Doin' The Devil's Tango Podcast Ep. 1 - Looking through your boyfriend's phone
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  • Bilge Akalın
    Bilge Akalın

    Im hapoy that he is happier now he deserves it 😭

  • Voice of Neha
    Voice of Neha

    I thought he made these voice on purpose but his voice is real LMAOO. Also Alex thank you for teaching me about a toxic relationship

  • thecluttereddesk 222
    thecluttereddesk 222

    Me: gets relationship advice from a random dude on the internet. My brain: “Write that down, write that down!”

  • Stephen Banda
    Stephen Banda

    This was great. Cant wait to listen to the rest!

  • Kelsey Baloney
    Kelsey Baloney

    Last ones easy. “I’d love to cook for you.” “Idk how my GIRLFRIEND would feel about that.”

  • Nittya Rizza
    Nittya Rizza

    The second story? I feel SEEN. Ladies reading this: LEAVE NOW because it only gets worse. And when you leave, you'll finally (eventually) be able to sleep at night knowing that you're not being cheated on. And you will find someone who only has eyes for you.

  • Tiffany Blair
    Tiffany Blair

    Yeah I'm 22

  • Talha Hossain
    Talha Hossain

    I feel betrayed, all this time I thought Alex was a socially inept and deprived human like me but he's happy as shit, like WTF.

    • Isaiah Mc Intosh
      Isaiah Mc Intosh

      He's grown with time and experience. Things weren't always peachy.


    Him: Dont be stupid Me: Shit

  • FroZen Oak
    FroZen Oak

    I'm 12 so uhyeah

  • E Zollinger
    E Zollinger

    I feel like a good rule of thumb with relationships are the three Cs: Communication Consent (from both) Common sense (AKA maturity)

  • kaeley kerns
    kaeley kerns

    "We talk sometimes we hang out sometimes I guess we're dating" literally a high school relationship

  • icantgetthenameiwanted

    Some ppl fake Their age

  • Joya Lewis
    Joya Lewis

    I can tell I’m gonna look this series a lot

  • Brook B
    Brook B

    .... did you just define "cool" as a guy with a mullet who drives a pick-up truck and has tons of pictures of himself holding fish? 🤣 Not that it's NOT cool... ya know... own your thing, enjoy what you like but... I love that THAT's your definition.

  • Alex S
    Alex S

    Good ol' Uncle Alex, layin down relationship truths

  • hii_im_trash

    just wanna say...YOURE THE COOLEST GUY I HAVE EVER SEEN❤️i hope every girl gets a cool guy like you🙏

  • Charlie Lutz
    Charlie Lutz

    I,m 9


    I’m a new subscriber and I’m really enjoying your new podcast ✨🌸

  • Josette Fret
    Josette Fret

    Me at several points in this podcast: oof!

  • Josette Fret
    Josette Fret

    Alex: I don't have a picture of me with a fish, I don't have a mullet or a truck. I like home decor and Disney movies. I'm an all or nothing kind of guy. Me: where have you been all my life!?

  • mushroom

    I love these podcasts. Wish i listen to these on Spotify on my way to office ❤️ Thanks man.

  • Annabelle

    I do have an opinion but I'd still like to hear yours - don't you think that gaslighting and manipulation like the 31 year old guy did is a sign that something is fundamentally broken? Do you actually think it's something that is possible and even worthy of discussing about? That it's ok for younger people to do (calling him childish)? In my opinion the only "help" is saying RUN.

  • Ayşegül Stephan
    Ayşegül Stephan

    Me,12,watching this👀☠️

  • Ana's Channel
    Ana's Channel

    im 13 lmao

  • Shayla Leski
    Shayla Leski

    Wow I didn’t realize it, but Alex is actually REALLY wise when it comes to dating advice. I didn’t realize someone could be this good at giving advice. 😂 Well good job Alex 👍

  • RATT

    Who else imagined his animations when he talked? no just me. ok

  • Lexa Barbulescu
    Lexa Barbulescu

    I need this on Spotify 😭😭😭

  • Sierra Lamance
    Sierra Lamance

    You should do "every which way" series please

  • elenabob

    The funny think is that you might not think that you are cool but your partner surely finds at least one thing cool in you :).

  • Nathan Rail-Road
    Nathan Rail-Road

    This is kinda like the weekly slap

  • ewe.linko

    if you want to live alone then do it. I told my boyfriend that when I move out from my parents I rather live by myself first before we live together if we are still together. I wanted to live alone first before even dating someone, I dream of living in my own mini house or an apartment, so I can learn to be on my own.

  • Gabrielle Lewis
    Gabrielle Lewis

    Alex: clearly people who watch my videos are not kids Me,12yrs old : ... ummmm

  • Talus St.Germain
    Talus St.Germain

    I think it is extremely important for you and your parter to share the same religious views and often have similar political views. This helps tone down fights and make you guys relate more. Idk maybe that's just me but I wouldn't be able to take someone who isn't in the same religious boat as me at least.

  • idmarts1

    Is your podcast on other apps?

  • I hate bananas
    I hate bananas

    I love hearing this at night calms me makes me laugh it's awesome

  • Madeleine Higgins
    Madeleine Higgins


  • Mika

    so relaxing, drinking my morning tea, playing osu while listening to this. One of my best mornings in a while.

  • majasteinchen

    My latest ex did talk to women who clearly hit on him and didnt mention me once. Some of them knew I existed but didn't care and he didn't mention me ever again. Sometimes he told me and thought that would be "being honest" and "being truthful". He didn't see any reason why he should mention me, "that would be weird". He usually would text or say things like "Last weekend I was hiking", he never said "we did this or that" or "my girlfriend said that or did this". He doesn't see why I wasn't satisfied with his strategy.

  • Kwadaja Munroe
    Kwadaja Munroe

    19:16 What if they are always fighting or sound like they are always fighting but they think of each other as their soul mates and you have to hear it everyday ? Btw we all live together

  • paper daddy_
    paper daddy_

    Him: most of my audience is 18 to 35 Me: 👁👄👁 bruh im 9

  • ArielLVT

    "I didn't want to say I was taken because the topic never came up" I don't totally disagree. The thing is, suddenly saying "I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!" has the hidden meaning of "I think you're trying to make a move on me because you find me attractive". Now, some folks may be totally cool with it and say something like "Okay! Thanks for letting me know!". Some folks get offended, "You think I was interested in you?! Me interested in you? God you're so arrogant!" Not everyone reacts to rejection with grace :P I've had multiple dudes tell me that I'm full of myself for mentioning that I have a partner when they were clearly about to ask for my number... so I get his trepidation.

  • xx

    34:27 alex serving us a “lipstick in my valentino white bag” moment

  • delloliod

    Look, I'm just going to be real, after 10 years of failed and sometimes abusive relationships I'm good. It took me so long to realize being single -- not something to be ashamed of. And I am actually enjoying my singledom finally instead of pining over the next person. Relationships are overrated. If you can't be alone with yourself who can you be with?

  • Jack Snack Reviews
    Jack Snack Reviews

    Wait did you get a divorce? Because I remember you said you had a wife

  • I have no patience
    I have no patience

    “18-35” “So, definitely not kids.” Me, a 16 year old: 👄👁👄

  • Galaxy

    I like the conversation we're having in this podcast^^ Little comment though: a lot of women I know (me included) complain about not being able to trust most guys because they interpret everything as flirting (being nice, courteous, laughing, talking seriously,....). If you feel like someone is flirting, hinting that you are taken can be a good idea, but please let's normalize respect and friendship as well. =)

  • sara martins
    sara martins

    "guys and girls and in between" not all men, you're right alex meyers would never

  • Arklados

    Home decor is awesome tbh.

  • Angie T
    Angie T

    God the first girl reminds me of my ex boyfriend. Happy relationship but just wants to be alone

  • PurpleU XOXO
    PurpleU XOXO

    👇 *is how much he said "you know"*

  • ScarletLeader

    In defense of the girl at the party, if a guy is alone at a party and talks to me through most of the night and never mentions a girlfriend, I would just assume he's single. Like, I'm a shy person so I wouldn't just ask people upfront if they're single (just because that seems a bit forward, and it's usually better to talk to the person anyways, before announcing interest like that). But usually, guys who have girlfriends (and are not looking to cheat) just don't do spend and entire night talking to a random girl at party without ever mentioning they're taken.

  • Kye Cats
    Kye Cats

    When the fu** did you start a podcast

  • KJ

    Is this on Spotify?

    • Pauline P.
      Pauline P.

      It is! There's 2 episodes up when I'm typing this comment

  • Preston RAHH
    Preston RAHH

    38:45 hyo

  • Aleah Dodson
    Aleah Dodson

    Also if your parents don’t like them there’s probably good reason

  • Darla R.
    Darla R.


  • Sierra Short
    Sierra Short

    Clearly the people who watch me are not kids *giggles in 13* okay whatever floats your boat

  • Aamir Qureshi
    Aamir Qureshi

    you are officially my favourite person on youtube :)

  • Félix Rodriguez
    Félix Rodriguez

    Man, this is a gold mine.

  • monica glavee
    monica glavee

    First story, being single is overrated

  • Jéssica Alves
    Jéssica Alves

    I had never realized how his voice is pleasant until this very moment. I'm totally relaxed and in love.

  • Ally

    Put your podcast on Apple podcasts! Or if there is a way to listen on this on Apple podcast someone please let me know! Can’t find it!


    I love this

  • The Chamomile Ghost
    The Chamomile Ghost

    Ah, yes hello fellow 18-35 year olds :)

  • Scott Peterman
    Scott Peterman

    so me and this girl, lexi, like each other right. and there's this guy named aiden who is lexi's ex. so with this she went back to school, and i am soon but this aiden guy he recentely was talking to lexi and i'm like: why don't you just block him? like alex said, and she actually has a good reason. she said he's going thru some stuff and y'know yada yada yada. so anyways. lexi goes back to school, and she said aiden was staring at her all day. so i'm just like hub- what? why don't you tell him about you and i and she's like: and want him to hate me? no thanks. but it's just like- W H Y. i dunno maybe she's secretly with him and hates me whatever. that's all really so. bye have a nice day!

    • Scott Peterman
      Scott Peterman

      @Pauline P. Well, I feel like 2 things I forgot to add is that Lexi wasn’t talking to Aiden, more or less Aiden was talking to her. Also, Lexi has a lot of anxiety, so I feel that may push her to not tell him about me. I don’t know honestly it’s just... she confuses me something’s not gonna lie lol. Edit: Also Lexi makes me so, so happy. Like I struggle with depression and she’s helped me so much with it. She’s an amazing person and I love her so, so much.

    • Pauline P.
      Pauline P.

      Have a conversation with her, tell her that you don't feel comfortable with her still talking with her ex and her ex not knowing about you. If you both agreed on having a monogamous relationship, I think she should make it clear that she is with someone. Don't stay with someone you can't trust, who doesn't respect your boundaries or doesn't make you happy, you deserve better. Hope you feel better

  • Amuu

    Im so happy this exists

  • Habeeb

    23:33 Alex I'm 19. I think I'm pretty smart😪

  • Bex

    Wow his voice sounds so diffrent

  • This Is Us Now!
    This Is Us Now!

    I really enjoyed this.

  • doro626

    30 is the new 18. So many immature people walking around in adult bodies these days. There are also a lot of people not willing to put the work in. As a beginning artist, my entire group thought it was the paper, or the pencil and the whatever trick that would make us better artists. You have to put in the work. The other thing is people have to use dating, for dating and not take the first relationship where you dont hate each other and say this is my husband or wife.

  • Vedanti Karna
    Vedanti Karna

    Alex meyers: My target demographic - 18-35 Me (a 10 year old): oh -beep-

  • Qiae

    No no no, it's not the girls responsibility to specifically ask him if he has a girlfriend. Like you said yourself, there's always so many opportunities for that to be either consciously or just naturally off handedly mentioned that I feel like, the way their conversation slowly progressed throughout the night, it would be safe to assume he's single if he hasn't mentioned her after a few hours of "deep" talking, or he's the dick he is by hiding it because he likes the attention and flirting. This is not on her. Also watching porn is not okay, especially in a relationship.

    • Pauline P.
      Pauline P.

      I agree with you on the first part, but not on the second. I think people should be able to do what they want in a relationship as long as every party is consenting. Communication is key in a couple, if your SO does something you don't like, tell them, find a way to sort it out. In my opinion, watching porn in a relationship is completely fine. If it's in a healthy way it won't really have any repercussion on the relationship. Now if you both agree on not watching porn and your SO still does it, then there might be an issue, which needs to be discussed. Set your boundaries and respect your partner's.

  • McKenzie Graham
    McKenzie Graham

    Am 9 I don’t care

  • מעין ללי
    מעין ללי

    Just wanted to say that was great. you analyze these stuff in a healthy, simple way and give great tips about how a good relationship looks like. If my English would have been a little better I'd sand you an Email, but I don't wanna embarrass myself with grammar mistakes in front of everyone, so... Just waiting for the next video and wanna say you're awesome. :)

  • Panek Kaitlyn.15
    Panek Kaitlyn.15

    When he thinks that his audience is 18-35.... I am 14👍🏻

  • Lu Han
    Lu Han

    It’s so nice of you to do an onlyfans for free!

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith


  • Ananya AS
    Ananya AS

    If I ever make a profile in a dating app, I'm gonna link this podcast and type if you don't agree with every single thing he says, then don't swipe right😂

  • LeoniejtePietje

    I need more! Will you make this a weekly thing?

  • miskelleneous k
    miskelleneous k

    Me being Muslim and having no plans to date but here I am listening to these podcasts, sipping my tea☕

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith

    I literally love this podcast!! i’ve been wanting him to make one for so long!!!!

  • Fancy G.
    Fancy G.

    “Cool guy” means having a mullet, holding fish, and owning a pickup truck.

    • Emerald Gaines
      Emerald Gaines

      Yeah, in my mind having these things means the exact opposite.

  • PikachuBoss

    Alex: "I had a mullet for a little while but that was because of the circumstances" Me: I want to know what the circumstances were!

  • judith morales
    judith morales

    Idk, about you guys but I like this? like if agree??

  • Kaylee Jewels
    Kaylee Jewels

    I'm so weird. I'm so single and I've just been laying here in my dorm agreeing with his advice...... like I would know!? I've listened to this entire thing. I may be single, but I know how I want to be treated. And Alex is spot on! I've followed him for over 2 years now. YOU'RE THE BEST ALEX

    • Pauline P.
      Pauline P.

      Exactly, it's always better to know what you want and have some expectations before being in a relationship !! Thisi way it's easier to realise if someone is good for you

  • Yas mine
    Yas mine

    In the end the kissing booth is helpful lol 😂😂

  • Coralinemz

    Really great podcast!!!!!! And it's true you have a really nice voice to listen to! By the way i love your videos so much!!

  • Angel B.
    Angel B.

    podcasts. Good idea. keep doing them! You're so right dood I just don't understand why people put up with people treating them like crap when they're dating

  • Luceritoluna ALP
    Luceritoluna ALP

    3:43 Amen to that

  • María Paniagua
    María Paniagua

    Can you put it on Spotify pleeeeeeease?

    • Pauline P.
      Pauline P.

      It's on spotify, there is 2 podcast up when I'm typing this comment :)

  • carmen claudia
    carmen claudia

    Do couple therapy. You're good at it. We'll back you up with advice.👍

  • derpfacedargon

    I am glad this not what I originally thought it was out of context

  • Es de ser inutiles
    Es de ser inutiles

    not even 3 min, i'm already loving this sh*t.

  • Jo Momma
    Jo Momma

    Hey Alex, does your podcast have a feed that allows other podcasting platforms to access them? If not, any chance you're looking it? I primarily listen to podcasts through Overcast and I can't find your podcast through it for some reason.

  • BixLovesLife

    I'm caught between being weirdly moved by the fact you met someone and are so happy with her, thx for tue update, you go dude - and making sarcastic comments about just how many times "my gurlfriend Kelsey" came up in these 45 minutes.

  • Tulika Chaudhury
    Tulika Chaudhury

    When alex said his girlfriend's the hottest girl in the world. AWWWWWWWWWW...

  • anonymous chopstick
    anonymous chopstick

    I’m 12

  • Kenn Aguirre
    Kenn Aguirre

    I'm currently researching and just basically studying for the next school year because I got bad grades this year. I've been writting down and reading a bunch of stuff and your voice has always helped me focus or sleep. I've been watching your videos, but just because of the genre you work with, I always stop to look at the scene your talking about. Obviously I'm not complaining becasue your videos are meant to be watched and not listened to. I was searching through your youtube channel to find a video to watch to write and I found this. I just wanted to say that this is very very helpful for my studying. So basically what ims aying is thanks this is super helpful and to continue this podcast :)

  • Livster Love
    Livster Love

    The flirting story was a situation I was in. 😡 i talked with this guy for half an hour and walked around looked at the Christmas lights just the two of us and talked about our lives and interests. I was totally head over heels and then a week later I found out on Instagram that he had a girlfriend the whole time!!! I was so mad and I felt sooo stupid and I’m sure he told her and probably made it sound like I hit on him which I just wanted to get to know him but he never mentioned it!