Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
Tall Girl Netflix Reaction Animation
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The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
The Princess Switch is the dumbest christmas movie...
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a weird show...
Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...
Insatiable really is the dumbest show...
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    hey everyone thanks for watching. don't forget to subscribe, click the bell, and follow me on twitter twitter.com/JudgeOfTheKings and if you're a fan of Guys and Dolls, that's fine. but like why

    • Ultraguest

      Boys don’t like her cause they don’t want to have a gf taller then them

    • Video game channel
      Video game channel

      @Rem bruh it says 340

    • Rem

      400the reply

    • Chris C
      Chris C

      because its stupid and funny.

    • TinneygamerFN _
      TinneygamerFN _

      what about me i live in ohio thart5s kind of offensive

  • Kennedy jo Banks
    Kennedy jo Banks

    The moral of the story is love who you are

  • Zack F
    Zack F


  • These Are Words
    These Are Words

    Me who is tiny: 🤔🤨hmm..🤔🤨

  • Connor Wiedeman
    Connor Wiedeman

    She wasn't tall everyone else was just short

  • Mihael Klicek
    Mihael Klicek

    I love the tumbmail tall girl is kinda dumb Me: uh ok....

  • Random .x
    Random .x

    Ok I know this movie is supposed to be like heart full but like that dress at the prom was hideous 😭

  • Karina Salgado
    Karina Salgado

    "Kinda dumb?" Hah! It's so stupid I actually kinda enjoyed it but not really.

  • Kenleigh Black
    Kenleigh Black

    I'm in 7th grade and a boy in my class is 6foot and he is one of the popular kids and Jodie and 16 and 6foot and people think she is a freak. This movie is really unrealistic

  • gogi fanfiction
    gogi fanfiction

    There is actually people who hate this movie- what?!

  • Sheeba Khan
    Sheeba Khan

    5:30 and 7:30 why in hell is PewDiePie wearing beanstalks sweater

  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist

    I don't know where this girl lives at but 6'1" is that that goddamn tall

  • •Aesthetic vibes•
    •Aesthetic vibes•

    She thinks her life is hard because she's wearing size 13 male Nikes I've had glass go through my knee before ON MY BROS BIRTHDAY AND ITS WAS A BOUNCY CASTLE PARTY AND I COULD NOT JUMP AND THATS THE POINT OF BOUNCY CASTLE PARTIES And I've had three kittens die when they were only two weeks old and my family has a history of getting skin cancer and I have depression... and my pet frog ran away... and I have school in a week… And I get fat shamed a lot.... don't know why I am bringing this up. And the only thing that's happy about my life is I have two cats actually infinity cats and my birthday's tomorrow

  • Ellizabeth Redd
    Ellizabeth Redd

    I hate that she acts like the tall people are the ones with issues. I get it, she’s taller than average, but you know what’s tough? Being smaller than average. I’m short. It’s horrible. I’m always judged for it, but do you see Netflix movies being made about smaller people? No. Isn’t that kind of unfair? Just my opinion, no hard feelings though.

  • slack clamp
    slack clamp

    I feel like every title he makes always has dumb and doesnt make sense in it

  • • cøøkie_møcha •
    • cøøkie_møcha •

    Meh be like when watching it: ._. oh

  • Bobby D
    Bobby D

    Which small town in Iowa are you from??!!

  • Thenoname 1667
    Thenoname 1667

    Lol luv this vid

  • jurassicboy8 8
    jurassicboy8 8

    I was fricking 4’9” during school

  • Olive Eggers
    Olive Eggers

    omgosh love your stuff keep doing what u do best ageen love ur stuff

  • lil_beans charm lindsey
    lil_beans charm lindsey

    11:16 me and my siblings fighting for my our older brother xbox. :> **also my sister is the oldest btw not my broher**

  • Jamie Stanway
    Jamie Stanway

    Tailer swift more like taller swift. Whaaa oh I get it. Lol

  • tiger Deffee
    tiger Deffee

    Might as well just make a film about my sister show about 2foot 5

  • Hencat2k

    My dad is taller than her and he is like three times older then her

  • Alejandro Adorno
    Alejandro Adorno


  • Certainly Spooky
    Certainly Spooky

    “How’s the weather up there?” “It’s raining” *spits in their face*

  • Peachi_ Berry
    Peachi_ Berry

    "He HaD tHe MiLk CrAtE FoR 10 YeARs JuST In CasE They EvEr-" LMAO

  • Lsabine1

    honestly it was dunklemans fault that stig turned into a lowkey asshole. bc he manipulated stig into getting what HE wanted

  • Joanne Iva
    Joanne Iva

    Bruh i know a guy thats 6,4 and 13 this chik is short

  • I drink tea Darling
    I drink tea Darling

    It’s a love square

  • mightywizard

    You grew up in Iowa! Me too! Only I live on the other side of the state. I know girls taller than her too.

  • Spiral Galaxy
    Spiral Galaxy

    I mean I’m 16 and I’m 6’3

  • Shadow Arceus
    Shadow Arceus

    you people in America are short as fuck if you bully someone for being 6'1 1/2". I'm 14 and 6'2" and most people in my class are not that much shorter. I mean come on what happened?

  • William Nash
    William Nash

    ok just saying i really liked this movie, its just a good movie in general

  • Bloons Master
    Bloons Master

    9:47 bro I so understand you!!!! I also sleep like that, but I live with my parents, so its kinda weird.

  • Purpaniac

    I had a girl at high that was 6.9 foot

    • Purpaniac


  • Jace Williams
    Jace Williams


  • Fricken

    my brothers 6,3 and i call him short tf.

  • Taylor Granger
    Taylor Granger

    did anyone else see that Jodie is wearing the same sweater when they were playing the piano and when steg walked into the cafeteria lol just me?!?!?

  • Andy’s Place
    Andy’s Place

    🇸🇪 Sweden 🇸🇪 has MEATBALLS and TALL PEOPLE IN SWEDEN 🇸🇪

  • potato studios
    potato studios

    Ur art style is kinda dumb

  • IceCreamYummy

    The people who disliked are tall people who enjoyed the movie. Lmao.

    • IceCreamYummy

      @Mrs. Blue Nacho Welp my friend is tall and she’s the only one who enjoyed the movie. Ah well... XD

    • Mrs. Blue Nacho
      Mrs. Blue Nacho

      I really doubt any tall people actually enjoyed this cause its completely inaccurate X'D

  • Adrian Sowma
    Adrian Sowma

    Being tall isn’t bad it’s fricking AMAZING it’s so cool

  • easpye

    lol make a movie about me I'm 18 and I fit on age 37 clothes

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank

    The only girl that was taller than me in high school was 6 foot 7

  • Kolos Ézsiás
    Kolos Ézsiás

    Is a plant growing in your dogs mouth

  • Kolos Ézsiás
    Kolos Ézsiás

    Tall girl really is the next netflix movie is gonna be black girl

  • TheRealPiplup

    Why is it he can make an movie he reviews seem cringe even if you watch the movie after it is still cringe.

  • Anto Anto
    Anto Anto

    Listen Im a 13yo and Im 5'4, I know people who are 6'1 and my head reaches the top of their shoulder!!! Soo unless most of the actors were 5'4 I don't see the problem of being 6'1🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂

  • Celia Filler
    Celia Filler

    everyone watching the video me: THE MOM IS ANGELA FROM THE OFFICE

  • Bailey Gray
    Bailey Gray

    grown ups 2 and 1

  • Eliana Ficher
    Eliana Ficher

    is this all you do on your channel

    • The Alchemist
      The Alchemist

      it's what he's paid to do, yes. Like Cinema Sins.

  • Angilyica

    My dad is like literally six inches taller then her

  • Rona Chavez
    Rona Chavez

    I love the movie tall girl

  • Kiera

    Why does Stig look like Walmart-Version Troy from HSM

  • salty

    im litterally 5,10 and im 12

    • FlamboFire Wisbey
      FlamboFire Wisbey


  • Franzer Hej Alonday
    Franzer Hej Alonday

    When your tall and someone says how's the weather up there just say it's raining and spit on them

  • Penny Potter
    Penny Potter

    Everyone to all the tall girls inn my school: WOW ur so LucKY CausE ur tALLlLl

  • Jack Frye
    Jack Frye

    Tall girl ain’t even close to pretty bro 💀

  • Rusher

    Rambo: "I was a veteran in Vietnam and have severe ptsd after being tortured and watching multiple of my friends die, I have now learned that the last of my fellow soldiers I fought with died of a disease." "YOU THINK YOUR LIFE IS HARD TRY WEARING NEN 13 SIZED NIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Mikayla QUAYLE
    Mikayla QUAYLE

    Jodie is exactly like me we both are blond and both tall as

  • Chicken Chips
    Chicken Chips

    As a tall girl, this is fairly inacurrate, the only thing a little annoying about it is how in every conversation you have with a new friend is just how tall you are.

  • Active C
    Active C

    8:55… you uh… you got a problem with Ohioians?.. btw we don’t have an accent.

  • 「 peachiiru 」
    「 peachiiru 」

    Bro, she’s 6.1? Geez, I’ll beat your challenge, I’m 4.3. Being small is honestly horrible. I would be lucky enough to be 6.1-

  • Alonzo Nisperos
    Alonzo Nisperos

    in the real world the tall dood is on the other side of the stick

  • Wolf Melon
    Wolf Melon

    Jody looks like she could punt kimmy

  • Sherine Anand Asir
    Sherine Anand Asir

    Do school of rock

  • MikoArtz !
    MikoArtz !

    Wait...6'1 is dat tall!? God i feel even shorter for a 5'1

    • F-A4 Survival Military Shovel Kit
      F-A4 Survival Military Shovel Kit

      Thanks for taking care of the gifts last year I know you and Santa and the other elves worked hard and i wanna say thanks

  • Imma T. Roll
    Imma T. Roll

    I was 5-11 by 12

  • Jayvyn Kinyanjui
    Jayvyn Kinyanjui

    She’s talking about being 6’1 1/2 as a junior wear size 13 shoes, bruh I’m a 5’8 sophomore wearing size 14 shoes.

  • MrYes yes
    MrYes yes

    7:07 *GORL*

  • Olivia Harris
    Olivia Harris

    No Frickin Way Youre a fellow IOWAN

  • Trey Basel
    Trey Basel

    Good guy is two words idiot

  • Jacob does YouTube
    Jacob does YouTube

    5:35 And my hands are so big that they make up like 20% of my arms

  • TEK DEQ lol
    TEK DEQ lol

    16 year old and 6,1 girl: omg my life is so hard That 14 year old 7,3 boy: (“*pain*”)

  • Tammy R
    Tammy R

    Did any one notice that Jack's mom is not the same race as him and I am not a racist OK people

  • SavageREX200

    ever romantic scene in this video I was 😴😴😴 the rest 😐😐😐

  • Livia Cottam
    Livia Cottam

    Okay in the start of the movie when she was talking about her shoe size literally I saw a boy like the same height as her literally

  • Jade Wilson
    Jade Wilson

    Stig: Yup you've got big hands! Me: Your lucky that your cute and have a good accent or you would be looking down at me from the heavens! Tall girl is not that dumb is telling about how you should always be yourself but then...when you think about it....It is kinda dumb but also sooooo good O~O -_-ll

  • Dylan Duffy
    Dylan Duffy

    oh my, I got to hand it to the grandma she really helped my eyes

  • Emmanuel Adesina
    Emmanuel Adesina

    What movie do you really like

  • Pappai

    But, like, my friend is 6'2 and is 14, how is 6'1 for a 16 yo tall?

  • Your Name
    Your Name

    I'm speak Swedish and the accent was so forced-

  • Aqueous_Fireball

    **tall guy walks in** Me: why is Legolas in a teen RomCom?? I just don't understand.

  • CANANT Do it
    CANANT Do it

    Aww aw aw

  • Liz Decapro
    Liz Decapro

    "What's this about?" "*a tall girl*" "And....?" "*a tall girl*" My brother who is 30-something has two kids one of age 5 and another of age 3 and is just 5'2: am I joke to you

  • Slim Pickens
    Slim Pickens

    people in the comments are asking "what's she struggling with? her life is perfect" to name a few : Bullying humiliation which single-handedly can drive someone to suicide or let's see....how about the fact that literally, almost every single person in this comment section is taking her feelings lightly, even worse completely ignoring how bad she might feel, even if it's for an unreasonable reason such as " I'm tall" you should respect someone's feelings....it bothers her alot.....sure she's pretty, sure she's got a nice place and loving family....public humiliation ever since she was a kid made her insecure....that girl Kimmy isn't even as pretty as she is and yet with her confidence she kept breaking her through bullying.

    • The Alchemist
      The Alchemist

      okay but this movie is not very accurate. sure, tall people get bullied for their height but not as badly as this movie shows. they don't get as much negative commentary on their height as much as people who are under average height do. as a very tall female, the most you get is teasing and when you meet new people your first conversation is about how tall you are.

  • Natsuki

    This show is weird

  • fishY •
    fishY •

    If I were them I wouldn’t make fun of a person so tall they could easily just knock you over Not very smart

  • fishY •
    fishY •

    “Stop agreeing with everything I’m saying” “Ok” “UUUUGGGGH”

  • Linkoln Ose
    Linkoln Ose

    No way I am 11 and I am growing up in Iowa

  • Jordan Charneco
    Jordan Charneco

    Hey,Guys and Dolls is the name of my show choir 😂😭

  • Rami Traboulssi
    Rami Traboulssi

    Bruh I am 12 and I am 6,4

    • Rami Traboulssi
      Rami Traboulssi

      @The Alchemist Nah man no cap can i not just be tall?

    • The Alchemist
      The Alchemist

      my cap sensors just went off the scale holy shit

    • F-A4 Survival Military Shovel Kit
      F-A4 Survival Military Shovel Kit

      Bro that shit was so cap I started levitating and shit

  • Alli the CinnamonBun
    Alli the CinnamonBun

    I... just... realized that Jodis mom plays Angela in the office... 0_o

  • Hayden4da Win
    Hayden4da Win

    Bruh this isn’t funny, I actually get bullied for being short

    • The Alchemist
      The Alchemist

      fr, like I can think of about 10 or so insults for a short person than I can for a tall person, tall people don't suffer that much

    • Hayden4da Win
      Hayden4da Win

      Amity Blight ur right this movie is really dumb and makes 0 sense,

    • Amity Blight
      Amity Blight

      Whoever bullies you is an idiot. But dude this movie is super dumb- Jodies blonde, Straight, Rich, Blue eyed, White, Lives in a mansion, Sis who cares about her, And kind parents

  • Chris C
    Chris C

    While Kimi and Jodi fight over him, and Jack tries to fight him over Jodi, Stig is just trying to learn the language.

  • Doc


  • makairamichi

    Did anyone notice how Jack’s black eye shifted from his right eye to his left???😐

  • fade ez claps
    fade ez claps

    My friends brother is 15 years old and 6' 4"

  • Camilla Shultz
    Camilla Shultz

    I just realized you have green popcorn XD