job explaining the movie; I didn’t even get it

  • Veeple

    Addison : I'M SUPER SAD CUZ I'M SUPER BLOND actual teenager: Gets bullied and over stressed at school. Me: :]

  • Franci Badyna
    Franci Badyna

    what triggered me about this movie is how low-budget Addison's wig is

  • Eliana Mears
    Eliana Mears

    anybody else feel like eliza is totally rewritten out of ZOMBIES 2? She wants to save zombie heritage and what is important to it, Zed wants a cheer pavillion. She could be an amazing school president as she cares about bettering the curriculum where as Bucky wants popularity and Zed wants to go to prom with his girlfriend. I really liked eliza. now she barely is even there

  • Mrs Queen
    Mrs Queen

    Has no one realized that Addison's eyebrows aren't the same color as her hair....... I M R E A L L Y U P S E T R I G H T N O W

  • Instant Prime
    Instant Prime

    The iconic line “wut”

  • myold71gto

    3:15 I actually have a girl in my class like this

  • a crusader
    a crusader

    Addison having a seizure Nah bro it’s a vanilla shake

  • Keion Brinson
    Keion Brinson


  • Adeline Felicia
    Adeline Felicia

    I laughed sooo hard

  • Declan Ziolkowski
    Declan Ziolkowski

    Anyone concerned that the main character is named "z"

    • Chloe Naidoo
      Chloe Naidoo

      @Declan Ziolkowski apologies for not visiting every country in the world and learning thier dialect

    • Declan Ziolkowski
      Declan Ziolkowski

      @Chloe Naidoo other countries call "z" zed that's the joke sorry it flew over your head

    • Chloe Naidoo
      Chloe Naidoo

      His name is zed

    • Declan Ziolkowski
      Declan Ziolkowski

      Epic joke about other countries

  • Megan Shymansky
    Megan Shymansky

    Girl meets furry pack than girl become alpha furry

  • Evalily4

    can you do kc undercover

  • Nathan Lovallo
    Nathan Lovallo

    I feel bad u watched this

  • story time with tony
    story time with tony

    to be honest ur first zombies part is what got me to see your channel and after about a month of watching ur vids i lost ur channel but the other day i got back into it cuz recomnded to me so nice

  • Mildred

    Am I the only one who thinks Addison is the ultimate Mary Sue?

  • Ella Eccant
    Ella Eccant

    9:35 cult ritual time bois

  • Christian Prater
    Christian Prater

    It's a disney musical, of course it doesn't. Its hot dogshit.

  • Predator Hunts aliens
    Predator Hunts aliens

    6:03 take the a out of Willa and then boom it’s me and my twins name I’m will he’s Wyatt what a coincidence

  • HSE Showen
    HSE Showen

    Cant belivie you dident make a furry joke

  • Donkey Butt
    Donkey Butt

    I never heard of these movies, the reason is I hate the Disney channel and everything Disney. So whoever wrote these stories for these movies needs to be left out in the thickest forest on Earth never to be seen again. Either that or just kill that person then we wouldn't have these stupid ass movies. Clearly these writers are running out of ideas so they throw something up in a hurry and hope it passes, which doesn't even matter they will pass anything these days!

  • B L O S S O M U R A R A K A
    B L O S S O M U R A R A K A

    Plot twist: Addison is a wolf it’s just that the necklace ran out of power cause that’s what the wolves sed :>

  • • MiloManhie •
    • MiloManhie •

    Addison's Speech: WHAT?!

  • Josiah Perry
    Josiah Perry

    Best moment Zed:What I like vanilla Alex-Yes clearly (shows Allison)

  • April Torres
    April Torres

    can i get a shout out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keylessbacon

    1:15 why is no one talking about this? It's hilarious

  • shadow the hedgehog
    shadow the hedgehog

    Shut up this was the best kids movie

  • Sothira Lim
    Sothira Lim

    me: always loved and been a huge Disney movies fan me after watching aa bunch of videos from Alex Meyers: wHy ThE hEcK DiD I LiKe ThEsE mOviEs So MuCh ThEy'Re So sTuPiD

  • JoN gamer
    JoN gamer

    If this actually happened: The military and national guard including professional medical personal and researchers are called in to evacuate the town, research the subject and eliminate the illness. They would also classify the wolf thing as a cult and considering they want to kill them here comes the national guard.

  • I like bread
    I like bread

    I laughed so hard when Bucky said "and I’m way to tasty, I’m always looking like a snack" XD

  • Qistina Balqis Syaiful Syahril
    Qistina Balqis Syaiful Syahril

    Does anybody notice that he said Disney "Chanel" in the beginning?

  • GSH Here We Go
    GSH Here We Go

    I never knew there was a zombies 2

  • Tishaiya-Leigh

    i watched video at the early 2020 and now i’m in 2021...... Wowo it’s been long