Sharkboy and Lavagirl is the weirdest movie I've ever seen...
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The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was kinda weird...
iCarly was a weird show...
Teen Beach Movie is kinda dumb
ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: PC: and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days

    • TheMysteryOtter

      You got sponsored by raid and hate sharkboy and lavagirl gtfo

    • Poké WishMaker
      Poké WishMaker

      Omg the cringe😂

    • Austin Drawbaugh
      Austin Drawbaugh

      @Rebecca Barwick WOAH!

    • Rebecca Barwick
      Rebecca Barwick

      dous anyone realise that lava girl is a lavabender from avatar

    • Austin Drawbaugh
      Austin Drawbaugh

      @thetotallyawesome cuber ikr

  • Keylessbacon

    Has Alex done any Spy Kids movie?

  • Luca Lucian
    Luca Lucian

    someone taht is trying to be scared but amazed 13:35

  • FartingDoorMan

    Fun fact sharkboy went to sharkeys karate school in Illinois and I go to that to karate studio

  • Dante Hromec
    Dante Hromec

    Lol ILM helped make this movie... Well turns out the prequels weren't as bad as we thought. Jar jar over shark boy anyday.

  • Cadhan and Ruadhan Oloughlin
    Cadhan and Ruadhan Oloughlin

    Shark boy and lava girl is pretty much discount spy kid 3

    • Cadhan and Ruadhan Oloughlin
      Cadhan and Ruadhan Oloughlin

      Sorryif u don’t know what it is

  • mason king
    mason king

    Why are you judging everything. What is wrong with you


    Number one funny bad movie review

  • Jessica K Archer
    Jessica K Archer

    I.hated the review and DO NOT review we can be heroes

  • June Kerby
    June Kerby

    i just relised that this movie is so fkin corny

  • DC Spidey
    DC Spidey

    This is without a doubt litterally one of the stupidest unimaginable fanfilms ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Israfeel Nain
    Israfeel Nain

    The shark boi sea/ocean cgi *KILLS ME IN THE INSIDE !*

  • MeerkatSushiPlayz

    I watched this 😂😂

  • William Mamfe
    William Mamfe


  • noobmaster Rittenhouse
    noobmaster Rittenhouse

    Jerk this was my favourite movie

  • Electronic Boy
    Electronic Boy

    9:00 the music

  • Jazmyne McQualter
    Jazmyne McQualter

    I’m pretty sure I still have the 3D glasses I used to watch this movie but this is NOT the story I remember 😂

  • Azlan Abdul Jalil
    Azlan Abdul Jalil

    Mr electric when i saw his big giantgantic face i tought that was phil swift

  • Samuel Rhodeen
    Samuel Rhodeen

    I like this song

  • Cool Brickz
    Cool Brickz

    To freeze time long enough to stop the darkness and mines

  • Solar System Explanation
    Solar System Explanation

    Sharkboy and Lavagirl are watching this current video.. There reaction if they were not fictional: WHAT THE FUCK YOU MAKE THIS VIDEO ABOUT US!

  • Debra Davis
    Debra Davis

    I died When Mr. Electric Did that scream lol

  • Makhala Jade
    Makhala Jade

    I like shark boy and lava girl

  • Luis Game Plays Show
    Luis Game Plays Show

    My brain cells for first 17 seconds: 😎 My brain cells at 0:19: "presses alt + f4"

  • Chucks Ogbodu
    Chucks Ogbodu

    please do Sky High lol

  • December Sfy
    December Sfy

    Oh my gosh! Is that baby Taylor Lautner? Poor guy, he was in both this and Twilight.

  • Remembero Taco
    Remembero Taco

    Is that hair purple max?

  • Carmen Valdes
    Carmen Valdes

    Only kids can understand this movie since they have wild minds.

  • Franciscoperez28 Perez
    Franciscoperez28 Perez

    Alex you are why for saying these things you just say you were mostly every kid movie

  • Olivia’s World
    Olivia’s World

    Meanie no it’s not

  • Somebody

    ABS:The Musical......... What the actual fu-

  • Baconiry

    Wow satan sponsored him

  • Murderous Raccoon
    Murderous Raccoon


  • Tabby_cat Meow!
    Tabby_cat Meow!

    Linus and max are earthbenders

  • Tabby_cat Meow!
    Tabby_cat Meow!

    “He just ddosed her into the volcano!”

  • Elyssa Ruff
    Elyssa Ruff

    Who wants him to do A L L the spy kid movies?

  • ConBoy360

    I hate your animating style

  • Launa Evens
    Launa Evens

    You don’t like every movie that you review to us why hopefully one day you’ll make an episode about that.

  • Tabby_cat Meow!
    Tabby_cat Meow!

    “And these kids parents are just having a divorce” Casual.

  • Sir Dankleberry
    Sir Dankleberry

    Linus was weird before he got into computers.

  • ZEStopp

    Its so cringe

  • Caleb Rice
    Caleb Rice

    In what way is that movie weird? Just tell me. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Gabriela de Melo Cerqueira Dona de um cão
    Gabriela de Melo Cerqueira Dona de um cão

    Reversd:Robot Name:tobor

  • death.

    cmon they worked HARD on the movie

  • papa vioal
    papa vioal

    bruh its a kid movie kids dontt even know that

  • Three perfect puppies Omg
    Three perfect puppies Omg

    My brother grew up on the too This was his first 3D TV he ever saw

  • Zero

    We all know this movie because without knowing it mothers bought their children this movie and sometimes there was nothing less to watch. Idk how many times I watched the movie as a kid. But I wish I never watch it again. Now that I have “taste”

  • David Juhancsik
    David Juhancsik

    Wait this whole movie isn’t just random things happening randomly?

  • just a flamingo fan
    just a flamingo fan

    There's a new movie called we can be hero's and sharkboy and lavagirl are in the movie

  • Henry Miller
    Henry Miller

    Just watched my first video of you, I’m subbing.

  • Susil kumar
    Susil kumar

    When i was a kid i watched this movie and loved it ... So recently I was watching this movie for nostalgia but instead i hated it and felt cringe.. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Tompa's Sweaty Feet
    Tompa's Sweaty Feet

    This isnt at all how i remembered it 😳

  • Equinoxite

    7:37 I hear Undertale.

    • Regular Hooman
      Regular Hooman

      Don’t hear undertale I only hear the encounter theme from undertale

  • Rosina Rihari
    Rosina Rihari

    back off this was a my most fav movie since I was 4 so just leave my dream

  • Panda 360 Animation and stuff
    Panda 360 Animation and stuff

    8:59 And that kids IS CANNIBALISM

  • Amanda Harris
    Amanda Harris

    When you said that Max his nuts I was like I just punched him in the noggin I’m good I just said fatality

  • Faith durante
    Faith durante

    Whoever you are I hate you! I love Sharkboy and Lavagirl

  • BrynnLovesHamilton_Malfoy-Snape

    we all had a Linus in our class...

  • Metalmax 66
    Metalmax 66

    Do keeper of the lost cities when it comes out

  • Oscar Mike Games TV
    Oscar Mike Games TV

    Bro seriously get a life and actually get a brain

  • Hydro Drex
    Hydro Drex

    When it's New Year's Eve I know I know I was two years eve dirt Derby names the movie named we can be heroes funny cleaning Sharkboy and Lavagirl they actually did that they're staying go and they're married now

  • Daniel Garib
    Daniel Garib

    Dammit i loved this movie as a kid.

  • Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh
    Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh

    Maybe cuz its not for you cuz you're not a kid

  • hyper beam
    hyper beam

    A hand another hand it's towbore I dreamed of him when I was a kid clearly still a kid

  • barbie

    The cgi was so good when I was 8, what happened...

    • Tristan Hartup
      Tristan Hartup

      The moment the realise that this made on a relatively small budget and practically done by one guy on his laptop

  • Giuseppe Maiorano
    Giuseppe Maiorano

    My super power Alexa: this video is sponsored by raid sha? - Me: TIME SKIP ATTIVATION

  • Pathetic

    I grew up on spy kids

  • Freddy Duenas
    Freddy Duenas

    You’re from Moena born

  • Diluc

    your videos is even than you are

  • Mythic Maker
    Mythic Maker

    So wait they were sleeping for 1 hour and they have no died yet

  • Michelle Cruthirds
    Michelle Cruthirds

    I'm not going to be a good fan of the videos you make

    • Michelle Cruthirds
      Michelle Cruthirds

      I love dark boy and lava girl

  • Kruthika Naikoti
    Kruthika Naikoti

    The Sharkboy dance number gets me every time god

  • Lil chicken nugget
    Lil chicken nugget

    Dream dream dream dream dream dream

  • MrTubbs

    These fricken adults include Alex Meyers are trying to make sence into THIS KID MOVIE its for kids I mean it if for adults then yeah he can try to make sence into it

  • jes anthonis
    jes anthonis


  • jes anthonis
    jes anthonis


  • Kristina Zellner
    Kristina Zellner

    if you dont like it dont watch it eazy

  • Parker Sexton
    Parker Sexton

    F U

  • Claire Gleave
    Claire Gleave

    The real title: a fire and water bender find a earth bender

  • Alina Lazarean
    Alina Lazarean

    Your so funny

  • Pupper Palace
    Pupper Palace

    I can't believe I had enjoyed this as much as I did when I was a kid.

  • natasha clogg
    natasha clogg

    what has hapend to this film

  • Sorcha Lucioli
    Sorcha Lucioli

    hehe hi avocado crossing


    The move is awseome

    • That Gigi Guy
      That Gigi Guy

      @VASHTI /VISHAM JAGLAL movie is awesome. Yes. But this channel is trash, No.


      This channeil is trash

  • Precious Treasure
    Precious Treasure

    Tbh i have never heard of the movie but i have been plaing a video game from a website

  • Phoenix Phipps
    Phoenix Phipps


  • Unicorn squad Yay
    Unicorn squad Yay

    This movie is great And on you’re just making it seem really stupid and funny at the same time

  • big fat blue potato
    big fat blue potato

    I had never watched it as a kid I'm still a kid right now but I never watch this

  • Pepe_Alek

    This movie is completely animated this movie sukcs

    • That Gigi Guy
      That Gigi Guy

      Not animated : its not a cartoon - more appropriate way to define it would be : its mostly CGI (Computer generated imagery)

  • dion Rexhepi
    dion Rexhepi

    Wut wut f

  • dion Rexhepi
    dion Rexhepi


  • Cadence Flack
    Cadence Flack

    I declaire he is a hater he hates every movie

    • That Gigi Guy
      That Gigi Guy


  • Ziggy Stardust
    Ziggy Stardust

    No wonder a nights into dreams movie never came

  • Jaden Jun Yang Lim
    Jaden Jun Yang Lim

    Alex: “ this video is sponsored by raid shadow legends “ Me: NO THEY GOT HIM TOO

  • Chicken._.nugget UnU
    Chicken._.nugget UnU

    But serouisly this movie is so weird

    • Chicken._.nugget UnU
      Chicken._.nugget UnU

      @That Gigi Guy ye

    • That Gigi Guy
      That Gigi Guy

      Its weird, but not bad. Right?

  • Sįlvër _Ńįght
    Sįlvër _Ńįght

    It's good but it's unrealistic

    • That Gigi Guy
      That Gigi Guy

      I agree.

  • james cox
    james cox

    When I saw Mr electric as a little kid I freaking got nightmares

  • Transformer nerd in training
    Transformer nerd in training


  • lag king
    lag king

    In ww can be heros shark boy and lava girl shouldn't be there cause there dreams

  • rainy the fox X3
    rainy the fox X3

    I like shark boy and lava girl