High School Musical The Musical The Series is hilariously dumb...
High School Musical The Musical The Series
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Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...
My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...
Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...
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  • Liz Hermina
    Liz Hermina

    so like........who's here after drivers licence? lol

  • Brooks 1206
    Brooks 1206

    this is lowkey the dollar store version of HSM

  • Angilyica

    the desc: help me get to 2mil subs! also him: now has 2m subs

  • M BN
    M BN

    Started this as a joke, but ended up loving it ahahaha

  • Nitro

    “And the first 15 minutes of the 2 sequels” wu. . . You say your a FAN?

  • Didi A
    Didi A

    even alex is tired of the sassy black friend sterotype

  • Potato Tomato
    Potato Tomato

    He should do season summaries of the shows he reviews.

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light

    I'm watching this and rewatching hsmtmts after drivers license.....

  • Diego

    4:22 no one: literally no one: Alex breaking the sound barrier: STOP

  • Livy Nicole
    Livy Nicole

    I'm here after the last episode of season one and LET ME TELL YOU IT SO GOOD😃👍

  • Crypto Genius
    Crypto Genius

    Im sorry Im still laughing about STOP

  • Wild wolfs gaming squad
    Wild wolfs gaming squad

    I met them in real life and they are jerks

  • Mr. Waffles
    Mr. Waffles

    God damn, is that camera bothering the shit out of anybody else? I know thats suppose to be a documentary esc style, but it's suppose to look like someone is holding a camera and atleast trying to keep it stable, not deliberately shake it around, there were scenes were it was literally shaking back and fourth

  • cookie monster
    cookie monster

    All I know from this movie is that Joshua "broke" up with Olivia (idk if they did correct me if im wrong) and Olivia made a song ab it called Drivers License.

    • cookie monster
      cookie monster

      @ZO DIAC no i think they broke up and thats why olivia wrote drivers lisence

    • ZO DIAC
      ZO DIAC

      They were together???

  • Anne Banga
    Anne Banga

    Tbh , great show but I don't like how it's a "documentary" it's kinda hard to cope

  • Lucas

    You ever had energy at 8:30?

  • Mr. Joker
    Mr. Joker

    I hate musicals

  • Etwana

    okok, no judgement but i watched it and i like it. ;-;

  • Rosé Torres
    Rosé Torres

    So do you hate everything??

  • juke365

    5:22 no one... talks like... that 7:26 gummy

  • iiBeachAesthetiicii

    Who forgot that Joshua Basset was in stuck in the middle and then was shocked when you rewatched stuck in the middle bc you thought he was a different person?

  • Pedro Seda
    Pedro Seda

    Stop hating on kid shows and movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Big Cringe
    The Big Cringe

    I watched one episode and it was ewww

  • David Alan
    David Alan

    “High school musical the musical the series the ride the video game the gummy vitamin” you know it’s coming!

  • Frank A Zupa
    Frank A Zupa

    I actually think Alex is the funniest guy on this app

  • Abigail Escobar
    Abigail Escobar

    I'm just curious here... Who's loving this and also a millennial? I haven't watched this yet tho

  • jimothy 03
    jimothy 03

    Wow, 1:15 in and I already feel attacked

  • Kieran Prior
    Kieran Prior

    I honestly came to this video thinking the title was like some satire, but ehm... nope

  • Carlos Bucheli
    Carlos Bucheli

    The voiceless sturgeon surely disagree because committee preauricularly untidy given a melodic cemetery. ratty, wooden gender

  • the neighborhood kid your mom forcesyoutoplaywith
    the neighborhood kid your mom forcesyoutoplaywith

    Finally someone with good taste who actually knows what good entertainment is

  • Brayden Didden
    Brayden Didden

    I died at the gummy vitamin🤣

  • p.mac

    I sadly liked this series

  • Isla O'Connor-Lu
    Isla O'Connor-Lu

    I love this guy

  • Angel

    No I like the idea that they did. You know if they came back in the actual high school music world after 13 years without the original cast, it would've been butchered and everyone would hate it. Doing it this way lowers people's expectations

  • Akuma no õ
    Akuma no õ

    It's actually a pretty good show

  • Connor Sklar
    Connor Sklar

    You should do daybreak on netflix

  • Sean Fries
    Sean Fries

    Please react to AUSTIN & ALLY

    • My father Shall hear about this!
      My father Shall hear about this!


  • IEmeraldM

    "The Mandalorian is a surprisingly great show"

  • Masifa Khurram
    Masifa Khurram

    Can y'all at least watch my edit on Nini and Ricky?

  • lovely tears
    lovely tears

    I mean the actors from the original movie are pretty supportive so Idk why yall mad. and plus the show is really good so what yall hating on

  • juke365

    4:14 STOP! 7:25 the gummy vitamin

  • Emmi

    The first 15 minutes of both sequels... well now I feel awkward for knowing all the words to all the songs from the second movie.

  • Jackson Weasley
    Jackson Weasley

    I like the HSMTMTS show....

  • Josefa Antonia MARTINEZ EDWARDS
    Josefa Antonia MARTINEZ EDWARDS

    3:38 didn't you know that there was HSM2 ans HSM3?

  • Kolby Sholly
    Kolby Sholly

    you’re telling me ricky and his ginger friend aren’t the kind of guys that enjoy musicals???? okay. i know the theater types in hs and these guys are it

  • ava mae
    ava mae

    the last episode is kind of cringe but it’s SO DAMN CUTE 🥰

  • Lily and Kassidy Gacha Time
    Lily and Kassidy Gacha Time

    7:28 I mean, when is this product coming out?

  • Natasha Isabel Torres Sequera
    Natasha Isabel Torres Sequera

    high school musical the musical the series the videogame the ride the gummy vitamin when i tell you i spit out my coffee

  • Sebi's Random Tech
    Sebi's Random Tech

    The show’s actually really good. I genuinely enjoyed it.

  • EMerson ;3
    EMerson ;3

    Bro I was dying the whole timmmeeeee, I literally stopped breathing (I'm fine now lol it's 11:45 pm so what did I expect)

  • Joe Rogge
    Joe Rogge

    Here’s the thing 😂😂😂

  • Iyanu Ayoola
    Iyanu Ayoola

    Lmao 😂😂

  • Iyanu Ayoola
    Iyanu Ayoola

    I agree

  • J E Y M S Y
    J E Y M S Y

    "a guy who looks like he only comes to life when Andy leaves the room" LMAO

  • Alyssa Jean
    Alyssa Jean

    Ok HOLD UP! So I read the cast list at 7:32 and... how the HYUK is EJ gonna play both Chad AND Troy’s understudy?! What happens if Ricky can’t play Troy, hmm?!

  • Amelie Karlijn
    Amelie Karlijn

    we do not talk like this. No one has ever talked like this.


    Ok but who cant wait season 2 tho.

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger

    I'm the one who's "deceased" after that joke about Cats. 🤣

  • Evertheoptimist

    The Drama teacher sees one black kid and tells him he's Chad without really thinking about it. Why can't he be Troy? or maybe what I should be saying is: Why are the skinny lightskinned kids the stars? It could've been a really neat take if the main character got Sharpay and was really upset because she wanted to be Gabriella. Maybe her friend is Gabriella instead and she has to grow up and have fun playing Sharpay instead. There would be natural drama because now the ex-boyfriend's plans are all messed up and he's trying to get the mc back while playing across from the friend as Gabriella. I think that would be super cool for them to do a story like that because then we'd have to see the mc embrace a role she didn't want. Instead, it just seems unrealistic. As a theatre kid, I know that when you audition, you think you're gonna get the role you want and you're often let down. I never got the roles I auditioned for in high school and I had fun anyways. Also, my roles were often really cool because I was allowed to play my characters as Non-binary, like myself. It shouldn't be an exact match to the original, they should have the students bring their own love and acting to the roles. They could've used the natural drama there and sent a positive message like... High School Musical doesn't exist without Sharpay, every role is only as good as the actor makes it.

    • Gina Carano
      Gina Carano

      I mean mrs. Jen has her in orthodox ways. Like Ricky is way to opposite of sharpay to play sharpay

  • Bruna R. Vasconcellos
    Bruna R. Vasconcellos

    Everything was worth for Big Red end scene

  • Amy Van Diest
    Amy Van Diest

    Wow. Casting people that look like teens. That’s a change from HSM

  • TheWolfsJustAPup

    WTF Is VHudge

  • Afro Turtle
    Afro Turtle

    Please do the office

  • Tahia Rouf
    Tahia Rouf

    "V Hudge" I don't think I have heard anyone call Vanessa Hudgens: V Hudge

  • Alina Scotsman
    Alina Scotsman

    gotta give this show props for age appropriate casting. all those kids look like actual puberty stricken high schoolers lol

  • Claire Connallon
    Claire Connallon

    “Quick explain the plot of cats: trick question nobody can:” I’m dying

  • Natalie Florencio
    Natalie Florencio

    The new session is came up can you do that session please

  • Tshepahalo Seobi
    Tshepahalo Seobi

    I am in LOVE with HSMTMTS ❤💜🙈

  • OS Productions
    OS Productions

    Just the title of the series makes me confused

  • Kendall Miller-Rider
    Kendall Miller-Rider

    "Explain the plot of Cats." "Uhhhh" "HA! Trick question! Nobody can!" I'm dead.

  • Animations4Fun !
    Animations4Fun !

    Me when the kids in front of me on the school bus listening to there dumb TikTok : 4:21

  • Salma Gulzar
    Salma Gulzar

    Add a public comment...

  • a35362

    "I ALSO did musicals (AND Show Choir) to try and, like, impress girls or whatever. Turns out, when you're a guy who's REALLY into theater, they start to get the wrong idea...!"

  • DecimalSaucer 53
    DecimalSaucer 53

    *no. it was pretty great.*

  • Max Echendu
    Max Echendu

    7:18 THANK... YOU!! I thought I was the only one bamboozled by the Cats Musical lol.

  • TheBeaverInHD

    The reason why they brung it back is because they wanted to put a Disney+ original on there at launch, and High School Musical was a franchise that they could use because they didn’t use it for a while.

  • Zialilli

    can i just ask why they made the name so long

  • OhNoItsNoe

    I literally did not know that made this also HOW IS THEIR CAMERA SO BAD

  • Jemma Thompson
    Jemma Thompson

    It was about Zac Efron dancing with a basketball LMFAO IM DEAD

  • sugaudacity

    I’m so excited for the Christmas episodes oh my GOD

  • rainie bxtch
    rainie bxtch

    Wait what they released this

  • Brayden Orgeron
    Brayden Orgeron

    "How much pinesol do I have to drink to be in a coma" 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Rebeca Acosta
    Rebeca Acosta


  • cora bliss
    cora bliss

    As a 'new kid' I can say our vocabulary is limited to Yeet Help Depressed *Insert video game/social media platform* I'm dead inside And that's about it

  • WarriorCatter

    Cats is the best ok

  • Nightwizard

    You should have called this video highschool musical the musical the series the review

  • Ava Skellinger
    Ava Skellinger

    "We all know how that went for amy jurgens" i died

  • Angie Steele
    Angie Steele

    I love this show

  • Jesse Kozemczak
    Jesse Kozemczak

    it's true, nobody really knows the plot of cats.

  • steph

    why does the whole thing give me the office vibes

    • Gina Carano
      Gina Carano

      Because that was the point. It's supposed to be a musical based on a movie in a tv show that just happens to be a mocumentary

    • Marilu Quezada
      Marilu Quezada


  • BrickPizza Studios
    BrickPizza Studios

    Ok so doesn't Ricky look like a younger version of Edward Cullen like now we know why hes like how he is

  • Katana And Daisy
    Katana And Daisy

    This guy needs to react to Troom Troom

  • Daniela Gomez
    Daniela Gomez

    I get your opinion but this is not dumb you should be thankful that people PUT the work in THERE days so they could make YOU happy and just saying its dumb is dumb because people like this show and your saying its dumb when its not you just don't get it as a youtuber you prob just do this for money just saying :edit also racist "sassy black friend". is TOO over the top get a grip and also ps you watch all this just to judge it good job for wasting your day ruining peoples days bud

    • Citrus546

      I mean every single form of media has lots of hard work put into and it’s not always good just take a look at lots of big budget films they have a huge budget and usually end up being trash. ‘The sassy black friend’ is a common stereotype in media so if anything this show is being more racist by portraying the character like this. But it’s just your opinion on things

  • The Queen Of Cringe
    The Queen Of Cringe

    I’m in high school and I’m Gen Z. Also nobody I know talks like any of these characters and listening to them speak makes me want to scream in agony.

  • ImpulseEvan_37

    It’s kinda stupid but honestly I LOVE it lol

  • kingston j
    kingston j

    im dying 😐 im deceased 😐

  • Rachel Skysheild
    Rachel Skysheild

    Yes, Ricky's plan makes total sense: Simply get the role of the male lead over a bunch of guys in a pretty big school who have been doing this for years. simple!

  • Jaden Wang
    Jaden Wang

    It’s a damn good show. I’m saying it for anybody that’s embarrassed to admit it

  • Laynabug K
    Laynabug K

    Okay I get all the other shows and movies , but this is where I draw the line. I'm still gonna watch it though.

  • Goose 94
    Goose 94

    Bruh the way that movies are trying to be cool is not working, don’t be cool because really your being crues

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