The Kissing Booth 2 is hilariously dumb
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The Kissing Booth is kinda dumb...
To All the Boys I've Loved Before is kinda dumb...
Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...

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  • actual human waste
    actual human waste

    This movie is rly just a lower quality version of to all the boys 2 but y'all aren't ready for that conversation

  • Pandabri_1213

    Noah did cheat tho remember they showed us when he kissed chloe and this dude made such a big deal abour her kissing the other guy but didnt tell her he kissed chloe

  • Bertha Nantege
    Bertha Nantege

    That vaccuming grandma gets me every time

  • Dani Cleckley
    Dani Cleckley

    In what dimension does $50k pay for Ivy League? Like...congratulations you can now afford a parking spot at Harvard.

  • THAT identify thief
    THAT identify thief

    Isn't it kinda weird how in the movie they said a random student ✌caught✌ a video of Marco working out but it was filmed from many angels, great quality and edited together? I don't think that it was just caught

  • I just LuvsChicken
    I just LuvsChicken

    Why didn’t she just apply for a scholarship to get in college...

  • megan nicole
    megan nicole

    You are the first person I've ever heard in my over twenty years of existence who has brought up the overly detailed and downright creepy way that girls talk about their crushes. I thought I was the only person who noticed that. Now I can die in peace

  • Laura Torres Beltran
    Laura Torres Beltran

    i mean i would get out of a relationship with lee,he is kind of a toxic bf i mean he has to tell elle how rachel feelts and it was rude to do that at halloween i mean yalls clearly had your costume planned out and left her alone like that?lee could of told elle how rachel felt i mean you aint gonna talk about how he was gonna break up with her if elle dint like her? thats clearly just confusing lee clearly is in a relationship with rachel i mean you have a best friend to hang out with but you also have a gf to hang out with its kinda rude but still how r u gonna be mad at your best friend for applying to school and why r u mad that elle is dating your brother all the rules yalls made it pretty weird because hes not the boss of elle and why did he even feel bad when elle and marco were dancing HE WAS THE ONE who dropped out of the competicion and now hes sad? moving on to elle ok so your telling me elle cant even ask trust her own bf i mean chloe is 100% innocent and what the hell elle could of asked chloe what was between them its not so hard to ask a girl and chloe doesnt look like the type of friend who breaks girl code and why would she kiss marco noah obviously told her he wasnt cheating but elle just had to cheat i mean she is basic and also Elle gets the most popular guy in school TWICE and nobody ever calls her out for her awful personality flaws is drifting dangerously close to Mary Sue territory I thought it was funny that Elle watches a video taken of Marco's half naked body without his permission and makes pretty objectifying comments about it in front of the entire school for five minutes, and then acts like Marco is a jerk for lightly making fun of her for it.i just can’t get over the fact that Marco dedicated all his time and effort into a competition that he gets NO money from, benefiting her, listening to HER problems, chasing her, eventually rightfully so liking her just to get played and dumped. (this is a mix of some more comments so dont tell me i copied because obviously im telling you)Elle’s college essay made no sense. She literally talked about wanting to have qualities of HER friends that NOBODY AT EITHER COLLEGE WOULD KNOW?!? nice. Quality. Good job, Elle. Your two braincells finally fell out,Like the whole movie Elle is worrying about Her boyfriend’s loyalty when she is flirting with another guy the whole time! moving on to noah Lmao the hardest part to believe of this now confirmed “trilogy” is that Noah, who skipped school, got into fights all the time..... got into Harvard if yalls want more reply and ill mention you also if you commented any of these reply and ill mention you

  • Katarina Mila Jevic
    Katarina Mila Jevic

    i was cringing so bad watching this....😬

  • moonchild

    ooooh god i hate teen movies

  • Jocky Simanjuntak and Nasya Sihombing
    Jocky Simanjuntak and Nasya Sihombing

    the fact that the children were arguing about finding things under each other's beds, insinuating that they are sexually active -- in front of their parents AND an underaged kid blows my mind away, I would get whipped immediately

  • Jocky Simanjuntak and Nasya Sihombing
    Jocky Simanjuntak and Nasya Sihombing

    can we just talk about how that school is just all party, detention and no studying... and everyone just loves each other I mean did they not watch mean girls or every other movie set in a high school lol

  • Mara Bondor
    Mara Bondor

    Gotta go vomit now, byee 🤢🤮

  • Veronika Lah
    Veronika Lah

    And who in their right mind would turn down Marco?? All Noah did was hang out with his new friend chick and went on dates with her, even random people thought they were dating, lying about it, making Elle suspicious. Marco is there working 24/7 for her competition, giving it all, talking to her, listening to her, being supportive, kind, has similar interests, zero red flags so far.. and yet she chose someone who as we've seen doesn't know how to make appropriate boundaries with their female friends. What do Noah and Elle even have in common? At this point we'd probably be less annoyed if Lee and Elle got together xD

  • Veronika Lah
    Veronika Lah

    "But then that night Noah calls her and tells her that there's nothing going on between them and there's nothing to worry about and she's overreacting..and you know all those typical boyfriend LIES" - I literally love you for this hahaah. Sooo true. Why would someone in a relationship who cares about their partners feelings, be all flirty with a "friend"? And who hugs their friends so sensually like that :D

  • Angsty Kitten Child
    Angsty Kitten Child

    0:35 Sorry about that dude-

  • faeriexhaeven

    me continuing to watch this even tho its sunday and my moms scolding me

  • Anvi Bisen
    Anvi Bisen

    Such a dumb movie

  • Laynabug K
    Laynabug K

    At 4:22 why does Noah kind of look like MatPat? Or is that just me?

  • Ruvarashe Chido
    Ruvarashe Chido

    This is too funny 🙌🏽😂

  • bruh look at that nose she has

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown

    Words fail to properly express how damaging and dangerous these movies are. The audience that these films are aimed at are very young and very impressionable. They learn from these movies and take the messages literally. Teaching young girls that it’s okay to not have dignity or self respect just as long as the guy you’re crushing on has a stone jaw, is above 6 feet and has abs is extremely damaging. Shit like that is what abusive relationships are built on.

  • Shezpank

    Bro, Alex, if I ever saw your actual face. The illusion of this channel would be compromised.

  • dog bitch that barkz
    dog bitch that barkz

    istg this movie is the same as ps I still love you

  • Jad Zein
    Jad Zein

    10:55 wonder wall

  • Gatomon Sophie
    Gatomon Sophie

    The grandma is awesome

  • Michelle Wong
    Michelle Wong

    Ok honestly tho, Alex isn’t lying about how girls talk about guys being graphically inappropriate 😂😂😂 if God saw the amount of graphic text messages I send to my friends about my crush, I’d probably get sent to hell and sit next to Satan LOL

  • nerdievision

    Lmao this is so much better than watching the movie. Thank you 😂

  • myow

    Why is it that the main character always looks like they're gonna cry in every clip

  • OfficerPoop Nugget
    OfficerPoop Nugget

    7:03 cheers ill drink to that bro

  • ashley cartel playboii
    ashley cartel playboii

    I love kissing both 2👿👿❤️❤️✨DONT hate dum dum

  • Unwana Udosen
    Unwana Udosen

    Lee got buff

  • Ashley Miranda
    Ashley Miranda

    Imagine doing this during the pandemic LOLOL

  • Eli Martinez
    Eli Martinez

    .... watching Alex trash this movie actually gave me a lot of good relationship advice 😂 “say how you really feel and you can avoid 2 hours of misery” 😂😂😂

  • Little SweetDemon
    Little SweetDemon

    Are ylu kidding me???? Ok,so-there will be a NEW movie? I-Oh my god no

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose

    Dude, swear to god the way people describe this movie makes me wanna watch it but at the same time I need to avoid it because I know I'll regret it.

  • Aryan Manjhi
    Aryan Manjhi

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm not watching this movie BUT. I'LL DEFINITELY WATCH YOUR REACTION ON THE NEXT MOVIE

  • shib0ni

    Why does this feel like Ps I love you ripoff Edit: yep there it is

  • shib0ni

    'watching people sleep' for the 345699th time

  • shib0ni

    The girl is horrible, the guy is horrible. They're made for each other. There like two halfs of a whole terrible.

  • Aston Garrett
    Aston Garrett

    Yay Alex is backYay ⊂_ヽ \\ Λ_Λ \( ˇωˇ) > ⌒ヽ / へ\ / / \\ レ ノ ヽ_つ / / GOT DAT ( (ヽ | |、\ | 丿 \ ⌒) | | ) / ノ ) Lノ (_/

  • Eleny Perez
    Eleny Perez


  • •Ramen_Gxrl•

    I hate the movies where they legit play with the new guys heart and lead him on and then they kiss therm, but go to the other guy. WHYYYYYYY

  • Emmylee

    I always forget do I thumbs down a video for not liking the movie or like it for a quality made video

  • Wookie Commander
    Wookie Commander

    This is way better than actually watching the movie

  • Lucre Hernandez
    Lucre Hernandez

    Yes, we talk about guys like that and I've never payed too much attention till now lmao we really be nasty n graffic wtf 😂😂😂

  • Ahmed Elsayed
    Ahmed Elsayed

    No hate but Marco wasn’t even black yet Alex Myers animated him black

  • Jessy Gee
    Jessy Gee

    The way this guy explains how girls talk about boys, is🤔🤔🤔🤔😐scary enough true😂😐

  • Aurien S.
    Aurien S.

    I’m glad i’m not the only one who likes this movie. Seriously, almost all my friends in social media literally cries over this movie. 0__0

  • Rowan Kennen
    Rowan Kennen

    12:30 say sike right now

  • Lindela _
    Lindela _

    Elle did Marco dirty. He sacrificed all that time to help her compete in the tournament and what did he get for it? A whole lot of confusing feelings from Elle.

  • Lindela _
    Lindela _

    One thing I like in this movie is the reality of college/university. Things are different there. Noah was popular back in high school and in college he isn’t because no one cares. That’s real life. It’s a bigger world too.

  • Aadhvan Chaudhry
    Aadhvan Chaudhry

    I gotta say I really love your animation style man, gives me major nostalgia of the good times

  • Sophia

    but wait why did Noah make out w that other girl then?? like that isn't smthn most casual platonic "friends" do lol also ugh Marco is better I'm so invested in this now lol but I never even watched the movie

  • Cracked Nut
    Cracked Nut

    Can someone use elle’s essay and change like every third word (for copy right reasons) and apply to Harvard with it. Ok thanks

  • andi !!
    andi !!

    bro how tf did she not choose marco? i dont care what the movie says noah cheated and it's so obvious like bruh-

  • Vanessa Feitoza
    Vanessa Feitoza

    These movie is what I call "white people problems".

  • Bhavya Saxena
    Bhavya Saxena

    This reminded me so much of to all the boys I have loved before 2

  • Mary Brendzel
    Mary Brendzel

    Not going to lie i am vary sad that her did not bring up that halloween part but mostly the marshmallow part i would love to see that

  • lazylion games
    lazylion games

    Wait i thought the kissing booth was about this guy who was going back in time to bone a girl

  • Nigel Marvin
    Nigel Marvin

    4:59 If you need me, I’ll clean up the tea that I spat out,

  • Ariel Wood
    Ariel Wood

    shall you do Julie and the phantoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K Laxmi
    K Laxmi

    Excuse me Mr. 29 yo high school kid God!! I died laughing!!!

  • ShaneMakesMovies

    14:08 "...but just like, speaking generally, some people really cant help but choose misery because its familiar" I feel attacked.

  • Phillip the Flopper
    Phillip the Flopper

    Do avengers age of ultron

  • I’m Fresh, How About That?
    I’m Fresh, How About That?

    I legit only feel sympathy for Rachel and Marco....

  • White H0rse
    White H0rse

    This should be called how to be a slut 2

  • Lucie Dvorská
    Lucie Dvorská

    I love your channel, to be honest. I'm always laughing, thank youuu! 😁😇

  • Bailey Mattos
    Bailey Mattos

    Abs: The Musical

  • Sheba Sync
    Sheba Sync

    the humor is on point lool

  • Ria Bist
    Ria Bist

    Idk why elle looks like shes wearin a wig....

  • Arohi verma
    Arohi verma


  • Arohi verma
    Arohi verma

    When the intercom was pressed and that entire sequence happened I felt such a second hand embarrassment. LIKE AHHHHHH

  • sparkles

    ''ALONE TIME'' If you hear that word, You know there is gonna be some sex above u.

  • Saiyan Tanti
    Saiyan Tanti

    Guilty pleasure

  • jasiah mascarenas
    jasiah mascarenas

    if anyone needs an actor for the school shooter in the 3rd one im up

  • PhantomSlay5612

    Twilight Saga: Ruined tween's lives Fifty Shades of Grey: Ruined adult's lives Kissing Booth: Ruined college student's lives Anyone want to select a Fourth Horseman?

  • Teodora Stojanovic
    Teodora Stojanovic

    In case you did not know, girls do not talk like that!

  • Pratima Bajgai
    Pratima Bajgai

    Ok netflix whatever you say😂😂

  • caitlin birchall
    caitlin birchall

    am i the only one who is gonna make a wattpad account just to actually read the goddamn thing?

  • I like Potatoes
    I like Potatoes

    Tbh I think watching this is even better than watching the movie itself! 🤔🤔

  • Shahin Akter
    Shahin Akter

    The gazebo thing kinda looks familiar from cinderella 🤣🤣🤣

  • neonkscksc

    4:07 LMAO

  • GCJ Skull
    GCJ Skull

    i really liked the kissing booth 1 and 2 even tho i think most netflix originals are garbage exept big mouth, the good place, f is for family, and the kissing booth series and i want part 3 to come out even tho we all know shes choosing barkley also marco sucks

  • Chris Afton
    Chris Afton

    All you do is hate on movies -_- (No hate)

  • Yl

    Review greenhouse academy


    Wait how unhygienic would a kissing booth be?

  • Eliekira

    Can't believe Elle had the audacity to get pissy at Noah for "cheating" on her while she was getting all romantic with Marco with not a bit of irony.

  • Kailah Hayes
    Kailah Hayes

    i love you teen movies make it seem so easy to get into an ivy league. -_-

  • nupur Jha
    nupur Jha

    Finally... Finally, Someone who shares my thoughts so perfectly!

  • Artemis_ Kilgore
    Artemis_ Kilgore

    8:01 😂

  • Gamers fusion Express
    Gamers fusion Express

    I have robert stewarts card number now

  • Emilia Wasilewska
    Emilia Wasilewska

    Like in the first movie where Lee faund aut about Noah and Elle and She like just cared about Lee leaving and just didinf care what Noah felt and blaimed it on him I WAS SOOO PISSED ON HER OMG!!

  • wisdomwalrus

    this is so stupid.Like, TERRIBLE.

  • Sara j. Gras Kó
    Sara j. Gras Kó

    literally just tatbilb 2 and Marco is John

  • Sara j. Gras Kó
    Sara j. Gras Kó

    why are all these movies so sexist towards fucking both the genders? Yikesssssss

  • Bailee McDaniels
    Bailee McDaniels

    Dude, you are so fucking funny. 3:05 literally had me dying. Seriously, I damn near could not breath with the hackling and snorting. I cannot believe I have not seen your videos before. Review Tiger King, I need to see the animations you come up with....the eyebrow ring...LMAO

  • Hiku yabbadaabado
    Hiku yabbadaabado

    Not a 3rd movie ,,,nooooooo

  • Chelsea John
    Chelsea John

    Real people hear roast beef

  • Sophie Martin
    Sophie Martin

    When two guys would die for you, but you have the personality of a wet cabbage