To All the Boys I've Loved Before is kinda dumb...
To All the Boys I've Loved Before animation
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Insatiable is the weirdest show I've ever seen...
High School Musical 3 doesn't make any sense...
The Kissing Booth is kinda dumb...
The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the dumbest show...
Jane the Virgin is pretty great...
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    Hope you guys loved the video! I've heard the book is better than the movie. What do you think? Remember, you can get 30 days free from Scribd if you want to read or listen to it! Sign up here:

    • Gabrielle Snow
      Gabrielle Snow

      The book is 10000x better. I read it after i watched the movie and it was rly good

    • Tasnia Zahin
      Tasnia Zahin

      Hey man, since I really appreciate your videos, I'mma break this to you softly - her name is ~LARA~ Jean, NOT laUra Jean.

    • Natalia V
      Natalia V

      For me the books are always better then then movies, just my experience

    • Miriam Feitt
      Miriam Feitt

      MrPandaBear SC

    • Brianna Coleman
      Brianna Coleman

      I Definetly prefer the bom

  • Shivani Adhiyaman
    Shivani Adhiyaman

    Actually Noah addressed the issue(I sound a bit serious but actually not) of people saying whether he and Mark Ruffalo are related in an interview at wired. (The autocomplete interview with Lana)

  • Aster F-T
    Aster F-T

    Idc what anyone says I love this m o v i e

  • Grace P
    Grace P

    Lol Lara jean is a noob. I literally will bring 15 books for a long weekend trip.

  • Lizzie Bear
    Lizzie Bear

    9:30-9:47 alex would be excellent at CinemaSins

  • Alfonso Lopez
    Alfonso Lopez

    Who else die when alex said "if we ever break up you have to stand in front of my house with a boombox playing the song we listen to during out first kiss (plays ninja turtle song)😂😂😂😂😂😥😵

    • Alfonso Lopez
      Alfonso Lopez

      Just me....ok

  • chelseajenise

    the story is actually good. netflix just did a bad job in portraying its story

  • Grace Olson
    Grace Olson

    Josh’s character was severely downgraded in the movie. In the book, he had so much personality and was so sweet and REAL. I was sad that happened to that character. He could’ve been so much more.

  • Warrior Catter
    Warrior Catter

    Can you do Greenhouse academy it is on Netflix

  • Raissa Gondim
    Raissa Gondim

    Do greenhouse academy in Netflix or Austin and ally in Disney plus

  • Raissa Gondim
    Raissa Gondim

    Do greenhouse academy in Netflix or Austin and ally in Disney plus

  • SM Sanbim Sifat
    SM Sanbim Sifat

    man, your videos are hilarious... It's been just a day since I've started to watch your videos now I'm addicted..

  • V_Studios

    Laura Jean fainting is the only normal reaction I've ever seen in any movie of a girl finding out her crush knows she likes her.

  • Bazatron Murphy
    Bazatron Murphy

    12:21 You just went into "like" overload. Just a barrage of "likes". You couldn't stop.

  • The history buff
    The history buff

    Laura jeans sister: i sent the letters Laura jeen pulls out shotgun you have been accused of betraying the Soviet Union

  • ApolloIsAirborne [Old Channel]
    ApolloIsAirborne [Old Channel]

    Okay but it DID have Israel Broussard in it sooooo

  • The_gxldentrio


  • Amelia Gonzz
    Amelia Gonzz

    these videos bring me comfort idk why

  • Ahmad Ismail
    Ahmad Ismail

    Feel you on the mark Ruffalo thing

  • Yomna Islam
    Yomna Islam

    Gurl, don't you like anything????!!!!!!!

  • Gabriel Souza
    Gabriel Souza

    every like this comment get is how many hours Alex meyers sent on Netflix

  • Khadra Abeeb
    Khadra Abeeb

    Omg I love this movie on Netflix so much

  • Catherine King
    Catherine King

    I died at the 3 rules😂😂. Anybody else do that?

  • Venooos Geming
    Venooos Geming

    You know if you make a fake relationship with a girl or guy you know that they will fall for each other AND Yes i experienced that

  • Laura Torres Beltran
    Laura Torres Beltran

    the laura jean is starting to offend me lmao...-

  • bjkk hj
    bjkk hj

    *no hands* *Alex chops it off*

  • Plep

    In the books Lara Jean is kinda creepy also where the hell did josh come from at 9:10

  • Kendall Grace
    Kendall Grace

    Literally who’s hair lands in a perfect *SWOOP* after they faint on a track...?

    • Venooos Geming
      Venooos Geming

      Female Models

  • Danyiel L
    Danyiel L

    man that girl looks lethe asian version of pokimane

  • Niharika Naidoo
    Niharika Naidoo

    Please do Thundermans

  • Ridi Miranda
    Ridi Miranda

    8:25 icant lmao

  • SugargliderMoon

    TAKEN BY THE T-REX if it's real I want to read it!

  • Gigikju

    Hey can u do “nerve”?

  • Sofi Cofré
    Sofi Cofré

    4:59 fuck, I'M Lara Jean

  • Lamaria Louis
    Lamaria Louis

    3:06 o m g

  • Honeybadger1670YT

    3:04 😂

  • myow

    This style is brilliant

  • Mavis Vermillion
    Mavis Vermillion

    idk tho why would lara jean and josh had to cancel their friendly relation I mean she totally confirmed that she doesnt have feelings for him and I dont think josh had to.. and him breaking up with her sister shouldnt have affected their friendship, im sure her sister wouldnt have mind too if they continued being friends.... i think its kinda stupid

  • The Man Behind The Slaughter
    The Man Behind The Slaughter

    Day 3 of asking Alex to review Help! Im a fish

  • Stephanie Nguyen
    Stephanie Nguyen

    I love 6:33-6:45!

  • Nath

    OK, let's forget about how shitty the movie and the characters are, I love Lara Jean's sense of style

  • tama moeke
    tama moeke

    I really like this movie i guess its because I’m a teenager

  • Ruby Wilson
    Ruby Wilson

    I think Anna Cathcart was too old to play a nine year old. show her age

  • Rob Pa
    Rob Pa

    TNT I'm cracked up 2020 anybody

  • Shahin Akter
    Shahin Akter

    Is it only me who cares about lauv's song in the background.

  • Vidhyu Lekha S
    Vidhyu Lekha S

    I just now realised Margot is played by Janet who played Mona in pretty little liars 😲😲

  • Megan Liu
    Megan Liu

    Me being asian and liking any guy: My friends: OMG U COULD BE LIKE LAURA JEAN AND PETERRR Me: 😐

  • Reyna Palmer
    Reyna Palmer

    I love this movie. I came to watch it get roasted into oblivion.

  • Kiroh

    Fun fact: I watched this movie without knowing the main characters name

  • Apostolos Trikopoulos
    Apostolos Trikopoulos

    can you do the vampire vs the brox

  • Haley Kantor
    Haley Kantor

    Lara Jean likes 12

  • ÅłłįęMøøñ

    ThAnK yOu NeXt NeXt ThAnK yOu

  • Felicia Angelica
    Felicia Angelica

    is it just me or did you call her Laura during the entire video

  • Men TV
    Men TV

    kill count

  • andrew sutherland
    andrew sutherland

    "Yeah, I was 12 when I picked that, it was a different time" That is literally me every time I give my email, Cn standing for cartoon network

  • 123하난

    This dude is hilarious.periodt.

  • Arundhuti Chakraborty
    Arundhuti Chakraborty

    Peter kevwinsky >>>>> Noah Flynn Can't change my opinion.

  • Aarushi Gupta
    Aarushi Gupta

    yo i love u jus roasiting cheesy movies but at least get ur pronunciations right my dude its LAra not LAUra

  • Cotton candy girl :3
    Cotton candy girl :3

    I write letters to my friends when I hate them for no reason soooo No I don’t send them.

  • `Gacha Abyssiπiaπ`
    `Gacha Abyssiπiaπ`

    I wish I could faint dramatically when my crush talked to me instead of being a tomato...

  • Nahama Alper
    Nahama Alper

    Is it just me or does Josh look like Rami Malek

  • Angela DL
    Angela DL

    Woah Noah does sound like mark Ruffalo. How come I never noticed that before😳

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson

    Also... WHy is it just skimmed that her sister sent the letters. like why is no one mad at her for that.

  • Thicc Moon
    Thicc Moon

    I thought the movie was called "To all the boys I've loved before is kinda dumb" when I was reading this title xD

  • pokè fan
    pokè fan

    Why am i like gean like i like lovey stuff but have never had a girlfriend huh its a hard life.

  • Anakin Crywalker
    Anakin Crywalker

    EXCUSE ME sir mtd dew is NOT GROSS

  • Dawn Hayse
    Dawn Hayse


  • Ian-Edward Ugbaja
    Ian-Edward Ugbaja

    I watched that movie about two. In my opinion it's an okay movie, it could be worse, but with that being said, the movie semi-frequently gets so stupid that I think CinemaSins would have a field day ripping into that. If they haven't already. Also, as I said somewhere, I can count the amount of sane people in this movie on one hand. For example, why not just own a diary instead of making fake letters? Why is the scrunchie Lara gave to Peter totally forgotten until halfway/near the end of the movie? Why didn't Lara just run away instead of kissing him on the track? Why is Jen pissed that Lara kissed someone she liked in spin-the-bottle in like what? Middle school? Still not as bad as other romance movies. *cough*TheKissingBoothmovies*cough* Also, when she found out that her sister had distributed the letters, who else treated the scene as if it was a Smash Bros. Match?

  • Laura DeNapoli
    Laura DeNapoli

    who else is waiting for him to actully say something nice about a movie???

  • scottpilgrim920

    Hey!! Her friend is Nicolas Cage's daughter in The Color Out of Space!!

  • Karla Halvorson
    Karla Halvorson

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  • Jackson Taylor
    Jackson Taylor

    the teenage mutant ninja turtle theme song killed me

  • Peppapig Queen
    Peppapig Queen

    Before I even heard of the book or the movie I did this. I was so close to putting one of the letters in my crushe’s locker. I’m so glad I didn’t

  • McKayla P
    McKayla P

    Do a Gravity Falls video please!

  • AlphaLilly 12
    AlphaLilly 12

    10:43 if you pause it at just the right moment, Laura she has a mustache XD

  • Tilly

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    knj blub

    Still waiting for a movie from "jjk blood ink" :(

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    rust clover

    Is that Dizzy from Descendants!? Yayyyy 😁 I love her

  • Iphigenia Aka TheRainByrd
    Iphigenia Aka TheRainByrd

    Guys, as a fan of the books I didn't really like the movies. Josh was in the books a lot more and I liked Chis better too

  • chase harrah
    chase harrah

    Does anyone find it sad how if had 1 crush and she had like 20

  • Julie beakgaard
    Julie beakgaard

    I have one thing to say about this movie. A teen romcom were you actually like the characters, and They aren’t just a group of assholes!!! Halleluja!

  • epicranii510

    I’m binging all your movie review videos they’re so entertaining tbh

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    Squidward Tentacles

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    Juan Carlos Guevara Huachaca

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    hujshdbh hjshdhdiu

    Now I don't have to watch the movie. Thanks Alex!Your videos are amazing!

  • Angie Lux
    Angie Lux

    My sister forced me to watch this when I was eight....... 𝗜 𝗿𝗲𝗴𝗿𝗲𝘁 𝗶𝘁

  • Lily Was Here
    Lily Was Here

    I like how he makes reviews and also shows us some parts of the movie that aren't official clips

  • Bomby

    "Oh Hey Jessica-uh " *YOU SMELL LIKE STRAWBERRIES*

  • s

    3:37 Letter says: OwO *blushes h-h-hewwo *stands on tippytoes* You are soooooo pretty OWO *and gently presses with my finger* D-d-d-d-d o you wike me too?? -Lara

    • s

      Dear Josh*

  • Rosalie B. Rowan
    Rosalie B. Rowan

    Wait, is Peter played by that Noah Centipede guy?

    • hujshdbh hjshdhdiu
      hujshdbh hjshdhdiu

      *Noah Centineo . And yes. And with that surname mistake you remind me Human Centipede (it's a horror movie).

  • Angie Nongthombam
    Angie Nongthombam

    Honestly I love TATBIHLB a lot but this guy is so good and funny that I dont mind him insulting the movie 🤣

  • Sophia Cobb
    Sophia Cobb දැන් ආපසු ගෙනයන්න

  • Meep Meep
    Meep Meep

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    Lucia PW

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  • God

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    Oguchukwu Peculiar

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    Eliana Sarah

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