Outer Banks is a weird show...
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Love Is Blind is the dumbest show I've ever seen...
Fifty Shades of Grey is hilariously dumb...
iCarly was a weird show...
Teen Beach Movie is kinda dumb
YOU is a weird show...
Anne with an E is pretty great

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  • Pepe Is King
    Pepe Is King

    hOw dArE YoU oFFeNd ouTeR BaNkS

  • Lora Glenn
    Lora Glenn

    As someone born and raised NC and loves the Outer Banks (the place) the fact that it's called "Outer Banks" (NC) but filmed in SC infuriates me.

  • Simp Zilla
    Simp Zilla

    Worst written show ive ever seen. The fact yall like it is embarrassing af

  • Sofia Adriana Cerna
    Sofia Adriana Cerna

    Why do I always confuse ‘On My Block’ with ‘Outer Bank’. They don’t have anything to do with eachother except they’re both on Netflix.

  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren

    Hey, that’s Indra from The 100! 7:16

  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren

    I hate the color tone this show has.

  • C.I.A

    I’m in love with this show

  • Bailey Charlow
    Bailey Charlow

    Bad show

  • Katelyn Hiles
    Katelyn Hiles

    outerbanks is not a weird show

  • Porter Maddy
    Porter Maddy

    DID YOU CALL JJ HOT LMAO I LOVE YOU also i love outerbanks

  • Stefanie Van Huyssteen
    Stefanie Van Huyssteen

    It is not weird

  • Ruby Bergin
    Ruby Bergin

    Don't care what this dude says I only come to this channel to defend the pouges and the Hargreaves siblings

  • Daphne_488

    This is the Lesser Hidden Palms. Thank God, I discovered the Real Housewives franchise and Selling Sunset. Edit: that show hates Black people to the core 😳

  • LuchusPlayz

    How is it weird

  • nassan

    I got a unhealthy addiction to this show

  • Fierce Tigergirl
    Fierce Tigergirl

    I’ll admit, Outerbanks is a bit weird, but I love me a good mystery/treasure hunt. The more episodes I watched, the more Uncharted vibes I got from the series and that’s what made me really fall in love with the series. Can’t wait for the second season!😁

  • Hayden

    i mean this doesnt seem wrong but its not very weird tbh

  • Divya Pahwa
    Divya Pahwa

    first show that i’m interested and they need to release season 2 now.

  • Connor Sklar
    Connor Sklar

    You should do daybreak on netflix

  • ItzMeCloudy

    grady white grady is my last name


    Me to

  • sreevidya


  • Nova Clan
    Nova Clan

    Bro this show is so good can’t wait for season 2 best show

  • Ariistra

    I hated the girl of the group the whole time. She's so annoying and she's just oh so quirky

  • Feroza Raufi
    Feroza Raufi

    i just watched this video to see if you were right, you werent and you did not change my mind

  • Amanda Cottrill
    Amanda Cottrill

    Love love love love this show!!

  • Rose Ava
    Rose Ava


  • Rose Ava
    Rose Ava

    Really you say everything is stupid or dumb or stupid so what the heck do you watch

  • JJ

    I never liked this show. thought it was boring and somewhat cliché. The storyline is super predictable. No wow scenes. It's so slow and meh. Honestly i find it way over rated

  • Lanii JKV
    Lanii JKV

    To me Outer Banks is liek the South Carolina version of On My Block. Think abt it, the storylines are so similar

  • Kaitlyn L.
    Kaitlyn L.

    I love this show so much! It’s literally one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. It also kinda reminds me of the book/movie The Outsiders which I also love!

  • Brianna C Reacts
    Brianna C Reacts

    Some of these moments have a "The OC" vibe to it, which kinda makes sense.

  • TheWolfsJustAPup

    This was just so anti climactic 8:18

  • Cali P
    Cali P

    I love this show and I’m offened

  • CG Production
    CG Production

    Outer Banks is a great show. I can't wait for season 2

  • Olivia Rayne
    Olivia Rayne

    Im personally in love with outer banks I think its a great show it has its turn of weird events but I think its great it also came out on my birthday lol

  • liyah

    i just finished & im confused, kinda bored yet, in love with jj so i kept watching

  • Isaiah11p

    Why didn’t John B go straight to the cops after he almost got killed by Ward and talked to scooters wife? And why is scooters wife all weird she had all this information and never told anyone. If John B had done the thing 99% of people would do in his situation(go to the cops) all their problems woulda been solved.

  • Jasmine Oldham
    Jasmine Oldham

    Alex could do the cheesy Freddie Prinze Jr. movies they were so unrealistic and cringe looking back now.

  • Azu

    Bruh I love you are roasting John b but you are probably 40 and a bony dude

  • Ishita Gupta
    Ishita Gupta

    Stfu bitch I'm gonna come at u

  • Akkio Seta
    Akkio Seta

    Is it me or is this Riverdale without sex. Buff “teens” Drama between family Drinking parties Mystery Stereo typical characters Fighting Teen conflict.

  • Sephora Cameron
    Sephora Cameron

    I love Outerbanks :D

  • destiny gonzalez
    destiny gonzalez


  • Singin' Sisters
    Singin' Sisters

    One of the things that pulls at my strings the most, is that these kids are supposed to be from Outer Banks North Carolina. The only one on the show that has an accent remotely, is JJ. Also JJ is the funniest character 🤣🤣😂😂


    9:22 Don’t do pope like that Jonathan daviss is only 21 😭😭

  • Iris s
    Iris s

    It’s a good show

  • Hub Dupuis
    Hub Dupuis

    feels more like a sub par summary (i dont meant it in a mean way it might just not be my type of humor) of the first episode

  • Caroline Gephart
    Caroline Gephart

    nahhh this show slaps i love it ps i am married to JJ

  • Isabella Sims
    Isabella Sims

    Outer banks is amazing

  • gergana gergana
    gergana gergana

    I almost died when he said our little scooby doo dude 😂😂😂😂

  • Catriona Bruce
    Catriona Bruce

    Jhon B "Who disappears at sea these days?" Me after watching episode 10: "YOU!"

  • Pedro's Gaming!
    Pedro's Gaming!

    that police officer at 7:30 is indra from the, The 100!

  • Daniel Sledjeski
    Daniel Sledjeski

    this was actually not that bad they did have a little bit of douchey steryotypes but i liked it even though the ending was kinda stupid and streached on, i still think it was not a bad show

  • Akila Yaw
    Akila Yaw

    Me: sees outer banks and the world weird in the same sentence Also me: EXCUSE MEEEEEE!!!! Ummmm NOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • INTP 5w6 lol
    INTP 5w6 lol

    The first movie Alex sits and watches the movie alone..

  • Randyman Maximus
    Randyman Maximus

    Ever notice in shows and movies no one knows a hurricane/typhoon is coming despite how they would know a week ahead?

  • Curie Thota
    Curie Thota

    Is the police officer Adina Porter???!! AAAAAAA (I've never watched the show before but now I am)

  • Jordan Greene
    Jordan Greene

    It’s honestly not that bad 😂 like the cast is hot but that’s definitely not their meal ticket unlike river dale. The plot is still good, I enjoy the characters, and the story makes sense 😂 like yes it’s a bit outlandish but I can still think to myself “ oh so he did this to do that and to help that” like everything can connect lol

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis

    i live on figure eight and its nothing like that and the outer banks is like 2 hours away from figure eight

  • isaac fooster
    isaac fooster

    I honestly had my doubts about this show...but now I am obsessed over it and over my beloved JJ..

  • livie loeffler
    livie loeffler

    This show. THIS SHOW. omg this show is the best show ever.

  • Verbear !
    Verbear !

    The girl who only hangs out with guys why u gotta call me out alex

  • K C
    K C

    Why does John B’s dad look like Simon Cowell?

  • DrewTB0319

    please do more outer banks its so funny.

  • Hansel Martinez
    Hansel Martinez

    This is when they got a divorce notice he stopped animating in the dog and his wife

  • Anna

    Is anyone similar to the "He is only a brother to me." "Doesn't matter!!" situation??

  • Reine Al Bayaa
    Reine Al Bayaa

    i love you alex too much you always make my day and i'm always laughing my ass off. THANK YOU FOR BEING TOOOO AMAZING

  • The Gloss Shop Lipgloss
    The Gloss Shop Lipgloss

    love this show along with the society, on my block, and umbrella academy! also anyone know how to thread a sewing machine im in home ec

  • Sara Yildirim
    Sara Yildirim

    So all he did was hate on the film?

  • casuallysana

    i love how he absolutely *CANNOT* mention jj's gun bc youtube is a snowflake LMAOSOAOSOASD

  • ChloeRainbowBlast

    Not you trying to make fun of outer banks 🤚🙈

  • Reilly Johnson
    Reilly Johnson

    8:17 what is up that dance

  • Mare Malvīne Īstenā
    Mare Malvīne Īstenā

    I looooooved this show. I just hope they don't mess it op.

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga

    the little police officer animation is the best fucking thing i love it so much

  • Al3x be Mad
    Al3x be Mad

    I actually had or have guy friends that have girlfriends so they never loved me 😎

  • Bassin with Jackson
    Bassin with Jackson

    ngl there are some weird things in this show but you can’t lie, this show is such a vibe and it’s soooo good especially for a “teen” show

  • Cebsile P Nxumalo
    Cebsile P Nxumalo

    Outer banks was pretty dope

  • The Light
    The Light

    Wow Pope (the "black one") is the youngest of them (of all the teens) and he looks like it. How can you put him among the old looking actors? This lack of interest for anything that isn't white is getting pretty absurd.

  • Ericka Williams
    Ericka Williams

    From north carolina. It's heavy on the teenage drama.

  • Chidera Michelle
    Chidera Michelle

    Question... Does Alex SERIOUSLY judge a whole show by just watching ONE episode?? Coz if he does then I get why most of his videos have dumb at the end😐 he just hasn't actually watched anything

  • Nightmare Gaming
    Nightmare Gaming

    I liked it a lot

  • Isabella Brown
    Isabella Brown


  • Emma Camper
    Emma Camper

    If Addison Rae is in season 2 ima just delete Netflix

  • Ricardo Theotis
    Ricardo Theotis

    6:57 this representation of how the fight actually went down in the episode kills me everytime ☠️☠️🤣🤣

  • Narrator8534

    I rlly like this show

  • Tommy Acuna
    Tommy Acuna

    so many loop holes in the show

  • 28 Stab Wounds
    28 Stab Wounds

    Me, being a girl who has mainly guy friends: *chuckles* I'm in danger

  • J S
    J S

    Very cheesy and predictable, last few episodes are a bit shaky-but it’s a fun show to watch

  • Dansabot

    I run with the boys and am gay . So yeah theres two types of girls who run with the boys.

  • CraftyCarrot

    What ruined the show for me wasn’t the premise, it was knowing the fact that they filmed all of it in South Carolina. Because anyone who’s been to OBX knows it doesn’t look anything like it does in the show.

  • ArtisticBeauty by Hanako
    ArtisticBeauty by Hanako

    We love when guys snub nlogs and 'cool girls' helps the ones irl realize how ridiculous they look flexing and preening 😂😌

  • Crystal Francisco
    Crystal Francisco

    I loved outer banks and I really hope they make a second season 😫

  • Fred Vima
    Fred Vima

    outer banks is the shittiest popular netflix show ever made CMV

  • Dominic zande
    Dominic zande

    You’d only understand if you grew up in nc

  • It's London Love
    It's London Love

    7:11. Indra???? Oh how I’ve missed u Indra

  • Karen Garcia
    Karen Garcia

    How is it weird?

  • Sarah Mekking
    Sarah Mekking

    The 2.45 doesnt matter made me die. Lmao!!

  • Evelyn Mihai
    Evelyn Mihai

    Sara is the worst character I HATE her

  • kamson cres
    kamson cres

    its a really good show tho , considering