Riverdale is a mess... (season 2 finale)
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Riverdale - How to make a Teen Drama
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  • The Bendy Brothers
    The Bendy Brothers

    Is it just me or does Cherly look like Little Red Riding Hood


    I did have some questions about Jughead’s recovery after that beat down but my assumption was that when he woke up it had been at least a few days if not more given that he was still pretty messed up. Given that Penny outright said that he wasn’t breathing when they left him in the woods, and that we have no idea how long he was lying in the woods like that before FP found him, that means that at least for some amount of time Jughead was actually dead, than I assumed he was comatose for at least a few days before he came around. Because yes I agree that given the significant beating and blood loss he suffered there is no way he was fully recovered in a day but I just figured they didn’t show us his whole span of time in the hospital.

  • Venus Alien
    Venus Alien


  • Brie

    6:28 you are totally right he is alive lol.

  • taegi ships
    taegi ships

    He really mentioned bts that is literally me I wouldnt care about money i would only care about my bts posters lol

  • MolBotUk & DanBotUk
    MolBotUk & DanBotUk

    OK so my pitch for the ending if season 3 is... Veronica's dad is... *THE TOOTH FAIRY*

  • MolBotUk & DanBotUk
    MolBotUk & DanBotUk

    No season 4 Alex, in Season 4

  • MolBotUk & DanBotUk
    MolBotUk & DanBotUk

    You know how sometimes you just gotta take a break from watching Riverdale to... *MOCK AND MAKE FUN OF IT*


    The interesting thing is that Veronica’s tipping point for turning against her father is him putting a hit out on Jughead and him nearly dying. It’s interesting that her flip to being against Hiram had nothing whatsoever to do with Archie and was actually more about Jughead who she barely even spent any one on one time with, a little weird but you do you!


    Why Archie?, Why would you do this?, You big,biggest idiot,in all of idiotville. If you know that someone is a mobster and a murderer who you know for a fact put a hit out on your best friend who did in fact almost die, and you want to take him down, Why would you put all of your cards on the table and tell him that you know everything about what he’s doing? The only result of that confrontation is that Hiram is able to put Archie in jail. Archie never seems to think about the consequences of his actions.

  • Liam Dunphy
    Liam Dunphy

    Archie acting tough to a mob boss is cringe as fuck


    Southside serpents are awesome


    Poor 😯


    So many plot holes

  • Sia Briste
    Sia Briste

    Uh, I've never watched Riverdale, does he mean drag racing as in cars, or drag racing as in Rupaul?

    • Jamal202 Z
      Jamal202 Z

      He means as in race cars like something you’d see in fast & furious

  • Moki Spills Tea
    Moki Spills Tea

    12:07 Me: Oh hell nah, deal's off.

  • GachaLife Girl
    GachaLife Girl

    Ey... leave BTS out of here 😂

  • Maya Love
    Maya Love

    The only thing I could redeem Riverdale is having Alex Myers I send you a producer director and writer

  • Raimunda Moreira
    Raimunda Moreira

    veronica’s mind is like: Sex Sex Sex Sex Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy I have a great desire to have sex I go to my boyfriend's house to apologize to him and then we have sex

  • Raimunda Moreira
    Raimunda Moreira

    RIVERdale is about everything but there is no river

  • Not Accessible
    Not Accessible

    If Betty’s dad was part of a cult like thing, it actually is possible that he repressed the traumatic memories from that time and some Betty said just...triggered hidden memories. Why I am I even trying to explain things...

  • Ethan Yt
    Ethan Yt

    Hi 😄

  • Gaming Jem
    Gaming Jem

    At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised everyone’s just dreaming and none of anything that happened in the show actually happened, so it turns out everything’s a lie all over again

  • Elisha johnson
    Elisha johnson

    I just wanna know does archies dad ever come up stairs probaly hearing devils tango noises like huh


    Yeah the whole Hal being the Black Hood never actually made any sense to me at all.

  • Maob08

    Riverdale season 2 so far looks like 3 different seasons 😂

  • Isabella DiPaola
    Isabella DiPaola

    Who admits that they murdered someone!!!

  • Moumita Eamani
    Moumita Eamani

    Lmao 12:09 XD I was literally painting a BTS poster while watching this

  • Devin Booker
    Devin Booker

    Devin Booker

  • Zuhala Hussien
    Zuhala Hussien



    I’m so confused

  • PunchFor Pound
    PunchFor Pound

    8:26 what is supposed to be going on there? Lol.... Is that Betty, uhh.... with... ahem... her dad as the black hood? Uh...

  • elise ymomo
    elise ymomo

    So did they just take the whole son thing from Gossip Girl.


    why keep hatin on tv shows

  • Mia Plays roblx
    Mia Plays roblx

    Even the actors think this show is stupid 😭💀 lmao

  • Vanessa Balendra
    Vanessa Balendra

    Alex: AND you have to take down all of your BTS posters... Me: *GASP* How could you... But srsly though, when I say I actually legit gasped...I MEAN IT. Also, for your information, yes, I am a hardcore ARMY.

  • Altein

    Calling riverdale a cheesy soap opera is an insult to soap operas tbh

  • Layla Eslie
    Layla Eslie


  • Hoang Tuyet Nhi
    Hoang Tuyet Nhi

    BTS posters... damn you are a legend!!

  • Akshara R
    Akshara R

    "And u have to take down ur whole BTS posters"......... 🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

  • Elijah Winchester
    Elijah Winchester

    6:20 he must be psychic.

  • g r e x n . t e a
    g r e x n . t e a

    i like how he predicted chicks plot line for riverdale season 3 😂

  • Gael 101
    Gael 101


  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee

    Ha. He was right. Charles was still alive and for some reason HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH (I forgot his name) AND NO ONE IS GONNA TALK ABOUT IT. SMHHH

  • sgirlwow

    Anyone knows what the name of the song is at 10:48?

  • clay lowery
    clay lowery

    This show is stupid but I love it

  • O'Neil

    Covid 19: *exists Veronica: it's my dad right? He paid you to do this.

  • O'Neil

    Veronica literally only exist to have sex with archie, like everytime she's on screen, you know both of them are gonna make out or eventually have sex.

  • Zainab Lodi
    Zainab Lodi

    Come on it wasn't that bad I this it was nice

  • Maya Mawi
    Maya Mawi

    Alex:AND! You have to take down your BTS posters Me: what posters? My room is empty

  • Drishti Nand
    Drishti Nand

    The BTS posters STAY

  • MissNotSoCool 96
    MissNotSoCool 96

    12:08 Me, pauses video to look over at my four BTS posters: That’s a no from me chief...

  • Amoolya Kulkarni
    Amoolya Kulkarni

    the comics: a cheerful, funny comic about these highschool friends 😊 the show: a show where these teenagers try to find a murderer while also trying to avoid -drugs- *_j i n g l e j a n g l e_*

  • Jasmyne Anthony
    Jasmyne Anthony

    who else saw the jugheads dads was the father I mean come on

  • Не такая уж лохушка!
    Не такая уж лохушка!

    Riverdale is making me really angry because I don't trust anything that happening 👹👹👹👹 I didn't even watch the show, only videos about it. But I am sad and angry

  • Qupj Productions
    Qupj Productions

    Riverdale more like river don’t

  • Beautiful Brulee
    Beautiful Brulee

    Did anybody notices that Archie looks like the german LV-homer Zeo??🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Sand Man
    Sand Man

    I watched this season twice and I still don't understand what's happening there

  • Chelsea

    Knowing what we know now about chick dating Betty's real brother I'm willing to bet that the reason chick made up the story that you did was so that he could get in with Betty's family and Betty's brother could kind of you know do Intel and get information on them before he came back into their lives. I'm betting that since he and sugar dating she had chick do some Recon before he got back with the family

  • Arabel

    5:50 Alice Cooper really said HI SISTERS

  • Faith Nungaray
    Faith Nungaray

    It was so sad when Jug got beat up I had tears in my eyes.

  • MinMarshall ArmyxStan
    MinMarshall ArmyxStan

    "Take down all your BTS posters" well no deal. Take Riverdale. Don't touch my posters. I dont even like the people in Riverdale. 😂

  • Karen _
    Karen _

    Not the BTS posters

  • April-may-june

    The only good scene from season two is when f.p carries jughead out of the ditch I just really like that one scene

  • David Badea
    David Badea

    I love Riverdale

  • waterlily x
    waterlily x

    but veronica is 16 right? so, legally, she can't actually buy the wyrm right? because since she's underage she can't buy it in her own name? like, someone would've had to buy it for her first? right? i'm confused about how any of this works.

  • liewi fidel
    liewi fidel

    6:21 you got Alex you were correct

  • Clemmo

    12:07 Haha jokes on you I only have bts socks and 2 group photos and only 2 group photos of Red Velvet!

  • Mahika Kashyap
    Mahika Kashyap

    Omfg betty and jughead date and they share a brother 🤯

  • Copperhead

    The guy at 5:48, I have that exact shirt

  • Salamifliegt

    12:07 bold of you think I don‘t have enough posters for you to try and take down like 10 times- I mean you can try but I have a lot

  • Samantha Sanchez
    Samantha Sanchez

    Lol bettys brother is alive after all

  • Chloe Ziros
    Chloe Ziros

    Does anyone want to comment on how these kids are supposed to be in high school but they still call their mom and dad “mommy and daddy”. No just me?

  • Polina Kureneva
    Polina Kureneva

    I am actually not surprised you got all that thing about the dead Bettys brother right

  • super deep human
    super deep human

    Am I the only one who feels like Cheryl is the only character that actually means anything? Like she has all this shit happen to her and she is figuring out her sexuality it’s really cool to watch her grow and everything but no one else really does like...especially not Archie. Archie is literally the worst 🤢

  • Ashley Crallet
    Ashley Crallet

    I actually liked seasons 1-3 but season four was just all over the place and the plot was so rushed...

  • Jessica Elliott-Ferrier
    Jessica Elliott-Ferrier

    Veronica is a teenager... she can’t even vote...so why does Fred need her vote? God this show

  • Maeve Campbell
    Maeve Campbell

    haters: I hate your voice Alex:ok let me just go thru puberty real quick

  • Emerald_In_The_Attic

    Am I the only one who cringed when he said that Kevin and Chic would start dating even tho Chic is like 22 and Kevin is 16-17

  • Random Name
    Random Name

    am i the onlz one who never seen an episode of riverdale

  • UrMom'sBoyfriend

    Hiram says let's barter, not let's partner

  • Derpina Herpington
    Derpina Herpington

    "I bet Chick was lying about lying about lying and Betty's brother is actually alive" *Curb your Enthusiasm intensifies*

  • inbal

    how do shows like that get approved for a trillion seasons and the best shows always get canceled ??!?j930JIF93k3kMOEF

  • Butterfly 13
    Butterfly 13

    what the fuck kinda name is “papaputine” like huh? 😳🤚

  • Lily Pientka
    Lily Pientka

    Alex: I bet in season three it turns out Betty’s brother was alive the whole time and Chic was lying about lying about lying! Riverdale writers: QUICK! WRITE THAT DOWN!!

  • Victoria Aguirre
    Victoria Aguirre

    I totally agree 💯 how season 2 didn't make sense at all it was all a mess and there was so much happening

  • SenJoris

    I dont get why people in shows like this just declare like a personal vendetta and give the enemy time to make plans instead of just fight them...

  • slyvenclaw

    “Watch riverdale” she said “It’s better than season 1” she said “IT WAS AWESOME” SHE SAID my best friend lied to me about this show

  • Helena

    Quarantine is sooooooo boring that I'm gonna watch videos about RIVERDALE!!!!!! also the part about taking down the BTS posters is awesome! A.R.M.Y where are you?

    • Helena

      @Tesla BTS is a k-pop group

  • Beatrice Kenyon
    Beatrice Kenyon

    If you think about it though, if betty’s mum and jughead’s dad’s son Charles has survived or wasn’t put up for adoption or something, how weird would that be? Jughead and Betty are dating, and there parents kind of are in a way and to Charles, jughead and Betty are his siblings (half siblings) and that would kinda make Betty and jughead step siblings in a way and they’d be dating so if they got married let’s say, to Charles, they would be his half sister and brother, and his sister and brother-in-law........... sorry if I’ve got that wrong idk I’m really confused I’m just putting it out there about how weird that would be 😂🤷‍♀️

  • TaKyra Allen
    TaKyra Allen

    So Betty and Jughead have the same brother. Not that it means they can’t date. But it’s just funny.

  • Kiyara Dunuwille
    Kiyara Dunuwille

    “And u hav to take down all ur BTS posters” “ U wouldn’t dare” “Oh I would and I will” *SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM* Yup definitely the worst punishment ever

  • DJ WOW
    DJ WOW

    12:08 “and you have to have down all your BTS posters” 😂😂 literally died

  • Maya Manning
    Maya Manning


  • Aylin Serbest
    Aylin Serbest

    I love how he‘s so upset about the fbi agent being a fake agent lol

  • Hannah Saurer
    Hannah Saurer

    I'm not saying I LOvE Riverdale but bro could you act? can you direct? can you sing? probably not cuz your voice is not very appealing. So stop hating and judging other things when you could never do them. People actually like some of these things and some may be very loved by some groups. It offends people when you make fun of what they like and embarrass them making them insecure and upset. I'm sorry I don't wanna be mean but don't go and just be rude. I get you can share your opinion and you can but some people are committed to finishing Riverdale and first, don't wanna be let down and second don't want to be shamed. There may be flaws with certain things but you wouldn't point out flaws of a human unless you are really mean. so that show was the actor's and directors' hard work and your picking apart their work and time which offends them. Why would you take the time to destroy others and their feelings? bro, you are clearly watching this show so why continue if you hate it? your wasting your own time and being rude to others.

    • Ruby Black
      Ruby Black

      Oh wow you posted this on every video didn’t you 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 thank you for helping him secure the bag 🤑

  • Kayla .Kenndy
    Kayla .Kenndy

    This is where all the haters come to rant 😂 this whole place is amusing

  • Alli T
    Alli T

    I love riverdale but I can agree that it is a crazy at times

  • SirTravis1021

    wait so what did Archie's dad do again to get targeted by the black hood?

  • flayful

    😁 Alex Meyer, my takeaway from your ending talk: The story lacks one thing: 💁🏻‍♀️ COHERENCE.