Sharkboy and Lavagirl is the weirdest movie I've ever seen...
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The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was kinda weird...
iCarly was a weird show...
Teen Beach Movie is kinda dumb
ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: PC: and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days

    • drembert2011

      That fack moves

    • calamity

      Ya sure this ain’t waterboy and lavagirl from the game

    • HorrorLovesBreadsticks


    • Faithjjj10 YT
      Faithjjj10 YT


    • Joseph plays
      Joseph plays

      I recommend we could be hero's the movie because it's supposed to be a sequel

  • mellon punch
    mellon punch

    This is the entire movie in 15 brings back so many memories and kinda makes me want to watch the movie again.

  • Mr Cluckens
    Mr Cluckens

    I liked this movie, rewatched it this year, made it ten minutes in, the uninstalled netflix

  • AHiddenPerson

    No one: Mr. Electric: :OO

  • Liam McMars
    Liam McMars

    Yeah bro, looking back its shit but it's part the old days.

  • TCG087

    What if my fingers had fingers?

  • P A R A D O X パラドックス
    P A R A D O X パラドックス

    3:48 what is that kid doing 😂

  • Salome Bianca
    Salome Bianca

    3:48 brooo i started to laugh so bad, the boy who does the hand movements saying *give me the book* is so funny ahhahahaha

  • Austin 303
    Austin 303

    Is everything weird to you?

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer

    Is it weird that I watched this 100 times and I’m just now realizing some of the stuff he’s saying

  • Gas Mask Johnny
    Gas Mask Johnny

    Actually it’s the best movie ever

  • Trevor Deppe
    Trevor Deppe

    My question is what was Linus wearing in his dream I mean that’s terrible fashion

  • Pennywise Coolboi
    Pennywise Coolboi

    I’ve seen this movie this is so dumb

  • uncontained ARMY
    uncontained ARMY

    He should review steven universe or gravity falls☕☕☕✨✨✨🌌🌌🌌

  • FindingSoup148

    Give me jurnel or go dream lan -Linus last words

  • Pokemon Newspapers
    Pokemon Newspapers

    i hate raid shadow legends

  • Cathleen Isabella Brunne'
    Cathleen Isabella Brunne'

    Linus looks like a boy who used to bully me......yikes I must’ve been weak 😂

  • Erif The fox
    Erif The fox

    Linus Is a god

  • Mr. jagzy
    Mr. jagzy

    i LOVED that movie the best part was when Lavagirl was aproching Max and the paper sheets were going up in flames

  • Fuzzy Pen
    Fuzzy Pen

    Oh god I remember this It didn't look weird at first but now it does


    Did anyone else notice that at 13:38 thats not even George Lopez in the backgrounds, its just some other random actor

  • Bamboo Kun
    Bamboo Kun

    there goes my childhood

  • Neke

    Watching this without blue and red glasses is soooo weird... It was made for 3D scenes nobody cared about plot.

  • Aviator43

    This movie taught kids what an acid trip was

  • Will Jackson
    Will Jackson

    I have never watched this movie before nd I am grateful that I didnt

  • Valerija Jovanovic
    Valerija Jovanovic

    I really don't know how, but I am sometimes getting vibes this dude is 30, and sometimes he is 17.

  • Mr.Matronic

    4:06 This is my favorite part because you can see the effects around her while she’s falling. Shows 2005 editing.

  • Miss lazy tuber
    Miss lazy tuber

    Legit every yt video ad: RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

  • Lurker1979

    It amuses me to no end that it was directed by Robert Rodriguez. lol

  • Kevin Sekti
    Kevin Sekti

    the best part is in 8:59 when alek is just like 0_0...bruh

  • Robby Cooper
    Robby Cooper

    I watched a this in the past on Netflix and assumed it's good and it's apparently bad and it's hard for me to see something as bad unless it's full on extra broken in every way

  • Ocean Water
    Ocean Water

    You dare insult my Childhood mate?!?! *Well i don't blame ya.* Also the reason this is a Childhood hero for us is since when you grow up watching stupid and silly cartoons your Dreams can look like a Extended version of This movie.

  • Griffin Bobeczko
    Griffin Bobeczko

    You are funny, I wish I was like you

  • o_o

    does he not realize this movie came out in like what? 2005? smh my head. mans doesn’t understand real culture

  • Adam Driver Latinoamérica
    Adam Driver Latinoamérica

    I didn't expect to find the guitar riff from Ghost Love Score by my fav band Nightwish on this video lol!!!

  • LauraPlayz rblx
    LauraPlayz rblx

    We’re just going to pretend that I didn’t watch this movie at age 13 because I’m absolutely obsessed with Taylor Lautner😂😭

  • Mike does art
    Mike does art

    I don't remember talking sharks

  • KkRae :D
    KkRae :D

    No matter what, I love this movie! It’s so cute, even if it is pretty cheesy

  • MakiTGA

    Ngl the cookie giants look like the colossal titan

  • Golden Pants25
    Golden Pants25


  • The True RED3d
    The True RED3d

    is dumb.

  • Harleigh Fox
    Harleigh Fox

    its on nexflix

  • G E T N O O B ;-;
    G E T N O O B ;-;


  • {Sugar booger}
    {Sugar booger}

    All I can think when I watch this movie is That's spot of green screens ;-;

  • Dominique Garcia
    Dominique Garcia

    i hate this movie it is so puny

  • ッ Kidd Lenny Beats ッ
    ッ Kidd Lenny Beats ッ

    *leaves a dislike for u dissing my favorite childhood movie*

  • Sri Alekhya Nanduri
    Sri Alekhya Nanduri

    I was one of those kids obsessed with this movie. Maybe I should rewatch it. I loved it when I was a kid.

  • Jackson Huntley
    Jackson Huntley


  • Dove L
    Dove L

    Alex: its supposed to be like a dream Me: A FEVER DREAM AOOOOOOOOOO

  • Sleep Deprived
    Sleep Deprived

    The memories the cursed memories they all came back

  • Nexus

    What disappoints me is that this movie was ppls childhood

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia

    I like how in the beginning it says “hey it’s shark boy don’t take a bite out of him boys his a freind”

  • Helga the Hufflepuff
    Helga the Hufflepuff

    I don’t think anyone can ever understand what’s going on in this movie no matter how many times you watch it. I watched it around 20 times when I was little and I still don’t understand it.

  • retro kid
    retro kid

    The animated nostalgia critic

  • Peppermint Princess
    Peppermint Princess

    That was literally the ONLY movie I would ever watch... now I realise something called LOGIC!

  • DaveDaBoi 21
    DaveDaBoi 21

    You shall’nt disrespect sharkboy and lavagirl

  • Southern Pixel
    Southern Pixel

    "with purple flames for hair" clearly pink hair and I see no "flames" in that hair

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson


  • EBL Sanchez
    EBL Sanchez

    13:43 I just noticed that the teacher in the back is a different guy😐...

  • cowhousebabybrd

    my family had the 3d dvd and i grew up wanting to watch it every day and wanting to buy 3d glasses and its nostalgic but now i realize how bad the writing is and how bad the acting is

  • Elyssa Lamphier
    Elyssa Lamphier

    I agree

  • Dina Moore
    Dina Moore

    I recommend that you should watch Boy Who Cried Werewolf

  • DUO drummies
    DUO drummies

    Worst movie evere

  • Σαββινα Πεχλιβανιδη
    Σαββινα Πεχλιβανιδη

    The sharkboy reminds me of Jacob from twillit at a younger age

  • Alfonso Mathias Ubamos
    Alfonso Mathias Ubamos

    I never remembered these horribly edited this movie was .-.

  • Jackaroo Dragon
    Jackaroo Dragon

    This movie was incredible and I still watch it 10/10

  • Ilyas

    If they had a child...

  • Lobit number 2
    Lobit number 2

    I saw this movie 4 years ago

  • Fayth Osborn
    Fayth Osborn

    We all shipped lava girl and shark boy lmao.

  • Luis Villegas Trasvina
    Luis Villegas Trasvina

    you hate so much why??...

  • Sidney Joly
    Sidney Joly

    " or Yogi's at the dream world" me: ;--; also me: why would i be at a dream world '~'

  • Patience Perkins
    Patience Perkins

    Nobody : Literally no one: Me seeing shark boy throw lava girl into a volcano: *YEET*

  • Ironcladking

    I watched the first 5 minutes and decided,hey,this movie is f-ed and left

  • juan ren
    juan ren

    the only thing is the cgi stuff it's soooooooooooooo bad

  • pissed rainbow dash
    pissed rainbow dash

    WTF planet drool DROOL thats a weird name

  • Next Gen
    Next Gen

    Yeah on Raid. It is good at first but then gets boring.

  • *Manic Pixie Fangirl *
    *Manic Pixie Fangirl *

    There actually was a toy called Tobor back in the 70s. I only know this because a commercial for it plays on some bootleg copies of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

  • SexyWoody

    wait i thought this was spy kids...

  • Ereec

    if its not justin y, its raid shadow legends.

  • Eliana Mears
    Eliana Mears

    dude ive watched this movie like twice, but for years I thought it must've been a weird dream or something because the plot and characters were so strange

  • Pope 76
    Pope 76

    I'm 13, I still play Super Mario Bros and mike Tysons punch out NES

  • Vincent Van Hoof
    Vincent Van Hoof

    i have never seen a worst movie than this movie

  • ilavaxd

    bru a girl has lava in it >:0 thats a boy thing >:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  • Kuroshinigami

    Spykids was better. And it was made with the same graphic team who made this.

  • Daniel Pullen
    Daniel Pullen

    This film looks absolute garbage

  • Cole Hoover
    Cole Hoover

    When the Ice Princess destroys Mr. Electric you can see the class in the background and the teacher wasnt George Lopez anymore lol

  • TayTay Rae
    TayTay Rae

    Do Goonies

  • Natsuki

    So how much weird do you want to put on the title Alex: *Yes.*


    the movies camera quality is old


    never diss sharboy and lava girl

  • Noon_Sunflower

    I- How low was the budget for this movie?!

  • Nate The greatest
    Nate The greatest

    I loved this movie

    • Fluffles Conticchio
      Fluffles Conticchio

  • Jebraylon Franklin
    Jebraylon Franklin

    How dare you disrespect my childhood

  • penguinlover

    wanna know how to watch shows for free and be able to laugh when the movie isnt funny?WATCH ALEX MEYERS DUHHH

  • Laura Rivera
    Laura Rivera

    Jajajaja i didnt like it

  • coco jacob
    coco jacob

    Its 2020 I still watch this

  • Gianna ree
    Gianna ree

    I was born in 2010, and i still loved sharkboy and lavagirl

    • Fluffles Conticchio
      Fluffles Conticchio

      where Sharkboy and Lavagirl inspiration from?

  • Red The Savage
    Red The Savage

    I disagree

  • Sebastian Rivera
    Sebastian Rivera

    I'm surprised max hasn't blown up his neighborhood

    • Sebastian Rivera
      Sebastian Rivera

      And how come there is always an aurora happening did he just always want solar flares or something

    • Sebastian Rivera
      Sebastian Rivera

      Also does Mr.Electric want all the kids to die. Because you need to sleep to live

  • Eleni Yianas
    Eleni Yianas

    This is the most funniest video I’ve ever seen