Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
Tall Girl Netflix Reaction Animation
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The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
The Princess Switch is the dumbest christmas movie...
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a weird show...
Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...
Insatiable really is the dumbest show...
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    hey everyone thanks for watching. don't forget to subscribe, click the bell, and follow me on twitter twitter.com/JudgeOfTheKings and if you're a fan of Guys and Dolls, that's fine. but like why

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      Kindly Help Me Reach 1000 SUBSCRIBERS, Thank You

    • Sierra Hilinski
      Sierra Hilinski


    • Emma Pond
      Emma Pond

      Here’s the thing: boys normally want to be tall. Girl’s “type” might just be a tall guys. But guy’s “type” will be an average sized girl, a pretty girl, and other things I shouldn’t really say on the internet. So really this movie makes more sense to girls. So be nice.

    • zlpturles_ YT
      zlpturles_ YT

      Nah Kid

    • Kawaii Kittyかわいいキティ
      Kawaii Kittyかわいいキティ

      i'm not a fan of "guys and dolls" if u put it that way... but its a great movie in my opinion

  • girl on the edge
    girl on the edge

    guys i dont care what you say but this movie is so *romantic* legit made me cry😭😫

  • Benjamin Niklasson
    Benjamin Niklasson

    perfect swedish

  • lego batman series
    lego batman series

    My friend is 13 and he is 6 foot

  • 1938

    Hey nice to “meet” someone else from northwestern Iowa

  • TheBestMovieClipsEver

    Bro i'm soooooooo glad you did this movie

  • Cursed Image
    Cursed Image

    do a marvel movie like the failing MOVIE fantastic four

  • Hannah Gutierrez
    Hannah Gutierrez

    2:11 Funniest part of the movie is a guy trying to balance a pencil on his face *in the background*

  • E.t. Gachas
    E.t. Gachas

    Ngl as the tall girl, I always liked being tall but this movie made me so insecure!

  • Erin Witcraft
    Erin Witcraft

    As the tallest girl, why doesn't Jodi merely eat Kimmy?

  • Jacob Stanley
    Jacob Stanley

    love it! keep up the awesome work!

  • Jacob Stanley
    Jacob Stanley


  • Jacob Stanley
    Jacob Stanley

    why do you make weird faces?

  • Olivia Animations
    Olivia Animations

    Also there’s like no boys in her school that’s at least a few inches taller than her? Like I kinda get her being taller than every girl sort off but I’m pretty sure at least half the male students are taller than her!

  • Heel Haseeb
    Heel Haseeb

    Why are there 5k dislikes?

  • Gordon Denny
    Gordon Denny

    I have a friend who was 6'5 last year. I AM FOURTEEN

  • Dogski28

    This entire movie feels like it should be a post on r/thathappened.

  • sophia innit
    sophia innit

    8:54 Me:*inhale* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



  • HuskyGamez Roblox
    HuskyGamez Roblox

    I’m 10 and I’m 5 feet or 4 feet idk but uhh 16 6’1!?!???! Well I’m turning 11 so I’m 5 YEARS LEFT TO BE 16 AND IM 5 OR 4 FEET!?!?! IM ALMOST AS TALL AS MY 36 YEAR OLD MOM!?!?!

  • Caleb Klabenes
    Caleb Klabenes


  • John Morrow 2
    John Morrow 2

    My brothers 6/7

  • Boo

    ok but like 6'1? i- that's not THAT tall

  • Savannah Correia
    Savannah Correia

    Bully: How's the Weather up there? Me if i was her: *violent winds* **kicks**

  • Yelyah

    Well at least if you r really tall u can be a model or clean the ceilin but if u really short life is hard

  • trudytfj

    5:30 when you try to compliment someone

  • trudytfj

    Heh... I'm the tallest person in my year... Out of 360 kids 🧐 It's not even bad. Then only thing that's bad is when anyone tries to make a conversation is that they always start with 'Wowww how are you so tall'... WELL IDK HOW ARE Y'ALL SO SMALL

  • Lauren Muller
    Lauren Muller


  • Mr Redneck
    Mr Redneck

    If she’s 6’1 and that much taller than everyone, me being 6’4” I must look huge

  • Wookie Commander
    Wookie Commander

    If I ever stream on twitch I’m using that “super convenient convenience” as my sub ringer 7:56 holy crap when that piano starts playing the tone takes such a weird turn I swear it feels like two completely different scenes

  • Catermelon Eng.
    Catermelon Eng.

    }:< {:]

  • Catermelon Eng.
    Catermelon Eng.

    And then PewDiePie- Me: !?!!!!?!!! 3#&):(@@):@@@@

  • Satan

    I am a secret fan of "Sierra Burgess is a Loser" because the sunflower thing was kind of cute.

  • William Seddon
    William Seddon

    The one boy is from Middle School worst years of my life

  • bw gaming
    bw gaming

    please do babysitters gaide on monster hunting

  • Emily Landoll
    Emily Landoll

    Guys and Dolls is one of my favorite musicals....

  • Xx ArriaxX
    Xx ArriaxX

    Can. Do santa girl its the weirdest mivie ever

  • Elsie Price
    Elsie Price

    I don’t know about you guys but I absolutely hate the outfit she wore at the end like it would’ve been the perfect opportunity to wear a red dress and actually look nice and like she could win a man but she just doesn’t look good it is doesn’t look nice I’m so sorry JOdy ...

  • catastrophebaby kaulitz
    catastrophebaby kaulitz

    Being a taller girl sucks man like I’m 5’5 (average right?) WRONG!!! Cause I’m not like 5’1 most average guys give me shit and get weird if I wear platform shoes

  • doktor

    Bruh, I am 14 old boy and I am 6.1 foot tall

  • Connie Chung
    Connie Chung


  • I is Alessandra
    I is Alessandra

    yOu thInk yOuR lIfE iS hArD wElL I’m tHe oNe wEarInG 13 sIzE nIkeS mEnS (ง'̀-'́)ง

  • floopnoodle

    i dont even have air forces, now thats hard

  • Rayaan Dirie
    Rayaan Dirie

    Jodie: Beat that Me: I'm a black Muslim female...

  • Fusion Chocoerosion
    Fusion Chocoerosion

    being tall would be badass, here this girl complaining for no reason

  • Ashley Mendoza
    Ashley Mendoza

    So everybody is going to ignore that he said the girl took PEWDIEPIE away !!!

  • MrMustache

    12:45 I died laughing

  • Nathan Jordon
    Nathan Jordon

    She ain't tall the guys are just short like wtf the average guy would be atleast her height or atleast just shy of it. She might be tall for a girl but this films imagery displays it like she's the tallest girl in America. I remember thinking like wtf I'm 6'2 and I haven't stopped growing yet this film is offensive af lmao

  • qt sarah
    qt sarah

    i love how she thinks her life is so hard bc shes tall, when being tall is an advantage. Like you could literally *beat someone up so easily* so why didnt she do that

  • Sharon Grant
    Sharon Grant

    i keep cringin

  • Sharon Grant
    Sharon Grant

    u think you should check out de movie raise the bar

  • Nath

    Racism? Nah! Deadly diseases? Nah! A little higher than the other girls? *YES, LET'S MAKE IT A PROBLEM*

  • Alice Potter
    Alice Potter

    Stig: uHhH u got beeg hands ;-; He still not know how to compliment a girl 👁👄👁

  • _ Livvy _
    _ Livvy _


  • Sophie Steinacher
    Sophie Steinacher

    I really like this it's so entertaining. 😅

  • O Man
    O Man


  • Diane Coney
    Diane Coney

    Hah yodi

  • Claire Kaloostian
    Claire Kaloostian

    yo this is sooooooo true

    • Claire Kaloostian
      Claire Kaloostian

      5:29 who is the real girl the one with all the make up (stig) or the 6ft 1/2 girl

  • Lindela _
    Lindela _

    Alex is not letting go of the Guys and Dolls thing😂😂😂

  • Lindela _
    Lindela _

    This video saved me the energy I would have lost watching this movie

  • Jusstt Mayy
    Jusstt Mayy

    Jodie is literally Betty Cooper but taller

  • Akhil Teja
    Akhil Teja

    I really enjoyed this rant.. good job 👍

  • Cole Buckon
    Cole Buckon

    Hey now, being tall is quite the cross the bear. If she goes to Japan, she could get a concussion from slamming her head into low door frames. (Perhaps she'd even slam it on the same door three times in one day ... not that I'd ever do something so moronic myself ...)

  • Natsuki Keener
    Natsuki Keener

    'Really the Rosa Parks of our generation" god I feel that. There are so many important and diverse people and their stories out there, why do we focus on a completely normal, white girl whose thinks she's different because she's tall. Why can't these mediocracies just admit that there is nothing special about them and the best way they can be good people is by not crushing the people who are different?

  • Ivanna Solórzano
    Ivanna Solórzano

    I love the lady with the vacuum cleaner, for me, it is the best part of the video.

  • Froggy Chair studios
    Froggy Chair studios

    I new someone that was 6’7 at 11

  • Ennard Puppy
    Ennard Puppy

    *Swedish man assaulted with milk crate in local suburban house*

  • Bexy UwU
    Bexy UwU

    “Mom what are you doing with the jumbo swede” - Jack Dunkellman I love that line

  • Sassy Queen
    Sassy Queen

    Why does this movie seem like those thinks you see on Snapchat And everything in this movie is so random like my friend holds a crate and I still don't know why Like wtf

  • Isabel Shearer
    Isabel Shearer

    Wouldn’t be like so cool to be that tall

  • BroGo843scokt

    5:12 It's a SuPEr CONvenIEnT COINcidENcE

  • Joshua Coseteng
    Joshua Coseteng

  • Andrea Gobbato
    Andrea Gobbato

    Jodie: “i’m sixteen, six foot one...and a half” Me: Laughs in permanent unemployment

  • Choi Y / N
    Choi Y / N

    Wait, some people in the comments don’t understand being tall- I’m tall.. and when ur tAlL.. people sometimes make fun of u and it can ruin ur self esteem. But then, all u gotta do.. is spit on them and say “raining” when they ask how the weather is.. Or.. say “idk, hows the weather down there?”

  • Sage Lamey
    Sage Lamey

    I honestly don't understand why people enjoy and even watch your content it sucks and it's kind of sad that this is what you do for a living.

  • Giancarlo Marquez
    Giancarlo Marquez

    Taylor swift more like super taller swift

  • Giancarlo Marquez
    Giancarlo Marquez

    When she gets up

  • Bailey Mattos
    Bailey Mattos

    simple plan is top tier

  • Olson Vlogs
    Olson Vlogs

    “Ya, you’ve got big hands.” *Jodie’s life* 😢😕

  • Kendall Bickford
    Kendall Bickford

    bro i live in cedar rapids iowa

  • Adam Rutger
    Adam Rutger

    He kind of looks like kwebbelkop.

  • Claudia Martinez
    Claudia Martinez

    as one of the tall girls ( or at east I consider myself according to my age and the average height of it) I'm actually confident in my height,because that shows people, mostly guys, to not mess with me.and no I don't harm them in any way possible , because all I have to do is stand up pretending i'm mad and all,because that's the only thing it takes to make them scared of me.but if I'm provoked I will drag someone shorter than me when they do cross the line.so what I'm saying is that if you are tall like me.don't think bad about it.use it to your'e advantage.(ps, I also have a deep foe a girl voice so that also adds to on how intimidating I really am )

  • ABC D Minus
    ABC D Minus

    I. Hate. This. Movie. So. Much.

  • Melissa Millien
    Melissa Millien

    Am I the only that gets twilight vibes from Jack watches Jody sleep? Creepy.

  • KM Hope
    KM Hope

    I watched Tall Girl ages ago and I just realized watching this HOLY FRICK IT'S LOVELY COMPLEX (to a degree)

  • Jonathan Tadele
    Jonathan Tadele

    Alex: This movie is dumb. Netflix: You've betrayed your homeland.

  • Grace

    "I wear men's size 13 Nike's cause I'm pretty tall" My aunt just started kemo and has 2 kids and 5 neccies and 3 nefewis

  • Abigail Jockle
    Abigail Jockle

    She should have been 8 feet

  • Puppy Power
    Puppy Power

    When I was 10 I had size 7 feet

  • Zippy

    "So what's this movie about?" _"It's about a girl who's tall!"_ "Okay, and..?" _"She's tall!"_ "Okaaay yeah yeah, but what else?" _"She has a sister and it's very clichéd!"_ "Sold!!"

  • Ruby Wilson
    Ruby Wilson

    Honestly, I ship Jack and Kimmy most of all, as non canon

  • N1ck ッ
    N1ck ッ

    4:15 That’s Angela Kinsey👌 Only real fans know her 🔥

  • Cris Tina
    Cris Tina

    It's like if Ducky got the girl at the end of Sixteen Candles

  • Allie C
    Allie C

    She’s 6’1 like no one cares😂

  • Sean Herrera
    Sean Herrera

    watch the last airbender movie

  • Eve west
    Eve west

    I am like, almost as tall as my mom, and my life isn't as perfect as her's. Pls tell me why I can afford not whining, but she can't.

  • Leo Stauber-Levy
    Leo Stauber-Levy

    basket ball players *pressed* rn

  • Epic_Gamer0909

    im in 6th grade and my friend is 6.2 ft tall lol

  • Devon Johnston
    Devon Johnston

    It’s a good movie but when the premise is so stupid it has no chance at being good

  • Bloom

    Dude- my friend is 12 and she is taller then me and I’m 16- so..